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Day 148: Some call it uncanny. I call it scary

Yeah, anyways. New glasses.

Day 147: Garage: Pillar detail

Day 146: The garage. Again.

Still playing catchup. :)

Day 145: By Saturn’s Rings!

I don’t make any excuse for being utterly humbled by some of the amazing work put out by the CICLOPS team using the [[Cassini–Huygens|Cassini]] space probe currently whirling its way around [[Saturn]]. The team have a particular eye for capturing artful arrangements of the gas giant’s many moons. In the last two weeks, however, images […]

Day 145, 146 and 147…

They are coming in one or another form. I have something very different planned.

Day 144: Keystoned

[[keystone effect|Keystone correction]], I <3 it. Above is the final product, and below the master shot out of the camera. Gladly-appreciated assistance in the capture of this shot was provided by Rory Wallace in the form of a loan of his 10-22mm lens.

Day 143: That first step…

Well, only four minutes late in going up. Huge thanks to one young Ms. Lernihan who stood transfixed by the waves. Everyone else: I’m alive. Didn’t do anything stupid. Stop sending emails. :p I’ll give a fuller writeup of today’s photowalk at Lahinch in the morning, but for now I’ll just sign off with a […]

Day 142: Nothing

I can’t even mark it missed, I’m sorry. It was a day of absolute personal rock bottom.

Day 141: The Plots

The Plots is a plain, open field wedged in between the bottom of the Dyke Road and the Waterside in Galway city. The only remarkable thing I can discover about the plot is that it has been open land for at least 160 years.

Day 140: Breakdown

Light wasn’t the best; enjoy!

Day 139: Say something!

A blog is turning sour when the author starts spattering his posts with apologies for the lack of exciting content and new posts, but truth be told: We live and die on feedback. This whole site lives and dies on the feedback and interest of my readers. So far, aside from my very few regular […]

Day 138: Something something something bridge

I believe that I am at the bottom of a natural ebb in my creative output, one of those moments which arise when I face the limitations of what my inclinations, experience and equipment can provide. For the moment, enjoy; I’m going to top up on podcasts and go for a long walk.

Day 137: Skipped

Sorry kids, but I missed Sunday’s shot. Totally, completely missed. Not even realize it until 6pm Monday evening missed. Sipping slush-cold Red Bull at 6pm Monday evening wondering how I didn’t realized until now missed. So ah. Sorry. I think I’m going through one of those damn annoying sea changes. I got a couple of […]

Day 136: The Obelisk

Very, very unfortunately vision my vision outstripped reality. I had the exact shot in mind and a great setup, but come to stitching time the whole thing just fell disappointingly flat. But really, what are lazy Sunday’s for except try try trying again?

Day 135: And at 1400 days…my daughter

Another photograph courtesy of my wife, Mariah.

Day 134: At 240 days, this is my son

Portrait is courtesy of my wife, Mariah.

Day 133: The gaps are clouds

Think about it.

I have remarkably photosensitive eyes

I got my eyes tested today at Specsavers, and became intimately reacquainted with the searing agony that comes of having strobes flashed in my eyes. Wile I have yesterday’s and today’s images ready to upload, I am not in the least bit inclined to sit in front of a bright monitor for several hours while […]

What constitutes a missed day?

I have a series of shots ready to stitch and upload for yesterday’s 365. However, I passed out a little after 9pm last night. Hmm. I’ll fudge it and upload for last night. Nobody will notice, right?

Day 132: St. Nick’s

Day 131: The O2 store

Day 130: One single dandelion

This is a fallback photograph. I honestly had nothing else ready for today (Sunday). I owe somebody a huge favour. This somebody demands cute flower photos. The website itself has been drawing down my attention over the past few days. By my count I’ve hand-edited 304 posts spread chronologically from yesterday back into October 2009 […]

Day 129: Stuff. Long something stuff.

I am totally fecked tired. I started work on updating old side content at 11am yesterday. It involves moving to the next page (/page/2/, /page/3/ and so on) checking all the links work, all the images are formatted correctly and generating thumbnails for the new theme. With a few breaks tossed in I made it […]

Day 128: Pure laziness

Lough Rea (not Loughrea) is a strange lake. From the park at the point named The Point, the horizon curves weirdly due to the town’s natural layout in a wide, shallow fold of the land (and The Points placement on a point of land, of course). As you’d look from left to right in the […]

Day 127: 100kph

Something quick for today; I caught this on the main road just outside of Loughrea against the backdrop of some spectacularly dark skies. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the sign looks significantly different at infrared wavelengths!

Day 126: Serenely pleasant

Or pleasantly serene, depending on your outlook.

Day 125: Stars

Due to my busy day ahead I will not have another opportunity to create and upload an image, so you get this now: Stars, just celestially south of Polaris, over Loughrea.

Day 124: The point at the point

Day 123: Skipped

Day 122: Barad-dur