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Cats and wizardry.



I miss you guys. :(

Killer poses

Love and ice weasels

Good or bad, it’s never dull. I love you, sweetie.


There’s a storm blowing right now – 100km/h winds. Sleet, hail and rain showers. Power lines coming down. And I had to go to the storm in this. I was wearing waterproofs, boots, hat and gloves, and I still nearly got soaked through. The bit that made the trip worthwhile was passing a nightclub and […]

Bleach bypass

Bleach bypass is a technique used in cinematography to give a film a uniquely contrasted and tinted appearance. Real bleach bypass is a physical process, but it can be emulated with digital filters present in Adobe Photoshop and other tools. Digital bleach bypass techniques are as plenty as the stars in the night sky, but […]

Swans at the Claddagh Basin

I originally went out today to try and photograph waves breaking on rocks at Claddagh beach, but the tide was fully in by the time I got out and the lack of cover at the beach was disheartening. I started out with my big 28-200mm lens at some seagulls, but I wasn’t happy with the […]

Home from Charleville

I had a fantastic time, even if I did my usual thing and lurked away in the corner and avoided talking to anyone. Really, I enjoyed everyone’s company. It wasn’t you…it was me. The low point of the weekend was my flash dying on Saturday morning, I was about as pissed as this as you’d […]

The photographers of Charleville Castle

Having a word with the big man