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Cats and wizardry.


The Itty Bitty Icelandic Kitty Committee

It turns out Rejykavik is known for its many shopkeeper cats such as Ofelia! :3


Hólavallagarður (Holavallagarthur) graveyard in Reyjkjavik, Iceland.

Esjan and Þverfellshorn

On my second day in Iceland I climbed the gorgeous Mount Esja near Reykjavik!


Another waterfall, another whistle stop tour, this time at Seljalandsfoss, right down the road from Skógafoss!


Skógafoss waterfall in the South Region of Iceland. Taken October 1, 2018.

Lonely Home

Taken in the Southern Region, Iceland, near Skógafoss.

The Northern Lights

Taken at the Skíðaskálinn í Hveradölum lodge just outside of Reykjavik. This is a terrible photo taken handheld with Camera+ 2 as I learned on a wall in the car park. The aurora were the highest point of Iceland because I never before saw such a full display. In Sligo and Galway here in Ireland […]


I have to start somewhere with the Iceland photos!