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To kick off with Other News, the memorial book for the sadly-missed Danny O’Brien became available for preview and purchase on Blurb courtesy of the hard work of Simon and Sinead. Editors and contributors: Fantastic work. You have all outdone yourselves. I mean it. You can find the book here:


I somehow slept until 4pm today, after last night’s epic reading session; I read John Scalzi’s 2005 novel, Old Man’s War and digested the first third of its 2006 sequel, The Ghost Brigades. I have some problems with the core premise of the story, but John Scalzi has otherwise crafted an exceptionally solid page-turner military science fiction. Beyond the keeping unhealthy sleeping pattern and the reading, Mark has been:

  • Keeping myself to myself (sorry, 091 Labs! I’ll be around again from tomorrow’s meeting, and onward). My energy levels have been low since the weekend gone…which wasn’t helped by babysitting my niece of Saturday night/Sunday morning in Loughrea.
  • Paddling in the Ruby on Rails kiddie pool. Ruby on Rails Power!: The Comprehensive Guide is the non-fiction book gracing my virtual night stand.
  • Job hunting. Unless you want to go into sales, the selection frankly sucks. I’ve had some tips given to me that I am to follow up on Wednesday (in Ballybrit. During Race Week).
  • Experimenting with a good note-taking application which will serve my needs on- and off-line. Evernote, Springpad and Simplenote are all being mercilessly faced off against one another. I originally chose each of one of those three services specifically because they feature iPod/iPhone applications with offline access. However, I’ve come to look at them in terms of settling on the one which annoys me the least.
    Ironically Simplenote is in the lead (or trailing the least?) despite being the service with the least frills. It takes notes. It saves them. End of story.
  • Pissing about more with Google Chrome’s web apps. I have a whole suite created for Google’s services. Holler if interested.
  • Window shopping for Christmas gifts.
  • Getting totally buzzed about what is a really fantastic web-based Twitter client, CoTweet. CoTweet is consistently snappy and responsive, even on my Netbook, features a excellent depth of keyboard shortcuts, has a GUI that consistently fails to offend me in any way, and packs a ton of surprising features. More importantly: CoTweet is web-based. It doesn’t care what operating system I’m currently using.
  • Streamlining my news reading. I’ve offset some of the load from Google Reader onto my Twitter lists. From my lists, with CoTweet, I can easily scan sources (140 character limit FTW!) and share them on Twitter or Ping.fm.
  • Shopping for a new Linux distro. I want to get involved in something other than Ubuntu (maybe Arch), but I have a simultaneous dire fear of having to spend more time keeping my distro working, than I do spend working with it.
  • Other stuff – Holly, I have not forgotten your banner. I’m about 50% done with it.

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