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Athenry, Co. Galway

I was in Athenry with my mother and sister this morning. They wanted to shop, so I asked them drop me off by Athenry’s cemetery so I could get a few photos. It’s a beautiful village, I wish I had more time there.

Kilmainham Gaol

I think I’m sick

It started yesterday with stomach cramps, moving on to diarrhea and worse cramps by today. It wasn’t the proudest moment of my life, but it all wound up with me having to sneak into the ladies bathroom in Bewley’s cafe on O’Connell Street at 8 o’clock this morning as the men’s were closed for cleaning. […]

Balbriggan photowalk

My head is killing me, my throat feels like the Rub’ al Khali, and my gut aches like someone kicked it all night. And I am due at work in two hours. Happy joy feelings suffuse me! Back to the weekend. The Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin are a truly magnificent sight for fingers green or […]


I wound up coming home from work sick and going to bed. I managed to scrunch up into a ball in the corner, with my head at some queer angle, so now I get horrible shooting pains if I move my head. Awesome.

Free scanner!

An old HP scanner/printer was to be dumped at work because it’s print feed mechanism has been destroyed, but it scans just fine. I asked for and was given permission to take it home. It will be tomorrow before I get at most of the old photos – Jenn is the keeper of all our […]

Film = Hmm

I’m still unsure whether going backward is the way forward. Oh for sure I love the handling of the camera and the final images – there’s a feel and look to them that digital really can’t match, I guess I can only call it a texture. But godfuck, the wait and the cost. To break […]


I feel much better, a day of sleep followed by two full meals worked wonders. Eh, Mike and I were originally supposed to go down to the Burren for lack of anything else to do (congrats on the press job BTW), but it was fucking snowing at one o’clock. Snow. In March. -_- Mum absolutely […]

Caira is a darling

She was on the phone with mum tonight and I could hear her from the next room over. She has a bright future as a drill sergeant. :]

Dyke Road sunrise

Last Sunday we had sub-zero temperatures-snow and flash floods across the county, from Clifden and Ballinasloe. This Sunday we had warm, hazy sunshine and people going around in their shirt sleeves. Now it’s dreary, cloudy and cold. Good old indecisive Ireland. Still, yesterday was a magnificent a dawn, such as I haven’t seen in weeks. […]


I was asked by Stevie at work to go and photograph their weekly footie game on Wednesday. It was a fascinating learning experience for me; I can really appreciate the skill and dedication sports photographers need to get their amazing shots. Out of 1326 total photos, I had 103 good photos, and out of those […]