Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



Toddler cosplay


Scout, oh Scout.

Behind the scenes

Photographing your family isn’t all fun and games…

I’m stewing in my own emotional shit

And it feels good.

Happy face

It’s blurry. Eh. LOOK AT THAT SMILE.

Something young, something, silver, something retro

Does it work? Opinions on the back of a postcard to…

Angry Strawhead

Angry Caira is angry?

This relates to Asheron’s Call

Whoever it was that said online games aren’t fun for all the family was wrong. I set the game in order to allow Caira to blast low-level monsters with area-of-effect spells on my mage character. Hilarious nose-picking ensued.

This was my week

The morning of the day on which you wake up and realize that you do not love your wife is a sad one.

A most curious juxtaposition

They’re everywhere. Everywhere. In your home. At the park. On the street corner. In your favourite restaurant, and at your workplace. By the side of the road as it travels over mountain, under valley, through forest, across the barren desert and along the seashore. They are also in every city, every town and every village. […]

The Deadpan Darlings

This started off as just a (really) Photoshopped photograph of Caira, but it has turned into me turning people into zombies electronically. I’ve put out the word on Facebook, and even had takers!


So I have evolved into a family photographer whose focus is candid outdoor photography. I eschew the studio, and scorn conventional angles and styles in favour of the novel and original. And, you know…It’s fun. I’ve (shockingly) discovered that I love working with children. Watching the smiles break out when they see my finished photos […]

The brats

The noise

The noise. The fucking noise. The distracting bloody noise. It is the buzz of a thousand distracting thoughts wedged uncomfortably around my Cerebellum. Grr.

I made Angela cry

She lights up at the sight of my beard.