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I hate builders, and I hate summer

The bastards had me out of bed at 6am as they were digging up the road outside the house, but I’d no choice but to open the window as my room was stiflingly hot. And at the price of God’s Own Migraine, I cancelled my hotel reservation for Paris and booked a hotel for London. […]

Galway wander

Today, I finally bought a lens hood for my camera. Having worked in electrical retail for what’s heading towards seven years I could pretty much work out how much profit they made on that crappy little bit of plastic (50-80% margin), which made buying it all the more painful. Ah well, its already gone to […]

June desktop screenshot

I was editing my current desktop wallpaper – this is Openbox with the Gimp, Conky, Docker, mocp and Gaim 2.0, before I went to work this morning. All of it in Gentoo Linux of course.

Taking the piss..

Captain Copyright How low will the media companies stoop? You have groups like the MPAA, RIAA (if you’re American) and the IRMA (if you’re Irish) sueing end users because they download works that they own. In America, they brought in the much-hated DMCA which criminalizes activities such as bypassing copy protection on that new CD […]

Sunset over the Dyke Road

So you’ve bought a computer!

Congratulations new owner! You travelled down to your local superstore and handed over your hard-earned cash for that computer you’ve had your eye one with the kick! Ass! Nvidia! Graphics! Card! You’ve sat down with the sales person and he told you about the various accessories pacakges, so you picked a printer, a scanner and […]

I’m a retail whore

I purchased a new lens, an off-brand telephoto, that I’m not even sure I’ll have much use for. As with anything new, it will take a while before I get to grips properly with the lens, but I can say to start with that I don’t like it. The lens is the EF 90-300mm f/4.5-5.6. […]

Galway by Night

Its an extraordinarily still night here, so I grabbed my camera and headed down to the docks to snap a few photos. I walked away with a few good shots, one a stitched panorama. Out of them all, I definately prefer the first one:

My lenses to be…

This is more a glorified post-it note so that I can find them when I reach America, but these are the two lenses that I plan to buy in the US: 28-105mm F3.8-5.6 UC-III ASPHERICAL IF And the… 28mm F1.8 EX DG ASPHERICAL MACRO The first one I want as while my 18-55mm isn’t as […]

I had a dream…

I had a strange dream last night. It was a bad combination of Half-Life 2, X-Men, Anarchy Online and the pub up the road from my home. Blargh. Weird dreams aside, I just saw this on Boing Boing. That shit is kinda scary, as they say.

Linda on The Mall

All the time we spent together, both off- and online, and I took one photograph of her. And it’s blurry.

Sunset at Westminster

I think I was with Linda, Kathleen, and Shayla?

Lucky Charms

Eat ’em up, motha fuckas.