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I spotted this gorgeous calico again while on my way home from work. :) <a title=Calico behind Tesco in Galway” href=””>

11 days

Today was one of those days where I question my fitness as a partner, a father and a human being. I grudgingly decided in my favour after some very searing self-reflection, and it’s not a day I’m ever looking forward to repeating. 11 days! I’m excited and terrified and sorely wishing I had more of […]

The end of work at Currys

Currys has been a strange eight years of work. I wanted to say “haha, fuckers!” and write up a shocking kiss and tell expose before I skipped off into the sunset- those red signs in the shop? orphans blood, swear on me mum -but that would just get me into trouble. So. Currys is a […]

Coole Park and a rant about Americans

I am the last person who has should take a swipe at Americans. They put a man on the Moon, invented the Internet, and birthed Mariah. But at the same time I admit that there is an unspoken agreement for them to hand in their brains at the immigration desk when they land at Shannon. […]

The inside of Merlin Castle!

Exploration of any ruined structure can be incredibly dangerous, and every care should be taken to ensure your safety. There were no ‘no trespassing’ signs posted outside of Merlin Castle, and the door had already been forced open by local teenagers, so I assume that my crime was, at most, unauthorized access. Given how stoutly […]

I’m in departures

And waiting for immigration to open. Eeeeeeeeee. Stop getting teary for me, please. I’m not dead, dying or have any plans to be seriously ill in the near future. I’m actually in general good health, except for a nasty back pain when I travel by car (I think that’s from a nerve getting pressed on). […]

Whee, I live

Immigration actually went really well this time: “So what do you plan to work at in the United States?” “Oh, as a freelance photographer if all goes well.” “Right…Grealish…photographer…are you related to Frank by chance?” Hah. The first few days were hectic, as I was volunteered (ahem) to help out at the Heaven Can Wait […]


Caira has begun me dada, which is absolutely heartening and adorable, although I have to be either exceptionally good to her before she will do it, heh. “Dada!” “Sweetie?” “Dada…” “Yes?” I get hit with something Heh. Mariah and I went out hiking at Red Rock yesterday morning, it was beautiful, sunny, and with a […]

Caira by the pool