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Phone Repair

So it turns out that being a programmer also means I can repair phones. :p

I met a doctor walking his horse

We chatted together for a while along the road to Glencullen, then went our ways.

Ow, my legs

17km there and back to Glencullen, but by Christ, I had the weather for it.


Eadaoin and I were in Brussels to meet her nephew Oisin, who turned out to be an awesome little kid full of life and wonder at the world.

I went full hacker

Friends don’t let friends friends go full hacker. It turns out that a 76 centimetre monitor turned to portrait is completely unusable for teh hax0ring-I had a neck ache inside of a half hour, and I went back to a single screen before lunch. Years of Openbox with powerful keyboard shortcuts have ruined my ability […]

Shiny new Roost laptop stand

The Roost laptop stand is awesome! It has freed up a chunk of space on my desktop, and moved my laptop far enough away from my USB hub that I no longer get the bad EM interference that kills my WiFi connection.

When the work is out of hours


Here is hard-learned wisdom: a 365 project is difficult. One picks a subject, for which one then must prepare one photograph every day. As a then-professional photographer, I was defeated on Day 149 by the lengthy workflow: capture, import, cull, process, refine, upload, author, revise and submit, repeated every day. It just took too much […]

Srcset test

I have wanted to play with srcset, but the effort involved to apply it backward to all of my prior posts was scary. I’ve settled on this configuration: <img src="" srcset=" 414w, 768w 640w, 840w, " alt="Srcset image test (and Killer hijacking my seat)" />

Behold my new workstation

Eadaoin helped out with a part of the cost. I’m indebted to her for the assistance!

So who decided code snippets had to be boring?

Random workstation photograph

I needed to test my upload script. :)

Have a Christmas

And another year too!

Wedding day photo restoration

I didn’t have a chance to clone it, but I like the result otherwise.

Croydon, London in 2005

This is one of my oldest photographs. I took it while at a World of Warcraft guild meetup with friends (Gabi) in London on the last weekend of July 2005. I just put this up now because I wanted to see what a non-Instagram thumbnail looked like. By the time a photograph gets from my […]

First try at a time lapse

Hardly an Earth-shatteringly amazing video. Planning to do a much longer video in coming days, if my shutter doesn’t fall off from overuse. A little over forty-five minutes. I had originally hoped to do a longer exposure, but well, we had weather.

Micro-mini-tiny contest winner:

Earlier this week, I ran a very small contest on the photography forum to process two of my photographs, one of Galway’s Williamsgate Street and the second of Galway’s St. Nicholas’ church. I had some great responses on the thread in question, but the outright winner was Brian Healy, who won the voting by […]

How’s my HDR work?

Following on from yesterday’s image, I went the full HDR hog with this photograph. Then the full contrast hog. And then the full colour hog. Opinions, flames?


Day 11: Another Gorgeous Tree

Another gorgeous tree on the road to Menlo, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Urgh, moi

It is arm-length-self-portrait time! I’m on the job hunt, so should I: Shave the beard off, keep the beard, or alter it?

That new year's shine

[face_sheepish] Well hi there, readers. It falls to me to harken the arrival of 2010 on January 3rd. 2009, for all its darkness, ended on an upbeat and optimistic note that continues to resonate in the first few days of 2010. I’ve taken on a project for 2010: 365 days of photos, of which I […]

A foggy Christmas Eve morning

Two months of waiting for the perfect foggy weather paid off on December 24 when I captured these shots of an amazingly cold Galway morning on the Headford Road. In processing the images, I amm torn between two different styles: A harder and colder interpretation or a warmer and far softer view of the foggy […]

Pond pond pond

Pond, it’s a pond, oh, it’s a pondddddd. A frozen pond. Ice. Solid H20. What more can you or I say? Taken just after local sunset in Menlo village, Co. Galway.

Storm over Friar's Cut

Squelch squelch squelch squelch squelch. Squelch squelch. click Squelch. Therein was my evening as I visited the Friar’s Cut; the cut canal area where [[Lough Corrib]] flows into the River Corrib. The entire area is a gorgeous bogland/river delta thriving with animal and bird life; I saw several foxes and badgers in addition to a […]

Best of 2009

Kicked off by the 16 Favourites 2009 thread on, I put together my favourite sixteen images of the last year. Un-surprisingly my family weighed in heavily in the running. Here’s to 2009, guys.

To wait till those wolves make nice

I’m keeping them coming, one by one… The derelict Esso service station on Galway’s Headford Road.

They're tearing up holes in the house

Bury their paws in the stone

This, for me, became a surprisingly powerful photo. In the midst of Galway there is a building which serves many people in many roles: It is a repository for contemporary artifacts, a dormitory, an art installation, shelter, a meeting ground, a dumping ground, an eyesore, a magnetic attraction, and enthralling and repulsive. And it’s just […]

To hell with the season's cheer

Today demanded contrast. Minight-dark blacks. Sun-bright, blown-out highlights that will leave your eyes watering. To hell with December cheer!