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Four generations of Clantons

From oldest to youngest: Carolyn, Elizabeth, Mariah, and Caira.

Caira and Paw Paw

Happy, comfy kittens ^_^

Mary’s kittens Cally and Yoda.

Shannon and baby Lexi

Supremely cute Mariah

Blue-eyed baby Caira

How can you not love that face?

Mariah, Marilyn, and Caira

Mariah and I in San Diego

Taken at Chula Vista Seafront Park.

Caira being adorable

Taken at our motel in San Diego.

Mariah and Caira

San Diego. ^_^

Mariah with Caira at the Embaracadero

Jade and Athena

Caira’s twin cousins, Jade and Athena :)

Audrey meets Caira for the first time

Caira stretching

Taken in Orange, California.

Mariah, Caira, and Audrey together

The beasts of San Diego

Mariah, Caira and I were in San Diego for a week and frankly the trip was a disaster. Never again will we travel with her family, methinks. Ah well, I took the guts of two thousand photos while there, of which I’ve about 100 uploaded, although they’re mostly photos of the Jade and Athena’s birthday. […]

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