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Blue Galway


I had planned all week to take a walk up to Tonabrocky today (Sunday), no matter the weather and so I woke bright and early for 9am to begin my preparations. I lay in bed for a few minutes, pondering the ungodly early hour on my fecking day off and after some deliberation I went […]

New Horizons

New Horizons will launch in the next day or two.. Its the first probe to explore the exotic and far away place known as Pluto. Its a long way from Earth – 38 Astronomical Units (AU), give or take, depending on its orbit. To put it another way, one AUis 149 million kilometres, eight light […]


Its somewhere in the wee hours of Friday night here and I find I can’t sleep. Online relationships…my advice is to avoid them. There is always, to begin, the temptation to lie. To say you are more beautiful than you really are, to say you have a better life than you really do and so […]

Another day off, another walk

Not much to write about it in truth, other than I purposely took along a change of socks for when I stepped a bog hole, did so and used them…only to step into another one all of 30 seconds later. I have pictures online here. I did meet an American and some locals while at […]

Shahadet at level 45 in Orgrimmar

Frost Shock!

I didn’t do much today, I cleaned up two of my photos from yesterday, had dinner with my family and played World of Warcraft. Specifically, I played my Shaman on Whisperwind. I’ve found them a fantastic, versatile class to play, who hit hard to boot. Except for their mana pool. Hah. Ah well, everything has […]

<3 Battlestar Galactica <3

Go Eircom – for sure, I consider them overpriced and possessed of quite possibly the worst customer service section I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to deal with, but when they do stuff like giving all of their broadband users a free up/down speed upgrade, I can’t help but feel a grudging little bit […]


Being sick is not fun. Which is what I currently am. Its some form of the flu, I think, which set upon me without warning late last night. I spent the whole day indoors as I wasn’t much in the mood for doing anything and didn’t really feel good or bad, but once I went […]

iBook, arise from thy grave

I started a digital photography course last night, at my old secondary school of all places. The photographer giving the course showed us that we would be doing our editing work in Photoshop CS on OS X. And golly gosh, guess who had a G3 iBook loaded up with Photoshop CS gathering dust in its […]

NASA is in ur RAM, breaking ur CPU

Go to NASA’s Blue Marble page right now, and grab the torrent download. Don’t stop, don’t ask, don’t think, just go. The Blue Marble is a ludicrous 86,400 x 42,000 pixel mosaic of the Earth, taken over the past year by satellite. “Glorious” isn’t grandiose enough for such a beautiful composition. I downloaded both the […]


Scumbag customers and a day trip to Connemara

I live. I’ve been so busy with work, World of Warcraft, friends, and family that I finally shut down, shunted aside whatever I could, and went out to relax. Work at Curry isn’t bad, but what work at Currys is is dirty. I hate you if you don’t bother to clean out your junk item […]

Saint Valentine’s Day

This post was originally written in 2006. I added my own response and rebuttal to the remarks I made here in a February 2014 post. Its that day. February 14th. Valentine’s day. For women across the Western world, it’s a day of boxes of chocolates, roses, hugs, kisses, dinner and a night of sensual love […]


I got the job, and then I didn’t

I got the job, and then I didn’t. The phone call went something like this: “Hi, is this Mark?” “Hello! It is.” “Hi there, this is x from y and I’m pleased to offer you the position you were interviewed for. Keeping in mind that you need to deliver two weeks notice to your current […]

The world’s greatest monolgue

And there I am in Sri lanka, formerly Ceylon, at 3 am, looking for brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn’t go on stage that night. Jeff Beck pops his head round the door and mentions there’s a little sweet shop on the edge of town. We go, and it’s closed. There’s […]

“My ovaries!”

I’m not so much accident-prone as I am incident-prone, the most famous being The One With The Mouse. Video’s of that still crop up in the company at odd times. Anyways, I do have this habit of wandering into interesting situations. Anyways, I’ve had three Moments of Interestingness since last night. One was downright scary, […]


I don’t know if it is allergies that caused this, but I have had an awful migraine for the past week. It’s there morning and evening, day and night, and it has taken a toll. I’m tired, I’m dizzy, I’m angry, and I’m short with everyone around me. Mariah sent me some migraine painkiller that […]

Clouds for the evening

Flowers for the morning

Newly cleaned camera…

Many thanks go to my brother Frank for cleaning the sensor on my camera. I took it out for a trial run tonight and here is a wonderful shot of the Long Walk:

That rare old Irish weather

The weather on the west coast of Ireland is notoriously fickle. Don’t like it? Wait five minutes and then see if it has changed. Monday started off fantastically, warm and sunny, with nary a cloud to be seen in the blue vault. By 9am it was dark, overcast, and you could feel a chill in […]

Blue river at Menlo

This was one of the very first photos I ever put online, and I still love it today. As with most of my good photos, it seems like this was a completely accidental photograph-I had my camera’s white balance set to tungsten (for street lights) by mistake. I love this photograph because it broods. It […]

Renville, Oranmore

Not much to say for today, except that I went out to Renville, near Oranmore, with Jennifer. That I came home with six fantastic photographs of the forest park, from a total of over one hundred and fifty total, is a pretty ratio.

Oh what a world!

Michelle’s father, Patsy, gave me the first bit good of advice about photography, that you should always carry your camera with you. An excellent and readable Ken Rockwell article gave me my second (slightly paraphrased) piece: if you only show people your good photographs, then they will start to believe that you are good. Namely, […]

A spider before bed

Cor, ain’t she a beauty? /steve_irwin


I hate builders, and I hate summer

The bastards had me out of bed at 6am as they were digging up the road outside the house, but I’d no choice but to open the window as my room was stiflingly hot. And at the price of God’s Own Migraine, I cancelled my hotel reservation for Paris and booked a hotel for London. […]

Galway wander

Today, I finally bought a lens hood for my camera. Having worked in electrical retail for what’s heading towards seven years I could pretty much work out how much profit they made on that crappy little bit of plastic (50-80% margin), which made buying it all the more painful. Ah well, its already gone to […]

June desktop screenshot

I was editing my current desktop wallpaper – this is Openbox with the Gimp, Conky, Docker, mocp and Gaim 2.0, before I went to work this morning. All of it in Gentoo Linux of course.

Taking the piss..

Captain Copyright How low will the media companies stoop? You have groups like the MPAA, RIAA (if you’re American) and the IRMA (if you’re Irish) sueing end users because they download works that they own. In America, they brought in the much-hated DMCA which criminalizes activities such as bypassing copy protection on that new CD […]

Sunset over the Dyke Road

So you’ve bought a computer!

Congratulations new owner! You travelled down to your local superstore and handed over your hard-earned cash for that computer you’ve had your eye one with the kick! Ass! Nvidia! Graphics! Card! You’ve sat down with the sales person and he told you about the various accessories pacakges, so you picked a printer, a scanner and […]

I’m a retail whore

I purchased a new lens, an off-brand telephoto, that I’m not even sure I’ll have much use for. As with anything new, it will take a while before I get to grips properly with the lens, but I can say to start with that I don’t like it. The lens is the EF 90-300mm f/4.5-5.6. […]

Galway by Night

Its an extraordinarily still night here, so I grabbed my camera and headed down to the docks to snap a few photos. I walked away with a few good shots, one a stitched panorama. Out of them all, I definately prefer the first one:

My lenses to be…

This is more a glorified post-it note so that I can find them when I reach America, but these are the two lenses that I plan to buy in the US: 28-105mm F3.8-5.6 UC-III ASPHERICAL IF And the… 28mm F1.8 EX DG ASPHERICAL MACRO The first one I want as while my 18-55mm isn’t as […]

I had a dream…

I had a strange dream last night. It was a bad combination of Half-Life 2, X-Men, Anarchy Online and the pub up the road from my home. Blargh. Weird dreams aside, I just saw this on Boing Boing. That shit is kinda scary, as they say.

Linda on The Mall

All the time we spent together, both off- and online, and I took one photograph of her. And it’s blurry.

Sunset at Westminster

I think I was with Linda, Kathleen, and Shayla?

Lucky Charms

Eat ’em up, motha fuckas.


The Mojave Desert at sunset

Taken from an overlook at Red Rock, looking toward the Spring Mountains and the town of Blue Diamond, Nevada.

The Hoover Dam

Listos version: It was fucking hot.

Meet my daughter

Caira Elizabeth Clanton was delivered at 10:39am PST at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Caira weighs 4lbs on the dot, and is 16 inches from head to toe. Mother and child have been both reported as doing great. Welcome to the world, girleen.

Mariah and I

Taken by Amanda in a service station somewhere near Los Angeles. :)



Meeting Caira

Smiling eyes


Four generations of Clantons

From oldest to youngest: Carolyn, Elizabeth, Mariah, and Caira.

Caira and Paw Paw

Happy, comfy kittens ^_^

Mary’s kittens Cally and Yoda.

Shannon and baby Lexi

Supremely cute Mariah

Blue-eyed baby Caira

How can you not love that face?

Mariah, Marilyn, and Caira

Mariah and I in San Diego

Taken at Chula Vista Seafront Park.

Caira being adorable

Taken at our motel in San Diego.

Mariah and Caira

San Diego. ^_^

Mariah with Caira at the Embaracadero

Jade and Athena

Caira’s twin cousins, Jade and Athena :)

Audrey meets Caira for the first time

Caira stretching

Taken in Orange, California.

Mariah, Caira, and Audrey together

The beasts of San Diego

Mariah, Caira and I were in San Diego for a week and frankly the trip was a disaster. Never again will we travel with her family, methinks. Ah well, I took the guts of two thousand photos while there, of which I’ve about 100 uploaded, although they’re mostly photos of the Jade and Athena’s birthday. […]

September Linux desktop


Life as a dad is tough

No rest for the wicked. :)

Hallowe’en is coming!

Hallowe’en is everything to the Clanton clan.

Grumpy-faced Caira

She was in no way impressed by the camera. :(

Mariah at the ren faire

…along with her new fella.

Going home

I don’t want to leave Mariah and Caira. I Really don’t. I don’t have much choice in the matter as I have to go back home to finish the paperwork for my visa. So I spent two months in the US and I have to say it has its upsides and its downsides and for […]

Menlo and Dangan at sunset

Taken from Menlo, looking across to Dangan. Infrared.


Caira and I

I miss this. :(

Renville, 2am

Mike and I went out shooting ear-li in the morning. It was, for the record, absolutely fucking ice cold. Like seriously.

Full moon over Oranmore

Taken while freezing my arse off with Mike, using his 70-200 L lens. :)

Satellite crossing Ursa Major

Taken while freezing my arse off with Mike.

Trip to Ross Lake

Cold, wonderful night. We went out in the hope of catching the Leonids. We weren’t lucky enough to do that (honestly, it was just too cold to stay out), but we still took in some gorgeous photos of the night skies over Ross Lake near Moycullen. I broke my fucking camera coming home. Have you […]

Welcome to

I’d like to thank Mariah for setting up the hosting, WordPress for making such an awesome blog and chocolate pop-tarts for giving me a reason to live. I’ll be likely a few day setting things up. I’ve had a few teething problems, such as the import from spawning 600 empty categories that mySQL refused […]

Drawing Caira

One place Mariah brought me to in San Diego last September was Seaport Village, down at the Embarcadero. It really is a lovely place to visit in rain, hail or shine, even if some of the shop prices can be…steep. There’s a beautiful park, wonderful sea air, a frakking aircraft carrier and many other Wonderful […]

Colour management in Gimp versus Photoshop

I’m too tired to write a long rant, go see this thread for more. Here are the basics: I’m creating a print of Procrastination, and I may as well use the print-in-progress as an example. The original file is a 16-bit tiff in ProPhoto RGB (its the colourspace Lightroom uses) . It renders thus in […]

Dependency hell

Gods above and below, I did not miss this. For those not familiar with Linux/Unix, it goes as follows: Package A requires pacakge B, which in turn requires package C. So working backwards from this I install C and B. Then I attempt package A again, which informs me that it still can’t find package […]


Re-processed star trails from Ross Lake

Taken facing due east, up is to the right. This is looking toward the milky way by way of Cygnus. I think personally that I’ve done a better job of processing it this time, better colours and better contrast to make the dust clouds stand out. I adjusted the white balance for tungsten in Lightroom […]

December 2006 desktop

XFCE4 in Gentoo.


The headaches are back and getting worse, I seem to be bouncing between crushing depression and burning rage at the drop of a hat, I’m don’t feel any closer to seeing Mariah or Caira again, and I’m very close to beating some of the idiots that crawl out of the woodwork at this time of […]

What a familiar cat!

I saw a book by the name of Cat Counsellor on sale in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop a few days ago. The cover caught my eye, as it was graced by a remarkably familiar and striking calico on the cover. The cat definitely isn’t Killer, but she had enough in common with mine that I did […]

Currys replaced my camera

“The repair will be another…4-6 weeks. Could you please ask the customer if he minds waiting for it?” “…” That is what we were told today when we called our repair centre to check on my camera. Under our own rules I’m entitled to an exchange if a repair goes outside of 28 days, which […]

Killer got into Caira’s presents

What is worse: That I found Killer mauling Caira’s presents, or that my reflex was to pick up my camera camera, lie on the ground next to her, and start snapping?

6am Saturday morning

I was up at 6am on Saturday morning to go out to Menlo Castle with Mike to capture the dawn. I was fairly trashed at work afterwards, but the early walk was fantastic: The above is a panorama of five photos, although I cropped down the sides as there wasn’t much interesting happening. The photos […]

December desktop

Once again I tried to get wireless networking running under Linux, and once again I gave up, so I am back to an OS X/Windows dual boot decorated by Caira :) Umm, running Firefox, Adium, iTerm and Photoshop CS2.

Panning photos

I’ve been wanting to give panning another good try, so I went down to Eyre Square after work tonight. The problem is that while there’s a few good spots to capture cars, the position of them means that drives can easily see you with the result that they think I’m with the Gardai or something […]

Merlin Woods, Galway

I’m sick and everyone at home is yelling at me because I had the gall to decide myself what I want to do with my life, but I still managed to escape the house for an hour today for a short tip to Merlin Park forest, which is sadly being encroached on from all sides […]

To bedlam!

Christmas came to the Grealish household. There isn’t much to say, we all opened our presents. I didn’t get much, some dollars from Frank, some gift vouchers and (really) abhorrent pants from Jennifer and some really nice pants and more vouchers from Mum. The high point of the day was a trip to the graveyard […]

More humbuggery

I’ve been asked by mum to get photos of everyone over the holidays for printing, specifically she wants some kind of nice, posed group shot, which is akin to organising a battle-ready regiment of geese at short order. It’s just not gonna happen. Our one try at a group shot was pathetic and anemic – […]

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop workflow

I braved the inclement horribly shitty weather to take some photos of the Abbey church on Eglinton Street. As I have a terminal lack of anything to do tonight, I’m going to fill in some of my workflow on the photo. The first step is to actually get the photos from my memory card, for […]