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Re-processed star trails from Ross Lake

Taken facing due east, up is to the right. This is looking toward the milky way by way of Cygnus. I think personally that I’ve done a better job of processing it this time, better colours and better contrast to make the dust clouds stand out. I adjusted the white balance for tungsten in Lightroom […]

December 2006 desktop

XFCE4 in Gentoo.


The headaches are back and getting worse, I seem to be bouncing between crushing depression and burning rage at the drop of a hat, I’m don’t feel any closer to seeing Mariah or Caira again, and I’m very close to beating some of the idiots that crawl out of the woodwork at this time of […]

What a familiar cat!

I saw a book by the name of Cat Counsellor on sale in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop a few days ago. The cover caught my eye, as it was graced by a remarkably familiar and striking calico on the cover. The cat definitely isn’t Killer, but she had enough in common with mine that I did […]

Currys replaced my camera

“The repair will be another…4-6 weeks. Could you please ask the customer if he minds waiting for it?” “…” That is what we were told today when we called our repair centre to check on my camera. Under our own rules I’m entitled to an exchange if a repair goes outside of 28 days, which […]

Killer got into Caira’s presents

What is worse: That I found Killer mauling Caira’s presents, or that my reflex was to pick up my camera camera, lie on the ground next to her, and start snapping?

6am Saturday morning

I was up at 6am on Saturday morning to go out to Menlo Castle with Mike to capture the dawn. I was fairly trashed at work afterwards, but the early walk was fantastic: The above is a panorama of five photos, although I cropped down the sides as there wasn’t much interesting happening. The photos […]

December desktop

Once again I tried to get wireless networking running under Linux, and once again I gave up, so I am back to an OS X/Windows dual boot decorated by Caira :) Umm, running Firefox, Adium, iTerm and Photoshop CS2.

Panning photos

I’ve been wanting to give panning another good try, so I went down to Eyre Square after work tonight. The problem is that while there’s a few good spots to capture cars, the position of them means that drives can easily see you with the result that they think I’m with the Gardai or something […]

Merlin Woods, Galway

I’m sick and everyone at home is yelling at me because I had the gall to decide myself what I want to do with my life, but I still managed to escape the house for an hour today for a short tip to Merlin Park forest, which is sadly being encroached on from all sides […]

To bedlam!

Christmas came to the Grealish household. There isn’t much to say, we all opened our presents. I didn’t get much, some dollars from Frank, some gift vouchers and (really) abhorrent pants from Jennifer and some really nice pants and more vouchers from Mum. The high point of the day was a trip to the graveyard […]

More humbuggery

I’ve been asked by mum to get photos of everyone over the holidays for printing, specifically she wants some kind of nice, posed group shot, which is akin to organising a battle-ready regiment of geese at short order. It’s just not gonna happen. Our one try at a group shot was pathetic and anemic – […]

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop workflow

I braved the inclement horribly shitty weather to take some photos of the Abbey church on Eglinton Street. As I have a terminal lack of anything to do tonight, I’m going to fill in some of my workflow on the photo. The first step is to actually get the photos from my memory card, for […]