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Michelle demonstrates her adoration for me

The garden of the moon

I took the first photo at Claddagh beach at sunset today. I am sure you’ve all seen photos like this, the waves washing up over the beach at sunset, and I wanted to try the same. Unfortunately my ND filters are 52mm, so they only fit only my f/2.8 28mm lens. This isn’t ideal when […]

Foggy swans

I overslept and missed pre-dawn, but I got to the beach right at sunrise and was rewarded with this magnificent photo. As I said on the Flickr post, the sky was a pain in the ass to fix: Draw an invisible line between the top of the sun and the right-hand horizon and you have […]

I’m a magnet for weird people

And the bit that gets me is that no matter how absurd or convoluted their fantasies are, they take it with absolute and utter seriousness. When a man walks up to me randomly and earnestly starts trying to argue with me that he saw me somewhere I wasn’t taking photos I didn’t…and then steps backwards […]

The fifty arrived!

My new 50mm lens has arrived! I love it so far. I’m excited at the portrait and bokeh possibilities that is offers. I’m keen on getting my flashgun back from repair, so I can combine and experiment! Killer isn’t the greatest model, but she is what I have:

Back playing with gallery2 again…

I’m giving gallery2 another try out, so I’ve uploaded a few recent photos of Killer (nothing you won’t find on Flickr) to have something at least to try out. It’s nice, and this time around the netpbm module works (lets you resize/create thumbnails). So that’s a small huzzah at least. But honestly and on the […]

St Nicholas Collegiate Church, Galway

St. Nicholas church down off Shop Street, where I put my 18-55, 28 and 50mm lenses all to good use – out of these three photos, one was taken with each lens. The 50mm is great for detail work, the 28mm for capturing a room in detail and the 18-55mm when I’m feeling lazy.

The real ghost of Charleville Castle

I feel very humbled to have won the spooky photo contest from Charleville castle, and come Sunday I will be the proud owner of an Minolta Dynax 404 camera, a lens and some film. Which is awesome as I’ve wanted to try film for a while. Patience rewards when it comes to animals. I waited […]

Science is cool


Simply a Killer

Getting away from the local faces, I took a few photos of Killer (who’s currently wedged between in between the wall and I, asleep), one of which came out perfectly, other than being a tad overexposed. I converted the picture to black and white and then burnt the crap out of it. Simply a Killer

Something old, something new

I’ll start by saying that-I had a mighty time. I really enjoyed myself with the other Boardie. But I didn’t feel inspired at all. I took some photos and then tortured something out of them this morning in Photoshop. I gave rein to the uninspired feeling to see where my subconscious took me, only to […]


I’m sure you’ve heard about this nonsense if you’re Irish. I was going to make a post here to the effect that I didn’t give a shit about it, but the hypocrisy was too much for me, so I’ll moderate it to say: So what? I had my family give me the argument that Croke […]

Polar projection of Eyre Square

You can find some background on this photo here on Assuming you can get through – it’s sad that the site has become a victim of it’s own success that it’s nearly completely inaccessible for large parts of each day because it get’s so much traffic. The photo quality was pretty bad as I […]

The way of photowalks everywhere


Really and fucking truly, it was a waste of a day: The clerk refused the medical because the doctor didn’t tick a box to specify that I didn’t need a given vaccine. They requested from me a form that I was specifically informed on the paperwork that I didn’t need, forcing me to out and […]

So I apparently can’t just “go out”

I’m off to Renville for the evening to take photos and as it stands right now, this is the full complement of what is going with me: Tripod Two cameras Three lenses Polarising and IR filters Cable release for my Canon Flashgun for my Canon Spare batteries for everything Several spare rolls of film

Some comparisons

For all the gear I took with me this evening I managed to forget my gloves, although thankfully the wind wasn’t all that bad once I got away from the sea. Hah. These first four photos are infrared, I really was impressed with how the 28 and 50mm lenses performed – there’s no hotspots in […]

Terryland infrared

I have been on an awesome roll with infrared photos this weekend. I got off work at three o’clock yesterday as there was literally nothing for me to do-I told my manager that I would come in tomorrow morning to supervise our new staff, as I don’t trust them to organise the customer deliveries correctly. […]

It’s amazing and sad all at once

Mariah sent me two videos last night and it was amazing to watch the pride and joy on Caira’s face as she made her way across the carpet and sad that I wasn’t there. :[