Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Random self-portrait

Direct to you from Las Vegas: Run away! Run away!



My highest calling

At Cottonwood Canyon Park :)

Passive nonsense

It’s become clear to me lately that I’ve a bunch [[passive-aggressive]] tendencies that’s affecting me as a person: I hate to get into direct conflict with a person because I get intimidated at the thought of having to enforce my will against them. It is easier for me to work around a person than it […]

Sing, O goddess…

the lust of Mark son of Francis, that brought countless ills upon his wife. Mariah is (as of today) nine weeks pregnant and due by the middle of September coming.


Getting back into the habit

About ten weeks ago I finally moved In a (New) World of My Own to WordPress 2.7, but a strange problem occured: I could not make a new post or edit an existing one. My real-life upheavals, lack of free time, and simple lack of interest in blogging stopped me from finding a fix, until […]



I installed [[Ubuntu_Linux|Linux]] – on a laptop no less – and Everything Worked. Everything fucking worked, good as gold, nice as can be. Everything. Fucking. Worked. Sound? Check! Graphics? Check! Sleep/suspend? Check! Wifi? Check! Observe, one hour after installation: It worked. It all worked! Gobsmacking aside, I’m really very impressed at how far (certain) Linux […]

Weirdly poignant

If you feel that your manhood is already dead, call us In my mind’s eye I’m reading this spam message to an acoustic backdrop courtesy of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Maybe Providence. “The preacher man says that it’s the end of time.” Outside, the day is bleak. Dirty clouds sail overhead, scurrying away inland ahead […]

The cat's away! The mice shall play!

Signs of the time include me listening to loud music and sipping an ice-cool Monster energy drink while doing something as wantonly useless as politely answering really stupid newbie questions on a Linux forum. I project that as this rate I will be found snorting lines of coke off a whore’s ass within the next […]


I came across this powerful piece while following random links on a forum. If you have kids, have had kids, or plan to have kids, I ask you to take a gander. Reading it raised questions about religion, God and faith that I’ve managed to deftly avoid for almost twenty years. With one child almost […]


If you are reading this on MySpace, or followed the tweet from Twitter, thank WordPress’ Socialite plugin. It sends out Tweets, it gives alerts, and in the case of MySpace lets me completely cross-post my blog entries. This level of laziness only took uh, oh god, two days of dawn to dusk tinkering? Two days, […]

Gratuitous hotness

Honestly, my blog is more than just monologues.


Or self-censoring? I’ve been going through everything of mine recently – my own website, my Flickr, my other online and offline records, logs and other random crap – and pruning them. Deleting the pure trash, tidying what wasn’t and otherwise auditing almost the only records of my own life for the past few years. Hopefully […]

Some World of Warcraft eye candy:

I was surprised to find that I had not posted this here yet! Nagrand in the Outland:

Idle musings from the edge of out there

Cool breeze off the mountains on my face. Soothing silent shadows surround. No noisome street lights here, only the Big Dipper wheeling ’round Polaris, and Orion rising over my shoulder. A noise? I stop, listen. All I hear is the chorus of ten thousand chirping grasshoppers. What a perfect night. I start walking again. I’ve […]


GET THE CHILDRE….well hi there! So I got a netbook, as you may recall. The webcam works. I didn’t have to sacrifice any mammals to the Threefold Lords of the Not-Earth, forever blessed be their names, or pray to a more mundane deity. Maybe [[Mark_Shuttleworth|Mark Shuttleworth]] really is the devil? I mean, he’s peddling a […]


(01:08:52 PM) Mark: …wait (01:09:12 PM) Mark: (01:09:15 PM) Mark: Add your phone! (01:09:35 PM) Mariah: i cant until phone is charged (01:09:44 PM) Mark: Go drive somewhere for BBW (01:09:48 PM) Mark: Fuck (01:09:52 PM) Mark: BBQ

Pint-sized goofball

Northrend eye candy

I’ve tried to take a few panoramas within Northrend…in World of Warcraft, but the going has been very slow due to some very real technical hurdles – low (1024×600) screen resolution, and a processor that simply wasn’t intended for intensive graphics and photo post-processing needed to create them. Wrestling with 5 FPS and waiting for […]

Makin’ Muffins

This is Muffin. He will destroy you and all whom you love.

Muffin is an evil cat

Mario! Mario! Mario!

After 19 years I still have this fucking advertisement stuck in my head. I’ll worship Nintendo’s marketing as advertising gods for creating a meme that is still lodged in my hippocampus two decades after the fact, but I still want to be…unpleasant…to all of you, all the same. So holy non-existent childhood memories, Batman. The […]


Playing with scammers

Some personal details have been altered to avoid later lawsuits. from Mark Grealish to subject customer service reps/managers (las vegas, nv) Mark Grealish XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX Las Vegas, NV XXXXX USA (702) XXX XXXX Good day, I am applying for the customer service position advertised on the Las Vegas Craigslist. At your […]

Photos – The face that will grace a thousand wanted posters

Photos – Beaver, Utah, dawn

Oh, Utah

Almost everyone I know in Las Vegas is transient – I’m from Galway, Mariah hails from San Diego and my friends Tia and Caron hail from San Francisco and somewhere in rural Indiana respectively. Only my sister-in-law Holli, and my daughter are Caira bonafide, born Las Vegans. You retire here. You come here for in […]


”Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” -Bilbo Baggins, [[The_Lord_of_the_Rings|LotR]]Roads are dangerous. To most people there are a billion different roads in this world. This […]

Photos – Something old, something new

If I (ever) wrote a book…

…what if? I got bored while playing around with images from Beaver.

Caira and Ted in Big Bear town

Just a perfect day?

I cannot but go to a park without getting Lou Reed’s [[Perfect_Day|excellent song]] stuck in my head. Yet again.

Infrared mediocrity

Las Vegas just doesn’t inspire me. :[

Caira and Ted at Sugarloaf

Perspective – up or down?

-Taken by my wife.


So I found work…

I’m leaving for [[Big_Bear_Lake,_California|Big Bear]] tomorrow, for a week of house-building and painting. I’m pumped, excited at spending a whole week in such a scenic part of California with Caira’s grandparents, Ted and Jackie. And then I’m returning to Las Vegas to begin work with a local realtor’s office. That’s all for now. As you […]

Caira at the park in Big Bear


New business card – opinions?

Old man of the forest

Ice cream

It came Caira-approved.

Sawmill Drive

Not scary. Not at all.

Happy 70th Ted!


Big Bear Valley HDR

I wasn’t trying for any specific result with this, but instead just experimenting with acquiring a natural tone:

Squeaker, destroyer of worlds

In a (New) World of My Own

’m taking a break from until I decide on a new CMS to use going forward. Over the last few weeks I’ve grown restless with as it exists right now, until I came to the eventual realization that a fresh start with a new direction and backend was called for. And so we […]

Monkey on the bars

Back to work

Monday, ugh. With my yoke mounted atop my back, I wearily returned to work after my stunningly stunning completely awesome two-day weekend. So. My Monday. I read this thread, made my obligatory smartass reply and immediately started obsessing over writing smartass eulogies for everyone I know. He was a magnificent son of a bitch, I’ll […]


Dinner was comprised of shark, assorted sushi and delicious chicken kebabs. I also ate raw squid and char-grilled eel. Tonight I became a man. And for the second time in as many days I’m completely rebuilding From WordPress 2.7 to 2.8. From WordPress 2.8 to Pixelpost. Christ. I decided to change my site into […]

Back on the air

Okay. Alrighty even. In three days I have torn down and completely rebuilt my site three times, which is understandably a pain in the ass to do, but with this latest rebuild the site is where it should be. I’ve decided to push my photos off onto a dedicated Pixelpost-powered website located at the URL […]

Welcome to…

I spent a few hours over the course of two days hanging around at this famous sign photographing it from different angles and in different ways. From the sides, from the front, from the rear and in normal and infrared light. I came home with about twenty usefully pretty images, of which I’ve so far […]

My new e-flyer


Caira’s third birthday

Caira turned three years old today. The big day began with Caira downing hot mug of coffee and eating a doughnut and ended up with an epic four hour visit to Chuck E Cheese’s for pizza and games where she ran seven adults ragged. Caira surprised me by planing other children. She scared them. She […]


Rise – commute – work – commute – home -dinner – kids – shower – sleep. I get maybe an hour per day to process and upload images and do take care of those essential little tasks for relaunching. I still have to assemble photobook templates, flyer templates, business card templates, and to push out […]

For Mike: Business card faceoff

Here they are, old and new: Old Card: New Card:


So I guess that you and I are both back to the old scheme of attacking each other here. I’ll paraphrase Winston Churchill here: ”…we shall fight on blogs, instant messages, in emails, in text messages and on the forums.” Boo yeah, Mariah. So. Your family, their (fucking) house and their outlook toward us all. […]


‘Tis said of love that it sometimes goes, sometimes flies; runs with one, walks gravely with another; turns a third into ice, and sets a fourth in a flame: it wounds one, another it kills: like lightning it begins and ends in the same moment: it makes that fort yield at night which it besieged […]


Caira and Jelly

Magnificently Mommy-ish Mariah

This is another image from Mariah’s belly shoot, and a pose in particular that I completely adored. With an hour of free time today, I had the opportunity to process it and get it ready for upload.

Daddy’s new toy is here!

Cheap-ass fisheye lens attachment. :D

(Long) Week

The week was long, the clients were many, Mariah got ever more pregnant (two weeks left!) and I had a whole bunch of clients from start to finish. Caira’s wit got ever-sharper, I stumbled round and about in a tired daze and at the end of it all, Photos Were Taken. I had a fantastic […]

Photoshoot: Karmen on her tricycle

Yesterday I met mum Hillary and Karmen at Cottonwood Canyon Park in Summerlin for an early-morning photoshoot. It was fun: the weather was perfect, Karmen mugged wonderfully for the camera and mum Hillary was radiant. We ran for a 90 minutes, changed outfits, posed on steps, rolled in the grass and otherwise everyone had a […]


Come one, come all!

Behold, (New) World Photography’s fliers for the month of September 2009 –


I like Tumblr. The service presents an uncluttered and minimal (ala Twitter ) while simultaneously giving you as much room to work with as you could wish for. Or rope to hang myself with; I have trouble telling which. You (I) have the option to completely exclude my Tumblr page entirely from search engines, leaving […]

You're all welcome to join us!

If you read this and can make it to here on Saturday, September 20th, you are welcome to come!! We’ll have me doing photo portraits, BBQ, cake (woo!), games and probably no alcohol.

This sucks

…really, truly sucks. Hard vacuum-sucks. Mariah and I returned home from Gia and Stacy’s commitment ceremony (if either of you happen upon this post, the photos came out great!) to find her kitten, Jess, lying on the ground outside our bedroom and screeching in agony. We bundled the cat into the car, rushed her to […]

I think I had a breakdown today

A small breakdown. Does fighting back tears while smiling count as a breakdown? I was sorting through the photos of last night’s ceremony when I found one with an odd addition: An adult male who I did not recall being at the wedding. He looked like a man who felt unspeakably downtrodden. You couldn’t see […]

Jess (update)

I’ve spoken to the doctor twice more and she is recommending that Jess undergo exploratory surgery at a cost of $2,500. I cannot think of any way to cover that amount. She needs surgery, but I can’t bring myself to go out and beg for more donations to cover that amount. The best that we […]

I made Caira mad

“Oh, Caira, you’re so cute!” “Oooh, I’m angry at you daddy!” “Aww! That’s adorable. Can I pinch your cheeks because you’re being cute?” “Oooooh. You’re a stupid butt, daddy!” “My Caira’s using big words. C’mere you for a cute hug.” “OOOOOOOH. I’m going to hurt you.” “Does Caira have a boo-boo?” “OOOOH! I’m mad.”

I love Caira

”Oh, Caira, you’re so cute!” ”Oooh, I’m angry at you daddy!” ”Aww! That’s adorable. Can I pinch your cheeks?” ”Oooooh. You’re a stupid butt daddy!” ”My Caira’s using big words. C’mere you for a cute hug.” ”OOOOOOOH. I’m going to hurt you.” ”Does Caira have a boo-boo?” ”OOOOH! I’m mad.”


Six hours in the park. Two clients. Weather was enjoyed. Fun was had by all, save for the window-smashing. Photos to follow. Gia and Stacy’s images are going up now. Buh. Tired. Frakked, even. Mariah brought Jess home. Final bill was $625 (thank you everyone who donated). She had a broken tooth and a cut […]

One for fun before bed

(New) World Photography is proud to present an image which we boldly entitle: ZIPPY DOG IS ZIPPY

(Teh) Beard and Belly

We need a razor and a pin, ASAP!

Females are crazy

I mean, yeah. I married one, didn’t I? My daughter is one and all of my friends are of the fairer sex. But yeah – you’re all crazy. Not even in a ”well ha-ha, isn’t that funny!” kind of way.

Mariah’s in labour

She had a balloon implanted this morning which causes her cervix to ripen and ‘nudge’ her body into entering labour, and so she has been having contractions on and off ever since. Alea jacta est?

Meet my son

Mariah delivered Garrett Gerard Clanton Grealish 3:24PM PST today. Garrett weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces, and measuring 16 inches in length from his crown of hair to all ten perfect toes. Welcome to the world, son.

Garrett Clanton Grealish

Garrett Clanton Grealish arrived at a little before three o’clock yesterday.

The arrival of Garrett Grealish

The new one hasn’t eclipsed the old

This post is dedicated to Caira, who has been necessarily ignored by her parents in the past few days – we’ve been off at the hospital with Garrett. Caira if you happen to read this the year 2020, we’re sorry. :/ We both love you very much, but the last few days have been very […]

Ultraviolet baby is ultraviolet

Home – Hospital – Home – Hospital – ?

The last three (four?) days have been both physically and emotionally exhausting. Garrett came home on Thursday night. Garrett became unwell. Garrett was returned to the hospital on Friday afternoon, upon the orders of his pediatrician, who had serious concerns about his bilirubin levels. It was high – not immediately, dangerously so, but enough that […]

On the swings

Caira loves swings. Period. No swing is too high. No park is too far to trek to for new and exciting swings-even Lone Mountain.

Pink skin, angry eyes

Caira has never been, and never will be a morning person.

The children of the corn

I’m raising the children of the corn: Blue-eyes, blond-haired monsters who have this wicked power to melt my heart. This photo is, I guess, Garrett’s first posed portrait, although it isn’t the heart-warming and cutsey photo of a sleeping baby that photographers and parents have come to expect. Garrett is curious. His eyes jerk open, […]

Caira, Lexi and Becca in costumes

I cut her feet off

This is Mariah three days before delivering…and I cut her feet off. Inexcusable.

Sleeping Garrett

She's a bully

Angela knocked Garrett’s bellybutton off last night. :[


Toddler cosplay


Scout, oh Scout.

Behind the scenes

Photographing your family isn’t all fun and games…

I’m stewing in my own emotional shit

And it feels good.

Happy face

It’s blurry. Eh. LOOK AT THAT SMILE.

Something young, something, silver, something retro

Does it work? Opinions on the back of a postcard to…

Angry Strawhead

Angry Caira is angry?

This relates to Asheron’s Call

Whoever it was that said online games aren’t fun for all the family was wrong. I set the game in order to allow Caira to blast low-level monsters with area-of-effect spells on my mage character. Hilarious nose-picking ensued.

This was my week

The morning of the day on which you wake up and realize that you do not love your wife is a sad one.

A most curious juxtaposition

They’re everywhere. Everywhere. In your home. At the park. On the street corner. In your favourite restaurant, and at your workplace. By the side of the road as it travels over mountain, under valley, through forest, across the barren desert and along the seashore. They are also in every city, every town and every village. […]

The Deadpan Darlings

This started off as just a (really) Photoshopped photograph of Caira, but it has turned into me turning people into zombies electronically. I’ve put out the word on Facebook, and even had takers!


So I have evolved into a family photographer whose focus is candid outdoor photography. I eschew the studio, and scorn conventional angles and styles in favour of the novel and original. And, you know…It’s fun. I’ve (shockingly) discovered that I love working with children. Watching the smiles break out when they see my finished photos […]

The brats

The noise

The noise. The fucking noise. The distracting bloody noise. It is the buzz of a thousand distracting thoughts wedged uncomfortably around my Cerebellum. Grr.

I made Angela cry

She lights up at the sight of my beard.


Newborn Garrett

I found these ten photographs in a Dropbox folder named “gargar,” as part of a gallery system that I haven’t used since at least 2009. I am not sure of the exact date, but I believe it was taken in or around the first week of November in 2009, which would make Garrett six weeks […]

Nine signs of wickedness

Jaclyn Bauer and family

This is from the photoshoot with Jaclyn and her family in late October. I’m still on a black and white binge in my processing. Not ever photo is equal in black and white, but even those photos which aren’t perfect in B&W are here to preserve the set.

Just some family photographs

This will be what you will find gracing my wall upon my return to Ireland. Wait-“return to Ireland?!” Aye. After two years of marriage-two years of laughs, tears, hugs, and fears-Mariah and I have decided that our relationship just cannot continue. To use that favourite phrase of celebrities, we have “irreconcilable differences.” Our relationship has […]

Homage to Muffin

The progression of a smile

Susan and Emi joined me at a small park in North Las Vegas this morning for (literally) a last-minute photoshoot with mother and child. I call this ‘the progression of a smile:’

Now what?

Kinked medieval streets twist bad and forth like the path of a deranged sandworm, their looming stone sides so near to one another than I can nearly reach out on both side at once and touch them. Or so I think. I shiver and step faster. Galway’s shrunken since I was here last. The quiet […]

Emi in pink

The B&W spell has ended!

Raj and family

This represents the output from my very last photoshoot in the United States of America – Raj and his awesome family at Town Center and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas on the cloudy afternoon.

Sunday morning trip to Renville

Other than my stab at the famous Las Vegas” sign, this represents my first serious infrared output in the last couple of years. Mike and Kieran of (and Kieran especially – cheers for the ride!) who both crawled out of bed way too early on a Sunday for a morning of photography at Renville […]

Ella Mary

Meet my niece, Ella, offspring of Joe and Jennifer.

The (Oul) Kingdom of the Sea

I paid Salthill and Blackrock their threatened visit this morning (lunchtime), and in the face of strong winds and high seas I proceeded to face off the wilds on the Atlantic winter weather in order to capture these scenes. Bless me.

Goodnight, sweet prince

“Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet Prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Just catching the gossip

If I do the same thing somewhere new, is it something new? Street photography is something that normally holds little interest to me for three reasons: The famous landmarks of the world have already been photographed to death by thousands and thousands of people. I feel I have nothing to add. My personal tastes run […]

The pity photographer

Going back about a month I started to have this dream repeatedly, maybe a couple of times every week. In the dream I am one of two official staff photographers for Barack Obama. We accompany the man everywhere; to dinners, speeches, meetings with foreign dignitaries and visit abroad. The other photographer, well I don’t know […]

Unnecessarily stark and generic winter scenes

My infrared binge continues, but a trip up the Dyke Road is beginning to show me that even I have my own limits…

No beer makes Homer something something

I’ve alternately avoided sleeping for two days and then slept for almost eighteen solid hours. My family is somewhat freaked out by all of this.

The triptych of disgruntlement

Bad – better – best? You tell me. Shot on the grounds of NUIG earlier this afternoon.

Home from Achill. Thanks to my hosts:

(Yes, I went to [[Achill Island]]) I’d like to thank Julie and her family for both taking me in on Saturday night, showing me around the island on Sunday, and for also putting up with the occasional odd silence from myself.

Inanity on the Atlantic coast

I’ll start with an obligatory props to Julie and her family for taking me around the Atlantic Drive on Achill. I came to Achill Island expecting to be profoundly stirred. I was. From the moment that we climbed the hill to face (for the first time in my life) the full fury of an Atlantic […]

The first new bridge since the last one

From a sodden, wet photowalk on Wednesday last up to Terryland. That old new bridge over the River Corrib.

Bleak day in Galway

There’s been too much bleakness in my life lately, both in front of and behind the camera, so I’ve made some effort to inject a little colour into this scene. Taken during the midst of a rainshower on the Dyke Road near Terryland.

Meno Castle Infrared

I’m still way way within my comfort zone on this, but it felt good doing it nonetheless…

Balancing elements

Into what area does this picture fall? Texture? Form? Purthy reflections? Regardless, I consider this image a technical experimentation – forest scenes are typically strongly contrasted between the bright sky and dark flora and in taking this I set out to try and balance these two extremes through better management of metering, manual control of […]



My new experiment, 360-degree paonoramas of Galway’s Shop Street, shot handheld with the help of Frank’s 10-22mm and then stitched together in Adobe Photoshop CS4. In chunks. On a netbook. Death of a thousand cuts.


Finally I managed to capture my niece Ella as I see her – vulnerable, shy, withdrawn and freakishly adorable. Keeping Ella at the minimum focal distance of a 70-200mm in a tiny sitting room added appreciably to the challenge.

WIP – M&S car park, Galway

It has a whole bunch of stitching problems that I am not going to fix right now, hence its uncropped state:

Seven months of marriage distilled

After about two weeks of putting off my curiosity, I finally subjected my conversations with my wife to a word-frequency analysis, courtesy of Wordle, who produced the shiny image below. To explain the source matter: -The source was 210kb of Jabber (G-Talk) logs from May 18 2009 through to December 4 2009. In order words […]

Cathedral #1

Doughiska castle revisited

Immediately before I left for the United States of America in mid-2007, I paid a visit to Merlin Park Castle/Doughiska Castle, which is currently located on the forested grounds of Merlin Park hospital on the outskirts of Galway City, and with the weather behind me today, I again paid another visit to the magnificent tower […]

One photo – three versions

This isn’t my usual thing, but I’ve come across a photo that I like all my processed versions of. Great. Grr. I went for a brief photowalk on the Headford Road, in the small forest behind the retail park and caught: Contrast. Feck-the-season-lets-blow-out-the-highlights contrast. Wonderful contrast. I’ll leave you with this single scene for now:

To hell with the season's cheer

Today demanded contrast. Minight-dark blacks. Sun-bright, blown-out highlights that will leave your eyes watering. To hell with December cheer!

Bury their paws in the stone

This, for me, became a surprisingly powerful photo. In the midst of Galway there is a building which serves many people in many roles: It is a repository for contemporary artifacts, a dormitory, an art installation, shelter, a meeting ground, a dumping ground, an eyesore, a magnetic attraction, and enthralling and repulsive. And it’s just […]

They're tearing up holes in the house

To wait till those wolves make nice

I’m keeping them coming, one by one… The derelict Esso service station on Galway’s Headford Road.

Best of 2009

Kicked off by the 16 Favourites 2009 thread on, I put together my favourite sixteen images of the last year. Un-surprisingly my family weighed in heavily in the running. Here’s to 2009, guys.

It’s a shitty toss-up

If I keep to the photos, people say ‘ooh, nice photo!’ and I get left like I’m feeling left out, even though I objectively know that this utterly isn’t the case. If I open my mouth and say something I feel like a pretentious prick. Art is subjective! Only you can interpret something! Everybody else’s […]

Storm over Friar's Cut

Squelch squelch squelch squelch squelch. Squelch squelch. click Squelch. Therein was my evening as I visited the Friar’s Cut; the cut canal area where [[Lough Corrib]] flows into the River Corrib. The entire area is a gorgeous bogland/river delta thriving with animal and bird life; I saw several foxes and badgers in addition to a […]

Pay day

I’m afraid of my coming pay day. It’ll be my first in four months. Helpless insolvency and my dependency upon the charity of others has been so much a part of my life in the last months that I am at a total loss as to what to do with an income.

Pond pond pond

Pond, it’s a pond, oh, it’s a pondddddd. A frozen pond. Ice. Solid H20. What more can you or I say? Taken just after local sunset in Menlo village, Co. Galway.

Christmas Eve Eve

I want to do all of those wonderful metaphorical things: Fall off the edge of the Earth, crawl under a rock and fall into the sea. I just want to be done with this stupid, cheerless life.

A foggy Christmas Eve morning

Two months of waiting for the perfect foggy weather paid off on December 24 when I captured these shots of an amazingly cold Galway morning on the Headford Road. In processing the images, I amm torn between two different styles: A harder and colder interpretation or a warmer and far softer view of the foggy […]


As I cannot guarantee my state of sobriety, lucidity or even consciousness in the last hours of 2009, I’ll say right now that the year gone held some of the darkest – and brightest – hours of my life. I stood watch at the birth of my first son and I watched my daughter cross […]