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Have the greenest of days

I used to be a remorseless asshole when it came to the Irish diaspora because of the amount of dipshit hyphenated Americans who flouted their misunderstood past. To me you were either Irish, or you were whatever else. Never could you be both together. Great example: two ladies I knew at Expedia, one named O’Shaughnessy, […]

Emi, international superstar

(Susan, thank you for the PDF and ensuring attribution! :) The photograph of one Emi O’Donnell comes from of one of my photoshoots from late last year – actually the very last photoshoot I had, one day before I left Las Vegas. Nearly a year to the day, and she and it are both featured […]

Emi in pink

The B&W spell has ended!

Newborn Garrett

I found these ten photographs in a Dropbox folder named “gargar,” as part of a gallery system that I haven’t used since at least 2009. I am not sure of the exact date, but I believe it was taken in or around the first week of November in 2009, which would make Garrett six weeks […]

A most curious juxtaposition

They’re everywhere. Everywhere. In your home. At the park. On the street corner. In your favourite restaurant, and at your workplace. By the side of the road as it travels over mountain, under valley, through forest, across the barren desert and along the seashore. They are also in every city, every town and every village. […]


Six hours in the park. Two clients. Weather was enjoyed. Fun was had by all, save for the window-smashing. Photos to follow. Gia and Stacy’s images are going up now. Buh. Tired. Frakked, even. Mariah brought Jess home. Final bill was $625 (thank you everyone who donated). She had a broken tooth and a cut […]

Come one, come all!

Behold, (New) World Photography’s fliers for the month of September 2009 –

Photoshoot: Karmen on her tricycle

Yesterday I met mum Hillary and Karmen at Cottonwood Canyon Park in Summerlin for an early-morning photoshoot. It was fun: the weather was perfect, Karmen mugged wonderfully for the camera and mum Hillary was radiant. We ran for a 90 minutes, changed outfits, posed on steps, rolled in the grass and otherwise everyone had a […]


‘Tis said of love that it sometimes goes, sometimes flies; runs with one, walks gravely with another; turns a third into ice, and sets a fourth in a flame: it wounds one, another it kills: like lightning it begins and ends in the same moment: it makes that fort yield at night which it besieged […]

Welcome to…

I spent a few hours over the course of two days hanging around at this famous sign photographing it from different angles and in different ways. From the sides, from the front, from the rear and in normal and infrared light. I came home with about twenty usefully pretty images, of which I’ve so far […]

Squeaker, destroyer of worlds

Big Bear Valley HDR

I wasn’t trying for any specific result with this, but instead just experimenting with acquiring a natural tone:

Sawmill Drive

Not scary. Not at all.

Old man of the forest

New business card – opinions?

Infrared mediocrity

Las Vegas just doesn’t inspire me. :[

If I (ever) wrote a book…

…what if? I got bored while playing around with images from Beaver.

Photos – Something old, something new


”Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” -Bilbo Baggins, [[The_Lord_of_the_Rings|LotR]]Roads are dangerous. To most people there are a billion different roads in this world. This […]

Oh, Utah

Almost everyone I know in Las Vegas is transient – I’m from Galway, Mariah hails from San Diego and my friends Tia and Caron hail from San Francisco and somewhere in rural Indiana respectively. Only my sister-in-law Holli, and my daughter are Caira bonafide, born Las Vegans. You retire here. You come here for in […]

Photos – Beaver, Utah, dawn

Playing with scammers

Some personal details have been altered to avoid later lawsuits. from Mark Grealish to subject customer service reps/managers (las vegas, nv) Mark Grealish XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX Las Vegas, NV XXXXX USA (702) XXX XXXX Good day, I am applying for the customer service position advertised on the Las Vegas Craigslist. At your […]

Muffin is an evil cat

Makin’ Muffins

This is Muffin. He will destroy you and all whom you love.

Gratuitous hotness

Honestly, my blog is more than just monologues.

The cat's away! The mice shall play!

Signs of the time include me listening to loud music and sipping an ice-cool Monster energy drink while doing something as wantonly useless as politely answering really stupid newbie questions on a Linux forum. I project that as this rate I will be found snorting lines of coke off a whore’s ass within the next […]


I installed [[Ubuntu_Linux|Linux]] – on a laptop no less – and Everything Worked. Everything fucking worked, good as gold, nice as can be. Everything. Fucking. Worked. Sound? Check! Graphics? Check! Sleep/suspend? Check! Wifi? Check! Observe, one hour after installation: It worked. It all worked! Gobsmacking aside, I’m really very impressed at how far (certain) Linux […]

Kilts and pee, oh my!

There aren’t many of them, to be certain, but that makes the danger all the more keen. Maybe you’ve known some of them at one time or another. This is actually pretty likely as many of them are prolific socialites. Or maybe you’ve just seen them in passing; some bare and hairy knees spotted in […]

Excellent CS

”Good morning, this is Commuity One FCU, XXX speaking, how may I help you?” “Hey, good morning. I’ve been trying to contact your Sahara branch, but the number given on the website has been disconnected.” ”I see.” ”I’ve actually tried all of the listed branch numbers and none of them work. Some are disconnected and […]

Welcome to Minas Morgul Las Vegas

Going from day to day over the last, I’ve always felt that Las Vegas has lacked something, some indefinable feeling that something is just wrong about the city. It took me until last night, when we were driving past a food stand on our way to the hospital (more below) to precisely pin down what […]