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Upper Lough Corrib Looking Toward the Maam Valley

Taken beside the Hill of Doon along the Western Way. What a day! What a view!

Infrared ho!

I dismantled my frighteningly-expensive 15 euro webcam, and found that it is highly sensitive down into the near infrared range. I taped a spare R72 infrared filter on the front and got some surprisingly clear and usable images/video. My next step is to look at the fun and creative things I can do with a […]

Micro-mini-tiny contest winner:

Earlier this week, I ran a very small contest on the photography forum to process two of my photographs, one of Galway’s Williamsgate Street and the second of Galway’s St. Nicholas’ church. I had some great responses on the thread in question, but the outright winner was Brian Healy, who won the voting by […]

Loughrea Library

I threw the image up as-is last night, but this morning I took the time to sit down and finish with it. There are a whole bunch of little flaws all over the photograph, but they are thankfully not obvious at this small size.

This is a HDR image

Notice the controlled highlights and shadows. Notice the lack of eye-watering tone-mapping. This is a High Dynamic Range photograph.

It began as a happy accident…

…but it wound up that I really enjoyed the final finish. Opinions, please?

My Photoshop sliders go up to eleven


Not infrared. Just more messing.

How is my processing? I’ve been trying a new workflow in Photoshop.

Bland B+W

I feel completely disgruntled with this photograph; in my eyes it is a collection of flaws capped with an absence of any drama whatsoever.

Glendalough #2: Infra-group portrait!


Glendalough #1

Read and enjoy. Will of arranged a pre-dawn trek to Glendalough in Co. Wicklow this morning. I cannot, for the life of me, remember anyone’s names, but there were eleven of us in total, and great shots all around were taken. :)

Sandymount Strand #3

Watch this space. I will have the CR2 master file, an annotated master PSD file and a Lightroom adjustments file (.xmp) up for download once I have FTP access.

Sandymount Strand #2

Cheers again, Alex!

Ballykine Castle interior

This fortress is one of the most interesting structures in Ireland: The outer parts of the the outpost’s fortifications date from around the mid-1500’s, but the inner area – this room – date back to a time almost 900 years earlier. I mean, it is surreal. The setting – tumbledown walls covered in moss positioned […]

Ballykine Castle

Old old old

Ross Errilly Friary

Spectacular Ross Errilly Friary, near the town of Headford, Co. Galway. I couldn’t think of a good way to crop this…so I didn’t. Suggestions, please.

Ballycurrin Lighthouse

The best link I can find regarding the lighthouse:

I Give Up

I truly give up on this image. I’ve been cropping it and chopping it and dodging it and burning it every which way for seven hours. I can’t produce anything I liked, for all that it looked truly amazing in-camera.

Dramatic infra-portrait!

Who is this dramatic silhouetted figure?

Tilt-Shift Tomfoolery

I got bored. See <a href=”>this guide for more information on faking a tilt-shift scene.

WIP – M&S car park, Galway

It has a whole bunch of stitching problems that I am not going to fix right now, hence its uncropped state:

Meno Castle Infrared

I’m still way way within my comfort zone on this, but it felt good doing it nonetheless…

Bleak day in Galway

There’s been too much bleakness in my life lately, both in front of and behind the camera, so I’ve made some effort to inject a little colour into this scene. Taken during the midst of a rainshower on the Dyke Road near Terryland.

The first new bridge since the last one

From a sodden, wet photowalk on Wednesday last up to Terryland. That old new bridge over the River Corrib.

Home from Achill. Thanks to my hosts:

(Yes, I went to [[Achill Island]]) I’d like to thank Julie and her family for both taking me in on Saturday night, showing me around the island on Sunday, and for also putting up with the occasional odd silence from myself.

The triptych of disgruntlement

Bad – better – best? You tell me. Shot on the grounds of NUIG earlier this afternoon.

Unnecessarily stark and generic winter scenes

My infrared binge continues, but a trip up the Dyke Road is beginning to show me that even I have my own limits…

Just catching the gossip

If I do the same thing somewhere new, is it something new? Street photography is something that normally holds little interest to me for three reasons: The famous landmarks of the world have already been photographed to death by thousands and thousands of people. I feel I have nothing to add. My personal tastes run […]

The (Oul) Kingdom of the Sea

I paid Salthill and Blackrock their threatened visit this morning (lunchtime), and in the face of strong winds and high seas I proceeded to face off the wilds on the Atlantic winter weather in order to capture these scenes. Bless me.

Sunday morning trip to Renville

Other than my stab at the famous Las Vegas” sign, this represents my first serious infrared output in the last couple of years. Mike and Kieran of (and Kieran especially – cheers for the ride!) who both crawled out of bed way too early on a Sunday for a morning of photography at Renville […]