The noise, the noise, the noise

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It sucks. When I was in the absolute throes of depression, all was nicely silent up on top. Now that I’m coming out on the other side, the noise has returned. The noise is this buzz of a thousand ideas and thoughts that runs ever onward in the back of my head and functions as an effective sword to the gut of my concentration.

So, this evening:

  • This evening I began a lengthy and entertaining blog post on aliens in science fiction, but got distracted by a request for a website banner from a friend when I was about one thousand words in.
  • While researching how I could effectively fill her needs, I got distracted by the music on my playlist.
  • While looking at new music for my playlist, I wanted to find a Linux-friendly way to manage and synchronize my podcasts.
  • While Googling the RSS feeds for my favourite podcasts and adding them to my profile at gpodder (really a great service, BTW – think of it as Google Reader for podcasts), I got distracted by limited window controls in Openbox. I wanted to change some keyboard bindings so as to enable me to to minimize and maximize windows through the up and down arrow keys. I broke Openbox in the process.
  • While researching a fix for this problem I got distracted by the fact I wanted to take a long walk this evening. While pondering my route I got distracted by my need to job hunt.

Overall: Zip. I haven’t finished a single productive thing tonight other than an amusing and half-written rant about aliens. I need to rewrite a good portion of it before I put it online, but before that I need to walk, download podcasts, fix Openbox, job hunt and cycle my playlist. Then I have to research and finish two blog posts related to my projects at 091 Labs, try and rebuild bridges with my wife, begin and finish the graphic, chat to friends, set up playback for my podcasts in moc and try and set up a schedule for myself for the weekend coming.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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