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One by the missus

Mariah took this over the Easter holiday and I processed it, which is a fair sign of how active I’ve been with photography in the past few weeks. I even went so far as to offer Mariah my camera, although I got some biting comments for my troubles, to the effect that I’m using it […]


Meriadoc is one of two identical cats (the other being Peregrin) who we got through a shelter a few weeks back. I have absolutely no idea about his breed; he carries traits from several breeds, so he’s a bit of a mongrel. I think he might be distantly related to my other cat Princess because […]

It's official: The internet wins.

Pack up your toys and go home. There’s nothing else to do now that the have been Rickrolled. It all started on April 4 when the Mets put up a poll asking what song should be played for the rest of the year. As fate would have it, there was an ”other” option. Digg and […]

It's April!

In Ireland, it’s April, and with it comes showers, flowers, leaves, bright sunshine, serene foggy mornings and the promise of summer just ahead. Morning walks out to Salthill and up as far as Dangan with my camera in hand and snapping away greedily. Happy days. Come April in Las Vegas and I find that I’ve […]

Caira's sick

Whiny, clingy, green poop, sleepy. All the symptoms are there. :[

Day 2: Falling leaves

Mariah helped out with the water hose and positioning – putting a mist behind the leaf scattered the light in a really lovely manner. Leaves falling…what does it symbolize beyond something falling? To me, not much. Symbolism and hidden messages I will certainly try for in my landscape and infrared work, but detail work like […]

Laptop -1

I arrived at work on Monday and opened my laptop to find a pretty crack in the corner of the screen. As of right now, Solo Photo Book Month is on hiatus, at least until I purchase a new machine. :[

And so, another new theme…

Yes, dear gods, yes. I’m using a tweaked version of the Silhouette Two-Column theme by Brian Gardner. He has some really great themes and you all should go and try them out. Next on my list are my website’s photo galleries, which are all incredibly broken at this point in time. It’s being investigated, I […]