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They’re here

The Vikings are here. Grab your loved ones, round up the livestock and run for the hills. Both my mum and my cousin, Josephine, have been visiting us for the last week, and I feel like I’m about ready to run for the hills, if only so I can get a few hours quiet to […]

Visit Photos

Here are three from the mum’s visit, taken on Saturday morning:

So I deleted my front page

Whoops. As it is, though, this gives me the opportunity to replace it with one built using Image Menu that I feel is more functional, if far more spartan:


I’m constantly tinkering with my website and adding new functions, or removing unused functions, as needed. My newest addition is Shadowbox, which is replacing Lightbox. A shocking change, I know. The upswing of the change is that Shadowbox scales the image to fit the browser windows, which gives me the ability to Display Images as […]