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I got the job, and then I didn’t

I got the job, and then I didn’t. The phone call went something like this: “Hi, is this Mark?” “Hello! It is.” “Hi there, this is x from y and I’m pleased to offer you the position you were interviewed for. Keeping in mind that you need to deliver two weeks notice to your current […]

The world’s greatest monolgue

And there I am in Sri lanka, formerly Ceylon, at 3 am, looking for brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn’t go on stage that night. Jeff Beck pops his head round the door and mentions there’s a little sweet shop on the edge of town. We go, and it’s closed. There’s […]

“My ovaries!”

I’m not so much accident-prone as I am incident-prone, the most famous being The One With The Mouse. Video’s of that still crop up in the company at odd times. Anyways, I do have this habit of wandering into interesting situations. Anyways, I’ve had three Moments of Interestingness since last night. One was downright scary, […]


I don’t know if it is allergies that caused this, but I have had an awful migraine for the past week. It’s there morning and evening, day and night, and it has taken a toll. I’m tired, I’m dizzy, I’m angry, and I’m short with everyone around me. Mariah sent me some migraine painkiller that […]

Clouds for the evening

Flowers for the morning

Newly cleaned camera…

Many thanks go to my brother Frank for cleaning the sensor on my camera. I took it out for a trial run tonight and here is a wonderful shot of the Long Walk:

That rare old Irish weather

The weather on the west coast of Ireland is notoriously fickle. Don’t like it? Wait five minutes and then see if it has changed. Monday started off fantastically, warm and sunny, with nary a cloud to be seen in the blue vault. By 9am it was dark, overcast, and you could feel a chill in […]

Blue river at Menlo

This was one of the very first photos I ever put online, and I still love it today. As with most of my good photos, it seems like this was a completely accidental photograph-I had my camera’s white balance set to tungsten (for street lights) by mistake. I love this photograph because it broods. It […]

Renville, Oranmore

Not much to say for today, except that I went out to Renville, near Oranmore, with Jennifer. That I came home with six fantastic photographs of the forest park, from a total of over one hundred and fifty total, is a pretty ratio.

Oh what a world!

Michelle’s father, Patsy, gave me the first bit good of advice about photography, that you should always carry your camera with you. An excellent and readable Ken Rockwell article gave me my second (slightly paraphrased) piece: if you only show people your good photographs, then they will start to believe that you are good. Namely, […]

A spider before bed

Cor, ain’t she a beauty? /steve_irwin