Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Books and dogs

“What book is that?” “Cyptonomicon.” “Oh, what’s it about?” “Cryptograpgy.” “Oh, what’s that?” “It’s encryption, scrambling.” “Ah, I see. What’s that?” “It’s a form of math.” “What kind?” “Cryptography.” “What’s that?” I was grilled by about my reading material by Teresa at work today, and I can’t tell you which of us was more pedantically-disposed […]

Snacking Caira

Om nom nom.

St. Geoge wedding

I assisted Angela Mildon, photographer, of Las Vegas at a Mormon wedding in St. George on Saturday. The wedding was held at Sand Hollow State Park, a resivoir and recreation area, located just outside of the city proper. The day started and ended early-Angela and I left for St. George before 7am, and were back […]

Caira’s first video game

At the very least, Caira mashed the keyboard in a constructive manner.