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Dwerja Bay, Gozo

I’m missing Malta today. :( Hope to go back for a week in September.

Xlendi Run

On my first day in Gozo I ran from Victoria to Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs and then back to town by way of Xlendi. This wasn’t my greatest run as far as they go because I didn’t realise the trail Strava said exists was a literal clifftop goat trail; I wound up having to cut across […]

Xlendi and Wardija Point Cliffs

Content to follow.

The (Former) Azure Window and Dwerja Bay, Gozo

Azure Window. Lots to say about here that I’ll fill in later.

The Mgarr ix-Xini Coast, Gozo

The sea as the gorge.

Mgarr ix-Xini Gorge, Gozo

Mgarr ix-Xini is a gorge on the south side of Gozo that terminates at a beautiful sheltered beach. Gozo is…compact. Towns and villages are concentrated onto high ground inland. Almost the entire coast of the island is one big trail because of this, which allowed me to go on remarkable walks along clifftops. The gorge […]

Food and Journal

Takens at The Grapes wine bar in Victoria, Gozo.

Malta: The Citadello and Victoria Hills

Mgarr and Fort Chambray

The town of Mgarr on the southeast coast of Gozo hosts the ferry terminal that’s the main point of access to the island. As Wikipedia will tell you, Mgarr has pubs and restaurants and churches and buses and homes and people. The town shelters a harbour of crystal-clear blue Mediterranean water, and that offers spectacular […]

Dwejra Bay, Gozo

Home of the (former) Azure Window, Dwejra Bay on the west coast of Gozo is a glorious, beautiful place. The bay manages to convey a sense of serene isolation despite that several towns and villages are within a short march. On Saturday last I hiked from the bay over to the town of Xlendi. Photos […]