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Cats and wizardry.


More Fab Than Fab Itself

My partner, because fabulous!

Hacktoberfest: won

I put through a bunch of improvements to scss-helpers (MIT license, go grab it!) and a friend’s fork of an old theme.

:w saves decals arrived :D

The decals came courtesy of Reddit. All glory to the vim master race!

Snowdon from Bray Head in Wicklow

Look at the above photograph. Low on the horizon, 60% from the left edge, is Snowdon in Wales. Snowdon offers some of the most extensive views in the British Isles.[29] On exceptionally clear days, Ireland, Scotland, England, and the Isle of Man are all visible, as well as 24 counties, 29 lakes and 17 islands. […]

Twitch Plays Pokémon

I was there. Were you?

Because it’s that kind of day

Galaxy of Passion – A Star Wars Telenovela

Still a better story than the prequel.

It’s Friday!

Programming win

Turns out my Airtricity Bill Estimator was excellently close to the mark for a first go:

Oh yeah, new laptop

Screen: 13.3″ Widescreen (1366×768) Processor: Intel Core i5 2430M – 2.4GHz Memory: 4GB DDR3 (1 x 4GB) Hard disk: 640GB – 5400 rpm SATA2 Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT520M – 1 GB DDR3 Optical drive: Dual Layer DVD-ReWriter Card reader: 4 in 1 (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC) Network: Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, BlueTooth 3.0 Colour: […]

Exams are done

Describe the progression of a game: Identify and acquire key properties on the Monopoly board. Invest in your properties and work toward the construction of a hotel. Build up your financial reserves. Drive your enemy before you, pillage their home and listen to the lamentation of their women.

Google Navigation It comes on my phone, and I used it for the first time last night to get around Sligo to a friend’s house. Holy shit. I felt like somebody in a spy film, being directed by a voice over my headphones. “Turn left” “Turn right” “Turn around” Being directed was the most awesome fifteen […]


Holy shit, but the the blog is five six! years old in two weeks. O.o

This video is everything my new year’s eve isn’t

And honestly, I’m happier having twenty kilometres of raw Irish countryside between and them kind. Actually… ADVENTURE TIME MARATHON. WOO!!!!

Ubuntu causes girl to drop out of college

Abbie Schubert is a bimbo who dropped out of college because she ordered a Dell laptop with Ubuntu Linux (no, really), and didn’t know how to use it. Take a moment to watch that video and enjoy some painful laughter at her expense, given that all she had to do was ask for help. Between […]

Cock and balls

The computer’s PSU exploded. The hard disk is okay and merrily humming away connected to my laptop. Here’s a video of an explosion for illustration:

I maded breakfast…

…and then I eated it.

Forest fire: Quenched!


First try at a time lapse

Hardly an Earth-shatteringly amazing video. Planning to do a much longer video in coming days, if my shutter doesn’t fall off from overuse. A little over forty-five minutes. I had originally hoped to do a longer exposure, but well, we had weather.

Sawmill Drive

Not scary. Not at all.

Age +1

Today’s my birthday! I don’t know what to say here, really, as I’ve never been one for huge celebrations. On Wednesday I hit Fremont Street with Sean, who’s a friend from out of town and we both got suitably drunk. Last night, Mariah, Caira and I went for a really incredible dinner at the India […]

It's official: The internet wins.

Pack up your toys and go home. There’s nothing else to do now that the have been Rickrolled. It all started on April 4 when the Mets put up a poll asking what song should be played for the rest of the year. As fate would have it, there was an ”other” option. Digg and […]

Best. Idea. Ever.

Stoned Guys Review Films. Seriously. I should go to the patent office right now and file for this. On the bus to work this morning I was sitting next to a stoner who was telling his friend about Cloverfield: ”Seriously…man. It was fucking big. It was going ROAR and…people were dying. Then


I wound up coming home from work sick and going to bed. I managed to scrunch up into a ball in the corner, with my head at some queer angle, so now I get horrible shooting pains if I move my head. Awesome.

Simply a Killer

Getting away from the local faces, I took a few photos of Killer (who’s currently wedged between in between the wall and I, asleep), one of which came out perfectly, other than being a tad overexposed. I converted the picture to black and white and then burnt the crap out of it. Simply a Killer

<3 Battlestar Galactica <3

Go Eircom – for sure, I consider them overpriced and possessed of quite possibly the worst customer service section I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to deal with, but when they do stuff like giving all of their broadband users a free up/down speed upgrade, I can’t help but feel a grudging little bit […]