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Cats and wizardry.




I accidently deleted several hundred photos tonight – Fremont Street and Mariah’s belly from just before I left last June, and I feel physically sick over it. They’re on my NAS, I realised the deletion immediately and unmounted it, so I know I can recover them. It doesn’t leave me feeling any less sick over […]

Awful blown-out selfie

I got bored tonight, took a bunch of photos and came out with a self-portrait that incredibly pleases me find bearable. I want to put it to use somewhere, but I have no service in need of a new avatar. I actually have a photo of me that I like more, but it was taken […]

Spring daffodil

Dublin by night

Photo of awesomeness

I originally set out this blog to be of things I generally found cool, but I’m such a self-centered ass that it turned entirely into a photoblog. One thing in paticular I wanted to cover was everything and anything to do with space. Space as you all know, is an incredibly amazing place that throws […]

In the Burren with the O’Neills

It’s a typical Mark thing to write about a trip long after it’s come and gone-four days in this case. Michelle took me out around the Burren in County Clare, along with her daughter Nicola, and Nicola’s friend Evelyn. We cruised the sights-Ballyvaughan and the Aillwee Caves, Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, Corkscrew Hill, and wonderful […]

Protected: The rant of rants?

I don’t rant much here anymore. There’s two reasons: I offend people enough as it is on a daily basis (I really am sorry, Mi), and anything I say here has this tendency to come back and bite me when I least expect it. Especially about work, I mean there was one time when a […]

Roadkill of Azeroth

Why god, why?

Visa +1


Blog or sleep?

Tough choice, I’ll maybe do both as I’m trashed. It’s been a great weekend, I started my nightclub work for and I’m forced to admit that I enjoy it, for all I ususally hate pubs. The unwashed masses in them are good sports and most of them can’t get enough of their photos being […]

St. Mary’s church, Claddagh

I am in no way religious, but I love the architecture and grandeur and peace of churches. I stopped in to Saint Mary’s church in Claddagh for these and a few other shots. :)

Cats and drugs

Fleabag I hope the day never comes that I find my cat on hash. As it is, when she’s hungry Killer will hop onto the nearest counter/desk/cupboard and start knocking stuff off until she’s fed. Woe is us if she doesn’t like the food. There’s nothing being woken up at 5am to the sight and […]

Nightlife at Club Kennedy, Galway

Photographs shot for


I hate these comments on Flickr. They’re little more than incredibly annoying spam and I’ve taken to deleting them, at the risk of offending contacts. Fie, Flickr needs to let us block comments with images. /rant

Menlo woods

I went to Menlo today for the last time in long while to come:

The forests of Galway

I’m going to admit that I’ve been on an absolute forest binge lately; the spot meter on the 30D really opens up forest/foliage shots, which usually involve complex light and shadow. I’ve made several trips to the People’s Park behind work as there’s a beautiful copse with thinly spread trees and long grass:

Human dross at the old Galway waterworks

I stopped by the old waterworks on the Dyke Road while on my way home from a walk last Saturday. The light was bad-too bright and flat for any kind of interesting shooting-but if we we get a dull overcast or bright sunny light tomorrow I will go back. The waterworks are a fascinating place, […]