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Cats and wizardry.



I miss you guys. :(

Killer poses

Love and ice weasels

Good or bad, it’s never dull. I love you, sweetie.


There’s a storm blowing right now – 100km/h winds. Sleet, hail and rain showers. Power lines coming down. And I had to go to the storm in this. I was wearing waterproofs, boots, hat and gloves, and I still nearly got soaked through. The bit that made the trip worthwhile was passing a nightclub and […]

Bleach bypass

Bleach bypass is a technique used in cinematography to give a film a uniquely contrasted and tinted appearance. Real bleach bypass is a physical process, but it can be emulated with digital filters present in Adobe Photoshop and other tools. Digital bleach bypass techniques are as plenty as the stars in the night sky, but […]

Swans at the Claddagh Basin

I originally went out today to try and photograph waves breaking on rocks at Claddagh beach, but the tide was fully in by the time I got out and the lack of cover at the beach was disheartening. I started out with my big 28-200mm lens at some seagulls, but I wasn’t happy with the […]

Home from Charleville

I had a fantastic time, even if I did my usual thing and lurked away in the corner and avoided talking to anyone. Really, I enjoyed everyone’s company. It wasn’t you…it was me. The low point of the weekend was my flash dying on Saturday morning, I was about as pissed as this as you’d […]

The photographers of Charleville Castle

Having a word with the big man


Michelle demonstrates her adoration for me

The garden of the moon

I took the first photo at Claddagh beach at sunset today. I am sure you’ve all seen photos like this, the waves washing up over the beach at sunset, and I wanted to try the same. Unfortunately my ND filters are 52mm, so they only fit only my f/2.8 28mm lens. This isn’t ideal when […]

Foggy swans

I overslept and missed pre-dawn, but I got to the beach right at sunrise and was rewarded with this magnificent photo. As I said on the Flickr post, the sky was a pain in the ass to fix: Draw an invisible line between the top of the sun and the right-hand horizon and you have […]

I’m a magnet for weird people

And the bit that gets me is that no matter how absurd or convoluted their fantasies are, they take it with absolute and utter seriousness. When a man walks up to me randomly and earnestly starts trying to argue with me that he saw me somewhere I wasn’t taking photos I didn’t…and then steps backwards […]

The fifty arrived!

My new 50mm lens has arrived! I love it so far. I’m excited at the portrait and bokeh possibilities that is offers. I’m keen on getting my flashgun back from repair, so I can combine and experiment! Killer isn’t the greatest model, but she is what I have:

Back playing with gallery2 again…

I’m giving gallery2 another try out, so I’ve uploaded a few recent photos of Killer (nothing you won’t find on Flickr) to have something at least to try out. It’s nice, and this time around the netpbm module works (lets you resize/create thumbnails). So that’s a small huzzah at least. But honestly and on the […]

St Nicholas Collegiate Church, Galway

St. Nicholas church down off Shop Street, where I put my 18-55, 28 and 50mm lenses all to good use – out of these three photos, one was taken with each lens. The 50mm is great for detail work, the 28mm for capturing a room in detail and the 18-55mm when I’m feeling lazy.

The real ghost of Charleville Castle

I feel very humbled to have won the spooky photo contest from Charleville castle, and come Sunday I will be the proud owner of an Minolta Dynax 404 camera, a lens and some film. Which is awesome as I’ve wanted to try film for a while. Patience rewards when it comes to animals. I waited […]

Science is cool


Simply a Killer

Getting away from the local faces, I took a few photos of Killer (who’s currently wedged between in between the wall and I, asleep), one of which came out perfectly, other than being a tad overexposed. I converted the picture to black and white and then burnt the crap out of it. Simply a Killer

Something old, something new

I’ll start by saying that-I had a mighty time. I really enjoyed myself with the other Boardie. But I didn’t feel inspired at all. I took some photos and then tortured something out of them this morning in Photoshop. I gave rein to the uninspired feeling to see where my subconscious took me, only to […]


I’m sure you’ve heard about this nonsense if you’re Irish. I was going to make a post here to the effect that I didn’t give a shit about it, but the hypocrisy was too much for me, so I’ll moderate it to say: So what? I had my family give me the argument that Croke […]

Polar projection of Eyre Square

You can find some background on this photo here on Assuming you can get through – it’s sad that the site has become a victim of it’s own success that it’s nearly completely inaccessible for large parts of each day because it get’s so much traffic. The photo quality was pretty bad as I […]

The way of photowalks everywhere


Really and fucking truly, it was a waste of a day: The clerk refused the medical because the doctor didn’t tick a box to specify that I didn’t need a given vaccine. They requested from me a form that I was specifically informed on the paperwork that I didn’t need, forcing me to out and […]

So I apparently can’t just “go out”

I’m off to Renville for the evening to take photos and as it stands right now, this is the full complement of what is going with me: Tripod Two cameras Three lenses Polarising and IR filters Cable release for my Canon Flashgun for my Canon Spare batteries for everything Several spare rolls of film

Some comparisons

For all the gear I took with me this evening I managed to forget my gloves, although thankfully the wind wasn’t all that bad once I got away from the sea. Hah. These first four photos are infrared, I really was impressed with how the 28 and 50mm lenses performed – there’s no hotspots in […]

Terryland infrared

I have been on an awesome roll with infrared photos this weekend. I got off work at three o’clock yesterday as there was literally nothing for me to do-I told my manager that I would come in tomorrow morning to supervise our new staff, as I don’t trust them to organise the customer deliveries correctly. […]

It’s amazing and sad all at once

Mariah sent me two videos last night and it was amazing to watch the pride and joy on Caira’s face as she made her way across the carpet and sad that I wasn’t there. :[



Athenry, Co. Galway

I was in Athenry with my mother and sister this morning. They wanted to shop, so I asked them drop me off by Athenry’s cemetery so I could get a few photos. It’s a beautiful village, I wish I had more time there.

Kilmainham Gaol

I think I’m sick

It started yesterday with stomach cramps, moving on to diarrhea and worse cramps by today. It wasn’t the proudest moment of my life, but it all wound up with me having to sneak into the ladies bathroom in Bewley’s cafe on O’Connell Street at 8 o’clock this morning as the men’s were closed for cleaning. […]

Balbriggan photowalk

My head is killing me, my throat feels like the Rub’ al Khali, and my gut aches like someone kicked it all night. And I am due at work in two hours. Happy joy feelings suffuse me! Back to the weekend. The Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin are a truly magnificent sight for fingers green or […]


I wound up coming home from work sick and going to bed. I managed to scrunch up into a ball in the corner, with my head at some queer angle, so now I get horrible shooting pains if I move my head. Awesome.

Free scanner!

An old HP scanner/printer was to be dumped at work because it’s print feed mechanism has been destroyed, but it scans just fine. I asked for and was given permission to take it home. It will be tomorrow before I get at most of the old photos – Jenn is the keeper of all our […]

Film = Hmm

I’m still unsure whether going backward is the way forward. Oh for sure I love the handling of the camera and the final images – there’s a feel and look to them that digital really can’t match, I guess I can only call it a texture. But godfuck, the wait and the cost. To break […]


I feel much better, a day of sleep followed by two full meals worked wonders. Eh, Mike and I were originally supposed to go down to the Burren for lack of anything else to do (congrats on the press job BTW), but it was fucking snowing at one o’clock. Snow. In March. -_- Mum absolutely […]

Caira is a darling

She was on the phone with mum tonight and I could hear her from the next room over. She has a bright future as a drill sergeant. :]

Dyke Road sunrise

Last Sunday we had sub-zero temperatures-snow and flash floods across the county, from Clifden and Ballinasloe. This Sunday we had warm, hazy sunshine and people going around in their shirt sleeves. Now it’s dreary, cloudy and cold. Good old indecisive Ireland. Still, yesterday was a magnificent a dawn, such as I haven’t seen in weeks. […]


I was asked by Stevie at work to go and photograph their weekly footie game on Wednesday. It was a fascinating learning experience for me; I can really appreciate the skill and dedication sports photographers need to get their amazing shots. Out of 1326 total photos, I had 103 good photos, and out of those […]



I accidently deleted several hundred photos tonight – Fremont Street and Mariah’s belly from just before I left last June, and I feel physically sick over it. They’re on my NAS, I realised the deletion immediately and unmounted it, so I know I can recover them. It doesn’t leave me feeling any less sick over […]

Awful blown-out selfie

I got bored tonight, took a bunch of photos and came out with a self-portrait that incredibly pleases me find bearable. I want to put it to use somewhere, but I have no service in need of a new avatar. I actually have a photo of me that I like more, but it was taken […]

Spring daffodil

Dublin by night

Photo of awesomeness

I originally set out this blog to be of things I generally found cool, but I’m such a self-centered ass that it turned entirely into a photoblog. One thing in paticular I wanted to cover was everything and anything to do with space. Space as you all know, is an incredibly amazing place that throws […]

In the Burren with the O’Neills

It’s a typical Mark thing to write about a trip long after it’s come and gone-four days in this case. Michelle took me out around the Burren in County Clare, along with her daughter Nicola, and Nicola’s friend Evelyn. We cruised the sights-Ballyvaughan and the Aillwee Caves, Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, Corkscrew Hill, and wonderful […]

Protected: The rant of rants?

I don’t rant much here anymore. There’s two reasons: I offend people enough as it is on a daily basis (I really am sorry, Mi), and anything I say here has this tendency to come back and bite me when I least expect it. Especially about work, I mean there was one time when a […]

Roadkill of Azeroth

Why god, why?

Visa +1


Blog or sleep?

Tough choice, I’ll maybe do both as I’m trashed. It’s been a great weekend, I started my nightclub work for and I’m forced to admit that I enjoy it, for all I ususally hate pubs. The unwashed masses in them are good sports and most of them can’t get enough of their photos being […]

St. Mary’s church, Claddagh

I am in no way religious, but I love the architecture and grandeur and peace of churches. I stopped in to Saint Mary’s church in Claddagh for these and a few other shots. :)

Cats and drugs

Fleabag I hope the day never comes that I find my cat on hash. As it is, when she’s hungry Killer will hop onto the nearest counter/desk/cupboard and start knocking stuff off until she’s fed. Woe is us if she doesn’t like the food. There’s nothing being woken up at 5am to the sight and […]

Nightlife at Club Kennedy, Galway

Photographs shot for


I hate these comments on Flickr. They’re little more than incredibly annoying spam and I’ve taken to deleting them, at the risk of offending contacts. Fie, Flickr needs to let us block comments with images. /rant

Menlo woods

I went to Menlo today for the last time in long while to come:

The forests of Galway

I’m going to admit that I’ve been on an absolute forest binge lately; the spot meter on the 30D really opens up forest/foliage shots, which usually involve complex light and shadow. I’ve made several trips to the People’s Park behind work as there’s a beautiful copse with thinly spread trees and long grass:

Human dross at the old Galway waterworks

I stopped by the old waterworks on the Dyke Road while on my way home from a walk last Saturday. The light was bad-too bright and flat for any kind of interesting shooting-but if we we get a dull overcast or bright sunny light tomorrow I will go back. The waterworks are a fascinating place, […]



I spotted this gorgeous calico again while on my way home from work. :) <a title=Calico behind Tesco in Galway” href=””>

11 days

Today was one of those days where I question my fitness as a partner, a father and a human being. I grudgingly decided in my favour after some very searing self-reflection, and it’s not a day I’m ever looking forward to repeating. 11 days! I’m excited and terrified and sorely wishing I had more of […]

The end of work at Currys

Currys has been a strange eight years of work. I wanted to say “haha, fuckers!” and write up a shocking kiss and tell expose before I skipped off into the sunset- those red signs in the shop? orphans blood, swear on me mum -but that would just get me into trouble. So. Currys is a […]

Coole Park and a rant about Americans

I am the last person who has should take a swipe at Americans. They put a man on the Moon, invented the Internet, and birthed Mariah. But at the same time I admit that there is an unspoken agreement for them to hand in their brains at the immigration desk when they land at Shannon. […]

The inside of Merlin Castle!

Exploration of any ruined structure can be incredibly dangerous, and every care should be taken to ensure your safety. There were no ‘no trespassing’ signs posted outside of Merlin Castle, and the door had already been forced open by local teenagers, so I assume that my crime was, at most, unauthorized access. Given how stoutly […]

I’m in departures

And waiting for immigration to open. Eeeeeeeeee. Stop getting teary for me, please. I’m not dead, dying or have any plans to be seriously ill in the near future. I’m actually in general good health, except for a nasty back pain when I travel by car (I think that’s from a nerve getting pressed on). […]

Whee, I live

Immigration actually went really well this time: “So what do you plan to work at in the United States?” “Oh, as a freelance photographer if all goes well.” “Right…Grealish…photographer…are you related to Frank by chance?” Hah. The first few days were hectic, as I was volunteered (ahem) to help out at the Heaven Can Wait […]


Caira has begun me dada, which is absolutely heartening and adorable, although I have to be either exceptionally good to her before she will do it, heh. “Dada!” “Sweetie?” “Dada…” “Yes?” I get hit with something Heh. Mariah and I went out hiking at Red Rock yesterday morning, it was beautiful, sunny, and with a […]

Caira by the pool


So we visited the courthouse

I’m really incredibly happy in a giggly kind of way and still somewhat taken aback by the surreality of the whole experience of getting married; we stepped out of the car at the courthouse and immediately had ten wedding hawkers flock on us like overgrown pigeons… “Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine!” Eh, I ducked and scuttled […]

Caira the Spartan

Caira makes the greatest faces sometimes!

Freemont Street

I work at a Ferarri showroom

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’m currently working in the Ferrari showroom of the Wynn hotel and resort. It is pretty damn awesome work, truth be told. I work with, and have through the course of my duties, met no end of absolutely fascinating people from America and elsewhere around the world. My only real gripe is […]


Caira’s first birthday

Soon to be under construction

I don’t update parts of this blog near enough, truth be told, so I’ve decided to move the personal portion of it it from the front page, to here. In it’s stead will (hopefully) be a a more focused site with items such as Photoshop actions, galleries, and so on. God only knows how I’ll […]


I hate being sick

While I am definitely on the mend, it has been a week of aches, headaches, nausea, sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. Mariah and Caira haven’t been in much better. Mariah caught the bug first and worst of the family, and Caira has been off her food. Double plus ungood. Photos! We went to Angel Park the […]


Tonight is one of those nights where I would love to hide and play video games, but instead I am here updating my site. I have the night free because Mariah took Caira and went along with everyone to Mount Charleston in order to set up camp for the weekend. I have the house to […]

DJ Duwop at the Beauty Bar

New flyer

I’ll like as not change it all before I go to print, but for the moment I wanted to stay with the same form I used for my business cards, to keep things consistent:


Books and dogs

“What book is that?” “Cyptonomicon.” “Oh, what’s it about?” “Cryptograpgy.” “Oh, what’s that?” “It’s encryption, scrambling.” “Ah, I see. What’s that?” “It’s a form of math.” “What kind?” “Cryptography.” “What’s that?” I was grilled by about my reading material by Teresa at work today, and I can’t tell you which of us was more pedantically-disposed […]

Snacking Caira

Om nom nom.

St. Geoge wedding

I assisted Angela Mildon, photographer, of Las Vegas at a Mormon wedding in St. George on Saturday. The wedding was held at Sand Hollow State Park, a resivoir and recreation area, located just outside of the city proper. The day started and ended early-Angela and I left for St. George before 7am, and were back […]

Caira’s first video game

At the very least, Caira mashed the keyboard in a constructive manner.



Rest in peace, Scooter

You fucking cunt. I don’t care that you love your daughter and would never hurt her, that you own six cats and would never hurt them, that hey, I have this cat here you can have to replace yours, that I’m going through hard times right now, that I’m really sorry, I didn’t notice hitting […]

Oh Linux, how I miss thee

I’ve decided to reinstall Gentoo Linux. It basically came down to a choice between a new MMOG, and reacquainting myself with Linux, and it’s easier to go AFK from a compilation, than from a quest party. Better yet, I actually have a practical reason for it – I want to set up a network file […]

A phoblog without photos is a lonely one

The dry spell is nearly at any end, my laptop’s charger should be here tomorrow. Once it’s here I can finish some very outstanding processing and printing works. But truth be told it’s been nice to hang up the camera for a spell and not have to go snapping the kids or anything else for […]

It was the laptop, too

In a Neal Stephenson-ish twist of fate, I happily connect my Macbook Pro’s new charger and discover that the power socket on the laptop is damaged. …thank you, Apple. Oh, for sure I’m kicking myself for not purchasing Applecare. After eight years in Currys I have a very fine idea of the worth of an […]


The cat was up the tree over it

I mean, literally. Princess took one look at it, then gave me a dirty, disgusted look, and climbed the tree to take a nap. Everyone at home was pretty upset over it. They said we had no room for it, that they wanted it, but that the it we got was too big. But I […]


Merry Christmas?

We’re fit to strangle Caira here. In the past two weeks she’s hit both the crazy twos and her “mine” phase – on one hand it’s impressive that she’s reached this stage at 17 months, and on the other…well… A 17 month old hyperactive screaming “mine mine!” at everything and generally bouncing off the walls […]

It’s funny

I can sit down and bash out a few pages for my story (I will get the latest manuscript out to you, I promise!) without a moment of hesitation, but I draw a blank whenever it comes to talking about me. The trouble therein is that one of the central characters of my story is […]

Children are magical. Precious.

We got home from Mariah’s parents about 40 minutes ago, and set about cleaning up the house after this morning’s excitement. Mariah and I were in our room sorting through finished laundry. We assumed that Caira was with Marilyn in the bathroom as we get glimpses of her in the bathroom, through the ajar door. […]

Christmas Caira

New dog, new car, and a photo

God help us, but we got a dog on Saturday morning, and a new van on Saturday evening. Not too bad. On Saturday morning we were mobbed by evil geese in Sunset Park. Now, I hate Geese of all kinds with a passion. They are the devil’s own pissed-out spawn. After we aroused their hunger […]