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Thank you Uisin for the infodump:

Certainly! We were testing out software developed by the Graffiti Research Lab, a New York art group that works to enhance street-art with open-source technologies. One of their projects is called L.A.S.E.R. Tag, which involves using a projector, laser pointer and tracking software to draw/paint with light on the sides of buildings. We happened to have a pojector, laptop, webcam and laser pointer in the space tonght so we figured we’d give it a go and show it off to the people who came to our weekly meetup.

We managed to get it working in about twenty to thirty minutes. The webcam is very low-resolution so the tracking wasn’t great but a higher-resolution webcam should fix that problem. It works by pointing the webcam and projector at the same surface, the software then tracks the colour of the laser pointer (green in this case) via the webcam and outputs paintstrokes through the projector to match the movements of the laser. We hope to do a full-scale outdoor demo of this and perhaps other GRL projects during Irish Hackerspaces Week in August. We’ll be inviting local artists to come down to try it out for themselves on the night.

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