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I’m not a slavish fan of graphic novels, but somehow every single comic that I enjoy turns out to be a product of Warren Eliis’ genius. I’m an accidental fanboi.

Tonight I finally finished reading Planetary, at the end of its epically sporadic ten eleven year run. Planetary is the superhero comic for people who hate superhero comics; In a nutshell, Planetary is set in a universe where a twisted version of the Fantastic Four suppress technological advances, experiment on humans to further their own knowledge and generally be immense dicks to everyone.

In counterpoint to The Four (as they are cunningly named) is an organization named Planetary, a group whose self-stated goal is to uncover the secret history of the twentieth century. Run by the mysterious Fourth Man, Planetary ultimately sets itself The Four in an epic fight for the future of humanity.

With that in mind: Go, go now. Buy the collected series.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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