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Blue Galway


I had planned all week to take a walk up to Tonabrocky today (Sunday), no matter the weather and so I woke bright and early for 9am to begin my preparations. I lay in bed for a few minutes, pondering the ungodly early hour on my fecking day off and after some deliberation I went […]

New Horizons

New Horizons will launch in the next day or two.. Its the first probe to explore the exotic and far away place known as Pluto. Its a long way from Earth – 38 Astronomical Units (AU), give or take, depending on its orbit. To put it another way, one AUis 149 million kilometres, eight light […]


Its somewhere in the wee hours of Friday night here and I find I can’t sleep. Online relationships…my advice is to avoid them. There is always, to begin, the temptation to lie. To say you are more beautiful than you really are, to say you have a better life than you really do and so […]

Another day off, another walk

Not much to write about it in truth, other than I purposely took along a change of socks for when I stepped a bog hole, did so and used them…only to step into another one all of 30 seconds later. I have pictures online here. I did meet an American and some locals while at […]

Shahadet at level 45 in Orgrimmar

Frost Shock!

I didn’t do much today, I cleaned up two of my photos from yesterday, had dinner with my family and played World of Warcraft. Specifically, I played my Shaman on Whisperwind. I’ve found them a fantastic, versatile class to play, who hit hard to boot. Except for their mana pool. Hah. Ah well, everything has […]

<3 Battlestar Galactica <3

Go Eircom – for sure, I consider them overpriced and possessed of quite possibly the worst customer service section I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to deal with, but when they do stuff like giving all of their broadband users a free up/down speed upgrade, I can’t help but feel a grudging little bit […]


Being sick is not fun. Which is what I currently am. Its some form of the flu, I think, which set upon me without warning late last night. I spent the whole day indoors as I wasn’t much in the mood for doing anything and didn’t really feel good or bad, but once I went […]

iBook, arise from thy grave

I started a digital photography course last night, at my old secondary school of all places. The photographer giving the course showed us that we would be doing our editing work in Photoshop CS on OS X. And golly gosh, guess who had a G3 iBook loaded up with Photoshop CS gathering dust in its […]

NASA is in ur RAM, breaking ur CPU

Go to NASA’s Blue Marble page right now, and grab the torrent download. Don’t stop, don’t ask, don’t think, just go. The Blue Marble is a ludicrous 86,400 x 42,000 pixel mosaic of the Earth, taken over the past year by satellite. “Glorious” isn’t grandiose enough for such a beautiful composition. I downloaded both the […]