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Merry Christmas?

We’re fit to strangle Caira here. In the past two weeks she’s hit both the crazy twos and her “mine” phase – on one hand it’s impressive that she’s reached this stage at 17 months, and on the other…well… A 17 month old hyperactive screaming “mine mine!” at everything and generally bouncing off the walls […]

It’s funny

I can sit down and bash out a few pages for my story (I will get the latest manuscript out to you, I promise!) without a moment of hesitation, but I draw a blank whenever it comes to talking about me. The trouble therein is that one of the central characters of my story is […]

Children are magical. Precious.

We got home from Mariah’s parents about 40 minutes ago, and set about cleaning up the house after this morning’s excitement. Mariah and I were in our room sorting through finished laundry. We assumed that Caira was with Marilyn in the bathroom as we get glimpses of her in the bathroom, through the ajar door. […]

Christmas Caira

New dog, new car, and a photo

God help us, but we got a dog on Saturday morning, and a new van on Saturday evening. Not too bad. On Saturday morning we were mobbed by evil geese in Sunset Park. Now, I hate Geese of all kinds with a passion. They are the devil’s own pissed-out spawn. After we aroused their hunger […]