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Cats and wizardry.



The Wetlands

This panorama was tedious to stitch as I had to compile the components seperately and then merge them into the final vista in a process that took four hours, not including the time to post-process the image. But once again, I’m happy. There are trees, there is grass and there is a fat full moon […]

Painkillers and chocolate

These combine with Caira’s [[My_Little_Pony|My Little Pony]] toys to form the three pillars of my existence. Untold virtures stem from the combination of their disparate molecules. They make life worth living and I think I need them. She loves those damm ponies, Blue and Red like nothing else. Blue flies and Pink wants to take […]

All quiet on the western front

Honestly, Mariah and I have been playing a lot of World of Warcraft recently. A whole lot. /coughwearelevel61now Ahem. I’ll have more over the weekend.

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Primm, Nevada

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