Caira’s third birthday

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Caira turned three years old today. The big day began with Caira downing hot mug of coffee and eating a doughnut and ended up with an epic four hour visit to Chuck E Cheese’s for pizza and games where she ran seven adults ragged. Caira surprised me by planing other children. She scared them. She was scared by them. They screamed at each other incoherently, but they all had fun.

Caira's first cup of coffeeCaira after her first cup of coffee

I think.

We got home, put Caira into bed and watched her as she passed out while as she watched Army of Darkness and chattered away about her new Pinky Pony toy.

For myself, I had seven hundred photos of the past two days that I have cut down to a more manageable 191, of which I hope to post some over the coming days.

March 20

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