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Come one, come all!

Behold, (New) World Photography’s fliers for the month of September 2009 –


I like Tumblr. The service presents an uncluttered and minimal (ala Twitter ) while simultaneously giving you as much room to work with as you could wish for. Or rope to hang myself with; I have trouble telling which. You (I) have the option to completely exclude my Tumblr page entirely from search engines, leaving […]

You're all welcome to join us!

If you read this and can make it to here on Saturday, September 20th, you are welcome to come!! We’ll have me doing photo portraits, BBQ, cake (woo!), games and probably no alcohol.

This sucks

…really, truly sucks. Hard vacuum-sucks. Mariah and I returned home from Gia and Stacy’s commitment ceremony (if either of you happen upon this post, the photos came out great!) to find her kitten, Jess, lying on the ground outside our bedroom and screeching in agony. We bundled the cat into the car, rushed her to […]

I think I had a breakdown today

A small breakdown. Does fighting back tears while smiling count as a breakdown? I was sorting through the photos of last night’s ceremony when I found one with an odd addition: An adult male who I did not recall being at the wedding. He looked like a man who felt unspeakably downtrodden. You couldn’t see […]

Jess (update)

I’ve spoken to the doctor twice more and she is recommending that Jess undergo exploratory surgery at a cost of $2,500. I cannot think of any way to cover that amount. She needs surgery, but I can’t bring myself to go out and beg for more donations to cover that amount. The best that we […]

I made Caira mad

“Oh, Caira, you’re so cute!” “Oooh, I’m angry at you daddy!” “Aww! That’s adorable. Can I pinch your cheeks because you’re being cute?” “Oooooh. You’re a stupid butt, daddy!” “My Caira’s using big words. C’mere you for a cute hug.” “OOOOOOOH. I’m going to hurt you.” “Does Caira have a boo-boo?” “OOOOH! I’m mad.”

I love Caira

”Oh, Caira, you’re so cute!” ”Oooh, I’m angry at you daddy!” ”Aww! That’s adorable. Can I pinch your cheeks?” ”Oooooh. You’re a stupid butt daddy!” ”My Caira’s using big words. C’mere you for a cute hug.” ”OOOOOOOH. I’m going to hurt you.” ”Does Caira have a boo-boo?” ”OOOOH! I’m mad.”


Six hours in the park. Two clients. Weather was enjoyed. Fun was had by all, save for the window-smashing. Photos to follow. Gia and Stacy’s images are going up now. Buh. Tired. Frakked, even. Mariah brought Jess home. Final bill was $625 (thank you everyone who donated). She had a broken tooth and a cut […]

One for fun before bed

(New) World Photography is proud to present an image which we boldly entitle: ZIPPY DOG IS ZIPPY

(Teh) Beard and Belly

We need a razor and a pin, ASAP!

Females are crazy

I mean, yeah. I married one, didn’t I? My daughter is one and all of my friends are of the fairer sex. But yeah – you’re all crazy. Not even in a ”well ha-ha, isn’t that funny!” kind of way.

Mariah’s in labour

She had a balloon implanted this morning which causes her cervix to ripen and ‘nudge’ her body into entering labour, and so she has been having contractions on and off ever since. Alea jacta est?

Meet my son

Mariah delivered Garrett Gerard Clanton Grealish 3:24PM PST today. Garrett weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces, and measuring 16 inches in length from his crown of hair to all ten perfect toes. Welcome to the world, son.

Garrett Clanton Grealish

Garrett Clanton Grealish arrived at a little before three o’clock yesterday.

The arrival of Garrett Grealish

The new one hasn’t eclipsed the old

This post is dedicated to Caira, who has been necessarily ignored by her parents in the past few days – we’ve been off at the hospital with Garrett. Caira if you happen to read this the year 2020, we’re sorry. :/ We both love you very much, but the last few days have been very […]

Ultraviolet baby is ultraviolet

Home – Hospital – Home – Hospital – ?

The last three (four?) days have been both physically and emotionally exhausting. Garrett came home on Thursday night. Garrett became unwell. Garrett was returned to the hospital on Friday afternoon, upon the orders of his pediatrician, who had serious concerns about his bilirubin levels. It was high – not immediately, dangerously so, but enough that […]

On the swings

Caira loves swings. Period. No swing is too high. No park is too far to trek to for new and exciting swings-even Lone Mountain.

Pink skin, angry eyes

Caira has never been, and never will be a morning person.

The children of the corn

I’m raising the children of the corn: Blue-eyes, blond-haired monsters who have this wicked power to melt my heart. This photo is, I guess, Garrett’s first posed portrait, although it isn’t the heart-warming and cutsey photo of a sleeping baby that photographers and parents have come to expect. Garrett is curious. His eyes jerk open, […]

Caira, Lexi and Becca in costumes

I cut her feet off

This is Mariah three days before delivering…and I cut her feet off. Inexcusable.

Sleeping Garrett

She's a bully

Angela knocked Garrett’s bellybutton off last night. :[