Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.


Cuter than Your Kids

They’ll stab you if you say otherwise.

That is a Banana in my Beard

It has a story that you shouldn’t ask after. Self-portrait courtesy of my beautiful daughter. :)

From Oregon!

My ex-wife has moved herself and the kids to near Bend in Oregon. The kids love it there-the Internet is better, there’s so much outdoors to get lost in, and it’s snowed consistently over the past few weeks. Only last night Garrett blistered his hands in the cold because he kept going out in the […]

The Kids, April 2018

More awesome than yours, now and forever.

The Siblings Grealish

Miracle of miracles, I managed to get everyone together for breakfast in Loughrea!

The Littlest Nazgûl

Lil Khamûl.


Gar looks so like me sometimes. <3 I hung out with Mariah, Caira and the rest of them on Friday for about thirty minutes. In the middle of dinner at Denny’s. It was fun!

I know where he gets it, at least

2017 and 2009 respectively.

Duckface Dynasty

Aunt Chrissie

Taken in Goldengrove pub at Stratford, London, June 2017.

I asked for a smile


I triggered a tickle fight at 3am

I find nothing to complain about in such a crazy turn of events.

So she took my glasses and called herself a dumb nerd

This is the cross I bear. My niece is the worst. Woe is me. Life is pain.

The family Grealish

On the occasion of Ella’s religious thingy.

Ella and Oisin

Taken at Eyre Square in Galway, May 1 2017.

With the Grealishings

Taken at 56 Central, Galway.

In Malahide with my Mammy

Mum came up for the day as a surprise visit!

Ella and Oisin

I spent Saturday night with Jennifer in Loughrea, although I almost had to walk a chunk of the way. On Saturday I decided to work in the morning and leave at three. Problem is I forgot about the bloody Bus Éireann strike, so I barely made it onto the last bus out of town. It […]

Eadaoin, Brussels, October 2016

Ella, Caira and Garrett at the park, June 2011

Taken at Lough Atalia, Galway.

Garrett in Cliffoney, July 2012

July 7, 2012

Blackrock Dawn

Sometimes it’s not all that bad

Caira and Garrett…with hens

You can’t go home again

Time’s an arrow, one way, here to there, that you can’t turn back. Because that’d be nonsensical, to undo what makes you, you.

Eadaoin by the sea, November-December 2016

All hail Queen Eadaoin of Dublin Bay and Galway Bay.

I’m not sure what kids consider hip these days, but I think it involves concussions


Mount Usher Gardens

Found during a cleanup of photographs from the summer. :)

Eadaoin and a dog at Knocksink Woods

A dog arrived and a dog left. Our story lies somewhere in between.

Bank holiday Monday at Knocksink Forest

Eadaoin looked beautiful, I looked like a bum.