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Caira and I

I miss this. :(

Renville, 2am

Mike and I went out shooting ear-li in the morning. It was, for the record, absolutely fucking ice cold. Like seriously.

Full moon over Oranmore

Taken while freezing my arse off with Mike, using his 70-200 L lens. :)

Satellite crossing Ursa Major

Taken while freezing my arse off with Mike.

Trip to Ross Lake

Cold, wonderful night. We went out in the hope of catching the Leonids. We weren’t lucky enough to do that (honestly, it was just too cold to stay out), but we still took in some gorgeous photos of the night skies over Ross Lake near Moycullen. I broke my fucking camera coming home. Have you […]

Welcome to

I’d like to thank Mariah for setting up the hosting, WordPress for making such an awesome blog and chocolate pop-tarts for giving me a reason to live. I’ll be likely a few day setting things up. I’ve had a few teething problems, such as the import from spawning 600 empty categories that mySQL refused […]

Drawing Caira

One place Mariah brought me to in San Diego last September was Seaport Village, down at the Embarcadero. It really is a lovely place to visit in rain, hail or shine, even if some of the shop prices can be…steep. There’s a beautiful park, wonderful sea air, a frakking aircraft carrier and many other Wonderful […]

Colour management in Gimp versus Photoshop

I’m too tired to write a long rant, go see this thread for more. Here are the basics: I’m creating a print of Procrastination, and I may as well use the print-in-progress as an example. The original file is a 16-bit tiff in ProPhoto RGB (its the colourspace Lightroom uses) . It renders thus in […]

Dependency hell

Gods above and below, I did not miss this. For those not familiar with Linux/Unix, it goes as follows: Package A requires pacakge B, which in turn requires package C. So working backwards from this I install C and B. Then I attempt package A again, which informs me that it still can’t find package […]