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I have absolutely nothing against the Windows family of operating systems. I (firstly) bow down to our proprietary overlords and their estimated 90% desktop markets share. You don’t get there without having done something right. I am (secondly) utterly pragmatic about my choice of platform, within reason. My favourite tools – Pidgin, Google Chrome and the Bourne-again shell to name three – are utterly cross-platform. It doesn’t matter much which operating system I use because my experience as a user will be the same. The rest is (to me) typically eye-candy and decoration.

I’m a computer atheist.

In short I am absolutely not part of the Windoze crowd. I prefer Linux simply for its breadth of tweakability and customizability. I can set up my desktop and my tools exactly how I’d like them, no fuss. No distracting GUI to piss me off. That said, every time I use Windows for my own end, something leaves me furiously livid. I want to go off and write some kind of perverse Bill Gates slash fiction to get my frustration off my chest.

Why, Windows, why? Why can’t you accommodate my needs?

Baby, why do you make me hit you?

Netbooks and Windows and heavy-duty software programs like Adobe Lightroom and World of Warcraft don’t gracefully mix. I had to hard kill my laptop – twice – while patching World of Warcraft. Dalraran about murdered me as I was trying to do screen captures for my Vistas of Azeroth set (Flickr) and Adobe Lightroom screamed like a cut pig when I was busily importing a couple of JPG files taken over the last few days.

Stab, die die die!


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