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Cats and wizardry.




I installed [[Ubuntu_Linux|Linux]] – on a laptop no less – and Everything Worked. Everything fucking worked, good as gold, nice as can be. Everything. Fucking. Worked. Sound? Check! Graphics? Check! Sleep/suspend? Check! Wifi? Check! Observe, one hour after installation: It worked. It all worked! Gobsmacking aside, I’m really very impressed at how far (certain) Linux […]

Weirdly poignant

If you feel that your manhood is already dead, call us In my mind’s eye I’m reading this spam message to an acoustic backdrop courtesy of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Maybe Providence. “The preacher man says that it’s the end of time.” Outside, the day is bleak. Dirty clouds sail overhead, scurrying away inland ahead […]

The cat's away! The mice shall play!

Signs of the time include me listening to loud music and sipping an ice-cool Monster energy drink while doing something as wantonly useless as politely answering really stupid newbie questions on a Linux forum. I project that as this rate I will be found snorting lines of coke off a whore’s ass within the next […]


I came across this powerful piece while following random links on a forum. If you have kids, have had kids, or plan to have kids, I ask you to take a gander. Reading it raised questions about religion, God and faith that I’ve managed to deftly avoid for almost twenty years. With one child almost […]


If you are reading this on MySpace, or followed the tweet from Twitter, thank WordPress’ Socialite plugin. It sends out Tweets, it gives alerts, and in the case of MySpace lets me completely cross-post my blog entries. This level of laziness only took uh, oh god, two days of dawn to dusk tinkering? Two days, […]

Gratuitous hotness

Honestly, my blog is more than just monologues.


Or self-censoring? I’ve been going through everything of mine recently – my own website, my Flickr, my other online and offline records, logs and other random crap – and pruning them. Deleting the pure trash, tidying what wasn’t and otherwise auditing almost the only records of my own life for the past few years. Hopefully […]

Some World of Warcraft eye candy:

I was surprised to find that I had not posted this here yet! Nagrand in the Outland:

Idle musings from the edge of out there

Cool breeze off the mountains on my face. Soothing silent shadows surround. No noisome street lights here, only the Big Dipper wheeling ’round Polaris, and Orion rising over my shoulder. A noise? I stop, listen. All I hear is the chorus of ten thousand chirping grasshoppers. What a perfect night. I start walking again. I’ve […]


GET THE CHILDRE….well hi there! So I got a netbook, as you may recall. The webcam works. I didn’t have to sacrifice any mammals to the Threefold Lords of the Not-Earth, forever blessed be their names, or pray to a more mundane deity. Maybe [[Mark_Shuttleworth|Mark Shuttleworth]] really is the devil? I mean, he’s peddling a […]


(01:08:52 PM) Mark: …wait (01:09:12 PM) Mark: (01:09:15 PM) Mark: Add your phone! (01:09:35 PM) Mariah: i cant until phone is charged (01:09:44 PM) Mark: Go drive somewhere for BBW (01:09:48 PM) Mark: Fuck (01:09:52 PM) Mark: BBQ

Pint-sized goofball

Northrend eye candy

I’ve tried to take a few panoramas within Northrend…in World of Warcraft, but the going has been very slow due to some very real technical hurdles – low (1024×600) screen resolution, and a processor that simply wasn’t intended for intensive graphics and photo post-processing needed to create them. Wrestling with 5 FPS and waiting for […]

Makin’ Muffins

This is Muffin. He will destroy you and all whom you love.

Muffin is an evil cat

Mario! Mario! Mario!

After 19 years I still have this fucking advertisement stuck in my head. I’ll worship Nintendo’s marketing as advertising gods for creating a meme that is still lodged in my hippocampus two decades after the fact, but I still want to be…unpleasant…to all of you, all the same. So holy non-existent childhood memories, Batman. The […]