Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



New year’s blues

I think we’ve all felt a little like Princess over the past few days.

The Geek and You

The portrayal of geeks by mainstream media is a constant source of frustration and anger for me; we’re usually shown (or, in reality TV shows, implied) to be socially inept virgins who live in our parents basements. We pass our time cataloguing our Star Wars memorabilia, correcting people on the proper use of the word […]

IMAP + Growl = Spam

My brain is fried and I can’t sleep

I spend all day staring at numbers and spreadsheets, to the point that I have certain facts and trends burnt into my eyes, wind up working two hours overtime to prepare data and then come home to be mobbed by our own little monster who wants her daily ablutions (”dada, bath!” :). Work is genuinely […]

Real boats rock

Nothing in this universe is perfect, shocking as this sounds. There are times when this blog appears to me to be some kind of self-built fantasy. If you go through entries it can seem like Mariah and Caira are passing figures in my life and we never do anything, because I censor myself before I […]

Best. Idea. Ever.

Stoned Guys Review Films. Seriously. I should go to the patent office right now and file for this. On the bus to work this morning I was sitting next to a stoner who was telling his friend about Cloverfield: ”Seriously…man. It was fucking big. It was going ROAR and…people were dying. Then