Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.


Thoughts of Murder

The Kitties of Harold’s Cross

Lookit the lil whiskers! 🐱

Pretty Neighbourhood Kitty

He got the scratchies from me. 🐱

Madra augus Asal

Taken on the road from the Hill of Doon to Oughterard.

Scratch Scratch

Neighborhood cat scratches are best cat scratches.

The Kitter-ties

Geddit? Liberties?

Unhappily Coned, February 2017

Poor Cookie. :(


Never mind her surgery two weeks ago.

This is the unseen side of my professional working life

The struggle is real.

Oh, Cookie

“No Cookie! Feet are friends, not food! Feet are not for teeth!”

Hear me roar!

Clearly a sushi lover

Cookie, home from boarding


Cookie at rest

Cookie in a windowsill

My programming pair partner

I have no idea how Cookie found it comfortable underneath my laptop, let alone for six hours, but six hours she stayed.

The Huntress

Cookie never stops stalking. Not once, not ever, not even for a second.

Cookie in the kitchen

She quickly decided she was through with my shit.

Decadent kitty comfort

You can’t fake this level of luxury.

La chat noir

Cookie says hi!

This is my life meow

I’m a Cookie cot.

Disapproving Cookie

I don’t know why I feel so judged, but I do.

Cookie in the kitchen

Photograph by Eadaoin.

This is our life meow

This is life with Cookie

I’m now a pedestal, a platform for her attacks on Eadaoin’s ferns.

This was my Saturday

Cats, cats, cats.

Cookie naptime


Yeah, we got a kitten

Meet Cookie:

Killer, 2005-2015

Killer was put to sleep today after several months of illness. I wasn’t there, but I was told she had a can of tuna before the end. Godspeed you magnificent asshole.