Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.


Sheer Loveliness

That winning smile. :)

Andddddd We Drunk Called Friends

(Sorry Jenny!) At some point I’ll have to blog about Asheron’s Call and its effect on our lives. The AC community, more than any other I’ve known, came together as people in real life. For now, yeah, we had a great time over a couple of drinks in Dublin. :D

King Billy

No, not that Billy; the other one.

Darren at Walpurgis Night


Pretty and red at Blackrock

Start of summer dinner

Big cheers to Aafke, Eric, Petra, Sinead, Vlastik, who joined Eadaoin and I for a gratuitous start-of-summer dinner at the Cedar Tree Lebanese restaurant.

Many meetings

Here’s a blast from my past: I was an avid gamer in my teens. I can’t remember every game that I played. I can say that they included Magic, L5R, D&D, and Middle Earth. I put hundreds of hours into Tribes. I collected all the things, played all the things, and that was before had […]

Eadaoin’s birthday debauchery

Eadaoin’s birthday weekend was Roman in its decadence, with high tea served at the resplendent Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry on Saturday, and a three-course feast of Mexican food consumed on Sunday.

SO in love

This a souvenir of our holiday arrived in my inbox this morning from Aafke. :)

Kaleidoscopic Eadaoin

Taken at the Science Gallery in Dublin on Saturday. Eadaoin’s aunt Trish and cousin Emer came down from Sligo for an event at the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, and stayed with us for the night. In the end Trish and Emer (and I; I was at home writing) arrived late and missed the Gaeilge Tamagotchi […]

Sandymount sunset

Back at an Almost-likeable Place

Aafke kindly invited Eadaoin and I to visit and stay with her on her farm in the first week of August. Kinda funny, the timing, because then there was a background miasma of drama with my ex-wife, and now there is is a background miasma of drama with my ex-wife. Some things endure. Eadaoin was […]

Colour Dash 5k, Phoenix Park 2015

Eadaoin II

Well, one year and counting!

Bray Head 2015

So holy shit, Eadaoin and I have been together for almost a year. We have completely failed to manage to kill one another, which is great; it’s a real step up from my marriage. Our first trip together was to Bray and Greystones in Co. Wicklow, where we walked the cliff trail from the former […]

There is no heartier sign of a day well spent

Godspeed you magnificent ornery bastard

It is easy to be a fair-weather atheist. Anyone can do it with a tiny bit of laziness; you just don’t go to church, don’t pray and scoff at the notion Big Dude up above. But, inevitably, there comes a day when you have to face up to what it means to deny an eternal […]

Christmas dinner

Mona Sweeney, Designer

Edits by Eadaoin.

Eadaoin at the sandy beach place


Eadaoin at Yamamori

She was apparently hungry.

Charleville Castle weekend 2014

Photograph by Michelle Geoghegan. Used with permission. I was at the first gathering at Charleville Castle in January 2007. It’s poetic that I went to what might be the last one in 2014. Seb Dooris took a break from the events this year. Tracy O’Brien took over and organized the meet through +++begin […]

Eadaoin near Blackrock at sunset

Went to Guardians of the Galaxy with friends

Guardians of the Galaxy was brilliant and funny. I organized the group for Mike, who has been ill lately, but he bowed out at the last moment. At that point everyone has made their bookings so it was too late to completely cancel. Clockwise from bottom left: Mary, Derek, not sure, Katie, not sure, Duncan, […]

Casey’s 32nd birthday

Lough Glenicmurren


Cheers for the picnic!

Salt House birthday nerds

My glasses make everyone else look like a nerd at the Salt House bar, so therefore I look like a nerd too. Science: It works. D:

Saint Valentine’s Day the second

One of the earliest posts on my blog was a February 2006 reflection of my relationships and friendships. I felt an update was needed. One half of my backfill has come from take old photographs from the all the different image hosts that I’ve used down through the past years. I create new and backdated […]

A worthy dinner

I felt bad for subjecting Alanna and Casey to either small portions or more chili, so: Seared steak, potatoes, bacon-fried green beans, diced green onion, mushrooms sauteed in the addictive sesame oil, bacon bits, guacamole, salsa, butter, hot sauce, ketchup, leftover honey sauce, and peas in the pod.