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The Temple of Karabor, Shadowmoon Valley

Auchindoun, Talador

Useful World of Warcraft macros

I recently returned to a healing alt character in World of Warcraft, and I’ve come up with some useful and multifunctional macros to share. I have mild RSI in my right arm that was exacerbated by click-targeting, so to prevent problems I moved the bulk of my abilities to @mouseover macros, with fallback for self-targeting. […]


Mount Parade

Sexy new UI

Still needs work; I’m 90% there. My biggest problem has been training myself to look at the correct parts of the GUI for information. There’s more information presented than in the old GUI, if I but look. There is one area of duplication: Debuffs on me. I kept dying because I didn’t really look at […]

Onyxian Drake

I logged in to set up a new GUI after I abruptly deleted the game last week, and hit Onyxia to test it out. Well, colour me surprised.

The Bloodthirsty

If I allowed myself to keep alcohol in the house, I would now take out the bottle. I’d set the bottle and a glass on the table, measure out a bleak finger, and down it. So. I’ve done it. The last of the big four PVP achievements, alongside Battlemaster, Khan and Conqueror. I feel hollow […]

Wrecking Ball III

I think I have the hang of Warlocking again. As of writing, Shanishta’s gear is bad-there are still a bunch of Timeless pieces, and Prideful/Grievous pieces missing enchants-but I have an idea of how it can be played now. I played a lock for two or three years back in vanilla, but a look at […]

World of Warcraft arena carry macros

These three macros do: The party leader uses the first to queue for a 2v2 arena. The very first time you run, you may have to open the actual panel and click it. The other party member uses the second macro to automatically select a role. Both party members use the third macro when the […]

Ashes of Al’ar

On exactly my 140th kill of Kael’Thas.

Children everywhere love Masserah

How can you dislike this happy smiling face and cheerful wave? The Battle Tabard of the Defilers is a unique and very hard to get PVP vanity item. Simply having one is an accomplishment, but I went further and ran Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader for six or seven straight weeks to get a […]

512,261 reasons Shaman are fun in PVP

Your Stormblast hit Nockani-Area52 149403 Nature. Your Stormblast Off-Hand hit Nockani-Area52 61074 Nature. Your Wind Lash hit Nockani-Area52 36045 Nature. Your Flametongue Attack hit Nockani-Area52 7684 Fire. Your Lightning Shield hit Nockani-Area52 10333 Nature. You killed Nockani-Area52. Your Elemental Blast hit Nockani-Area52 123371 Elemental. (123721 Overkill) (Critical) Two Global Cooldowns (GCDs).

Sometimes I wonder why I bother…


Friends have been informed, my auctions cancelled and my mailboxes emptied. I unsubscribed from World of Warcraft about two weeks ago, and my account time expires at 9pm today, February 27. Tomorrow’ll mark the first time that I have been completely of, and away from, the video game in well over three years. roawr

I quit World of Warcraft (again)

much shock many quit such new wow new endevuhrs much trie 2good4ugame amaze

Vanilla World of Warcraft screenshots

Mostly from my level 60 Warlock, Bhalash, raiding Molten Core with <The Republic>.

Level 90, item level 560

[W From] [hakalatoo]: Just fuck off. It isn’t fair or right that you can kill me like this

High Five: 2200

I’m a bigger boy now!

I only wanted to help :(

[W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have some gold [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yes, I do, thank you for the offer though. :) [W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have ? [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yep, like 100k [W From] [64:Lemexor]: can u give me W From] [64:Lemexor]: plsss [W To] [64:Lemexor]: I could spare you, like, 1 copper [W From] […]

The anger is strong in this one

[W From] [Gudarien]: I hope someone murders you and cuts you into little peices to send to your family

High Five: 2000

I’m a big boy now!

wow such rage


True love knows no limits

[W From] [87:Descendènt-Zul]: Hey faggot, so I see you’re one of those people everyone hates. Well when you’re not a douche, and can do something for once. Then stfu and uninstall this game, you’re pathetic.I hope you fail in life, wich i’m sure will happen due to the ignorance. [W To] [87:Descendènt-Zul]: I <3 you […]

Silvershard Mines 1600-0

Temple of Kotmogu 1600-0

Oh happy days

[P] [Aorien-Und]: u want to use vent? [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: im in askype witha friend [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: shouoldnt nee if were not retared lol [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: need [P] [90:Masserah]: *we’re *shouldn’t *retarded [P] [Aorien-Und]: oh i know. i just meant for fun [P] [90:Masserah]: I already feel unsafe [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: ? [P] [90:Masserah]: You can’t even […]


I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts last night, and likewise wound down several other social accounts. While, sadly, there isn’t much I can do about the information in those accounts. At this point, the only two profiles I’ve purposefully kept are for Intstagram and YouTube-Instagram because it serves my stream of photographs, and YouTube […]


In the most recent World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard changed Tuft of Yak Fur and Oddly-Shaped Horn so as to make them usable in anyzone-including battlegrounds. Combine this with Slow Fall. I have not laughed so hard in many months as I did at our cavalcade of giant flying yak during its assault on the […]


Three for three, along with Battlemaster, and Khan. Cave Johnson, we’re done here.