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Halloween cat?

Meet Merry

Halloween weekend…

I, for lack of a better phrase, traumatized half of the fucking neighbourhood children on Friday night. The pants-wetting, hyterical-crying, horrible-nightmare kind of fucking trauma. Mariah was the Good Witch of the North, whereas I was a motherfucker (pardon my French) cloaked reaper who hid in the shadows and leaped out at poor children screaming […]

Reversal of order?

I’ll start with a quick mention of +1 common sense. I expect (statutory) compensatory stupidity in the near to middle future. Frank Herbert once commented that “…the mind commands the body and is obeyed. The mind commands itself and meets resistance.” I occasionally have the opposite problem: I can imagine in detail any number of […]

My tummy hurts

We had cheeseburgers for breakfast and excellent dim sum for dinner yesterday, later followed by a lazy night of lolling listlessly on the couch helping newbies and taking a stab at two-boxing Uldaman. We wiped once because I’m a goober and got a surprisingly large amount of decent blue items before calling it a night. […]

Daddy's moo-cow

Technicalities Soul to squeeze?

Bah. I’ve been told by some that the last post doesn’t count. So. I hate talking about myself on my blog, which is ironic. I’ve always considered it too easy to turn your blog into a self-aggrandizing or self-justifying platform. When you’re a small blog like mine whose regular readership I can literally count on […]

It was a brave sally..

The knights on their silver chargers were well-fortified with alcohol, with a company of archers on the wall to cover their charge they were loud and brash, but their dark-eyed enemy was fierce and grim. All too soon were the knights forced to retreat from the field in disarray with their dead and wounded left […]

That special look

I get the Look about once a month here in Las Vegas, give or take. This is neither a look or the look, it is the Look. A hypothetical observer of the person Giving this Look to me would note the significant import given to this Look and mentally capitalize it. For me though, the […]

Epeen +1

My Shaman hit 50 and beat the crap out of the Scarlet Monastery cathedral solo, which is something that I’ve really wanted to do for a long, long time. Apologies for the quality of the video, but if I try to capture at any higher of a resolution the game (and the resulting video) starts […]

(New) Vistas of Azeroth

Lets give this another try. A while back I posted a series of screenshots under the title Vistas of Azeroth (you can download them here) and decided to rest on my laurels after churning out twenty-four pieces. And, you know, they went down very well with WoW players, to the point that I know even […]

Blackrock Mountain

The views from the balcony, AKA the Heart of the Mountain. These are my last shots from Blackrock Mountain for the time being and (subjectively) the best of my attempts to this amazing view some justice.

Are we [TYPE] parents?

If I could sit Caira down and ask her to list what her favourite things about us are, I think that she would write Daddy says yes on my first line, whereas Mariah’s first line might start with Mummy is mummy No more need be said. Mummy is the one you curl up against to […]

Some Red Hot WTF

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favourite band. Their songs deal with the themes of self-destruction, loneliness, seperation and redemption in a way which I can relate, but for the most part their lyrics are non-sensical rap: Mariah: Mark: Mariah: Mark: Mariah: Mark: Mariah: Mark: Mariah: Mark: Mariah: It always tickles me how weird […]

Oh, the humanity comments!

I’ve accidentally deleted every comment made on this blog in the past two months; if you feel up to it you are more than welcome to repost these comments on their given posts. /homer

Some days you're the piegon, but other days…

Other days, yeah. Mariah has been Big Bear and [[San Diego]] over the weekend, so I dusted off my Warlock on Arthas and decided to grind him to level 50 (from 42) so that he could both fill out his Demonolgy tree and get his Felguard. I just didn’t count on weekend warriors. Immediately after […]

Rain, glorious rain!

Las Vegas is having its first real gloomy, wet weather since the end of last April and I should be happier: This is the kind of glorious wet weather that I’ve missed from home, but I don’t get to enjoy it because of the numerous fuckhead drivers who treat rain as an abberation and just […]

Turkey Day breakfast

Mmm-mmh, doesn’t that look appetizing?

The Outland!

I’ve finally made it there! /glee (Click for the full-sized images) The Dark Portal Shattrath City