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So I Guess I’m an Ultra Runner Now

On Sunday last I ran a 54 kilometre loop from Urdorf to Sihlbrugg and back again to Urdorf, in a little over seven hours! While I missed my target time by an hour, I am so happy to have completed training and the run in grand style.

Serious Running

Sarah finished her first race-and run, ever-on Friday! I’m so proud of her for doing it.

The Reykjavik Marathon

Date: 2019-08-24 Time: 03:44:54 Distance: 42km Pace: 00:05:20/km Finished: 321/1170 (27/100 normalised) Previous race: Achill Half Marathon (This post is presented as-is from a forum post.) The Reykjavik Marathon was held last weekend in, well, Reykjavik in Iceland. From a start at the Pond in the city center, the marathon led a long and scenic […]

A Summer of Running

It’s such a dumb cliche that A Marathon Will Change Your Life, but here I’m two beers down and thinking “…yeah?” Maybe training has changed me? Although nobody changes overnight unless you do something like chop off their hand (please don’t do this), sustained effort upon the self will lead to dramatic improvement over the […]

Achill Half Marathon

Date: 2019-07-06 Time: 01:39:09 Distance: 21km Pace: 00:04:43/km Finished: 75/604 (12/100 normalised) Previous race: Run Clare 2019 Series In a country with magnificent running routes, the Achill half marathon stands out as a spectacular course. The route took us from the town of Keel across desolate bogs, along the beautiful golden beach at Doogort, around […]

Rocks and Misery

A day of running on Inishmore with the Galway Bay Brewery Running Club on August 4.

At the Clare Burren Marathon Challenge

Fun race! I finished seventh at this year’s Clare Burren Marathon Challenge 10k.

Run Clare 2019 Race Series

Scariff (Virtual) Date: 2019-01-26 Time: 00:33:03 Distance: 5km Pace: 00:06:37/km Finished: 646/878 (74/100) Barefield Date: 2019-02-17 Time: 00:39:11 Distance: 8km Pace: 00:04:54/km Finished: 125/888 (14/100) Ennis Date: 2019-03-30 Time: 00:45:08 Distance: 10km Pace: 00:04:31/km Finished: 88/809 (11/100) Lahinch Date: 2019-04-07 Time: 01:19:08 Distance: 16km Pace: 00:04:57/km Finished: 58/658 (9/100) Previous race: Galway City Harriers New […]

Sacred Dissatisfaction

But now what now what? It’s this same moronic question I come back to after every bitty accomplishment. Well I ran over the hill. Now what? Oh great, I tackled some ineffable inner demon. What’s next? To paraphrase the song, I don’t want what I know, but I know what I want. Everything I have […]

At Least I Didn’t Pee Blood?

Go watch Why I Run by Exurb2a. His reasons are my reasons. Right now I’m training for Connemarathon in April and the Run Clare Half Marathon. By running more longer and more difficult courses than the race-and in any given weather-the run on the day will be easier. Today’s route (link) was my toughest yet, […]

Running Friends

The most important tenet of my life has become the test of belief and faith.

Galway City Harriers New Year’s 5k

Date: 2019-01-01 Time: 00:22:21 Distance: 5km Pace: 00:04:53/km Finished: 103/344 (30/100 normalised) Previous race: Clontarf Half Marathon A quick fast new year’s day run around Galway city to burn off the hangover from the night before. While we weren’t awarded medal for not dying on that long and lonely road, I did bag a sweet […]

Clontarf Half Marathon

Date: 2018-11-17 Time: 01:42:29 Distance: 21km Pace: 00:04:53/km Finished: 366/1605 (23/100 normalised) Previous race: Gaelforce Howth Summit 10k Went well. Flat course. Ran long and hard. Yesterday I applied the lessons of the Phoenix Park half marathon: I wore warm clothes. Beanie, gloves and an over layer. I found my desired pacer in the starting […]

Gaelforce Howth Summit 10k 2018

Date: 2018-10-13 Time: 00:56:55 Distance: 10km Pace: 00:05:40/km Finished: 103/496 (21/100 normalised) Previous race: Hjartadagshlaupið 2018 10k, Reykjavik And this a whole different kettle of fish. Gaelforce runs are off the road, over the hill and somewhere far off by the sea in a league of their own. Where I enjoyed a flat and even […]

Hjartadagshlaupið (Heart Day) 2018 10k, Reykjavik

Date: 2018-09-29 Time: 00:46:52 Distance: 10km Pace: 00:04:39/km Finished: 57/188 (30/100 normalised) Previous race: SSE Airtricity Dublin Half Marathon My chip time for the run makes this run a new personal best, beating out the DLR Bay 10k finish by 15 seconds! The Hjartadagshlaupið (Heart Day) run seems to be an annual community in Reykjavik. […]

SSE Airtricity Dublin Half Marathon 2018

Date: 2018-09-22 Time: 01:48:45 Distance: 21.1km Pace: 00:05:09/km Finished: 2579/6674 (39/100 normalised) Previous race: DLR Bay 10k 2018 The 2018 SSE Airtricity Half Marathon was both my first half marathon race and a major personal milestone. As I write this post in late October it has been a year since I took up running as […]

Breaking 20k

My last running goal was a nonstop 20k, which I convinced myself I wouldn't manage until I went out and did it.

Race Report: DLR Bay 10k 2018

Time: 00:47:07 Distance: 10.00km Pace: 00:04:43/km Finished: 223/1229 (18/100 normalised) Previous race: Kinvara Rock and Road 10k 2018. In comparing my experience on the DLR Bay Run with the Kinvara Rock and Road, I get the feeling of being prepared. For the DLR Bay Run I followed a running schedule, watched what I ate, and […]

East and North and West: Three Runs around Galway

These are three days of fantastic, vitalizing runs around Galway back in July. The first day, I got off the bus, popped on my gear, and ran a fast loop out to Renmore on back. The second day, Saturday, I ran an easy route out to Menlo and home again before dinner with friends. The […]

Race Report: Kinvara Rock and Road 10k 2018

Hey, my first road race went great! Per the chip time results: Time: 00:52:37 Distance: 10.00km Pace: 00:05:16/km Place: 143/432 (33/100 normalised) The full results from Rock and Road are pretty cool to go through and cross-reference! This is the first indication of where I fit with other runners because of how I prefer to […]

Weekend Runs

Saturday’s run was Tour de Knocknarea. A friend and I spent the weekend in Strandhill in Sligo. We had our own plans made for Saturday morning, mine being to run a loop around Knocknarea. It looked easy on paper, ten kilometres in a circle back to the start. Right? Hah! The southeast side of the […]

Running Satisfaction

This has been the high point of my week: a perfect run on a gorgeous spring afternoon.

Five Years Slimmer

I’m a skinnnnnnnnny bitch now! On the other hand, today’s breakfast was two soluble Panadol, a croissant, a cup of black coffee, and two-thirds of a Dairy Milk. I try.