Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Rest in peace, Scooter

You fucking cunt. I don’t care that you love your daughter and would never hurt her, that you own six cats and would never hurt them, that hey, I have this cat here you can have to replace yours, that I’m going through hard times right now, that I’m really sorry, I didn’t notice hitting […]

Oh Linux, how I miss thee

I’ve decided to reinstall Gentoo Linux. It basically came down to a choice between a new MMOG, and reacquainting myself with Linux, and it’s easier to go AFK from a compilation, than from a quest party. Better yet, I actually have a practical reason for it – I want to set up a network file […]

A phoblog without photos is a lonely one

The dry spell is nearly at any end, my laptop’s charger should be here tomorrow. Once it’s here I can finish some very outstanding processing and printing works. But truth be told it’s been nice to hang up the camera for a spell and not have to go snapping the kids or anything else for […]

It was the laptop, too

In a Neal Stephenson-ish twist of fate, I happily connect my Macbook Pro’s new charger and discover that the power socket on the laptop is damaged. …thank you, Apple. Oh, for sure I’m kicking myself for not purchasing Applecare. After eight years in Currys I have a very fine idea of the worth of an […]