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Newborn Garrett

I found these ten photographs in a Dropbox folder named “gargar,” as part of a gallery system that I haven’t used since at least 2009. I am not sure of the exact date, but I believe it was taken in or around the first week of November in 2009, which would make Garrett six weeks […]

Nine signs of wickedness

Jaclyn Bauer and family

This is from the photoshoot with Jaclyn and her family in late October. I’m still on a black and white binge in my processing. Not ever photo is equal in black and white, but even those photos which aren’t perfect in B&W are here to preserve the set.

Just some family photographs

This will be what you will find gracing my wall upon my return to Ireland. Wait-“return to Ireland?!” Aye. After two years of marriage-two years of laughs, tears, hugs, and fears-Mariah and I have decided that our relationship just cannot continue. To use that favourite phrase of celebrities, we have “irreconcilable differences.” Our relationship has […]

Homage to Muffin

The progression of a smile

Susan and Emi joined me at a small park in North Las Vegas this morning for (literally) a last-minute photoshoot with mother and child. I call this ‘the progression of a smile:’

Now what?

Kinked medieval streets twist bad and forth like the path of a deranged sandworm, their looming stone sides so near to one another than I can nearly reach out on both side at once and touch them. Or so I think. I shiver and step faster. Galway’s shrunken since I was here last. The quiet […]

Emi in pink

The B&W spell has ended!

Raj and family

This represents the output from my very last photoshoot in the United States of America – Raj and his awesome family at Town Center and the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas on the cloudy afternoon.

Sunday morning trip to Renville

Other than my stab at the famous Las Vegas” sign, this represents my first serious infrared output in the last couple of years. Mike and Kieran of (and Kieran especially – cheers for the ride!) who both crawled out of bed way too early on a Sunday for a morning of photography at Renville […]

Ella Mary

Meet my niece, Ella, offspring of Joe and Jennifer.

The (Oul) Kingdom of the Sea

I paid Salthill and Blackrock their threatened visit this morning (lunchtime), and in the face of strong winds and high seas I proceeded to face off the wilds on the Atlantic winter weather in order to capture these scenes. Bless me.

Goodnight, sweet prince

“Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight, sweet Prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Just catching the gossip

If I do the same thing somewhere new, is it something new? Street photography is something that normally holds little interest to me for three reasons: The famous landmarks of the world have already been photographed to death by thousands and thousands of people. I feel I have nothing to add. My personal tastes run […]

The pity photographer

Going back about a month I started to have this dream repeatedly, maybe a couple of times every week. In the dream I am one of two official staff photographers for Barack Obama. We accompany the man everywhere; to dinners, speeches, meetings with foreign dignitaries and visit abroad. The other photographer, well I don’t know […]

Unnecessarily stark and generic winter scenes

My infrared binge continues, but a trip up the Dyke Road is beginning to show me that even I have my own limits…

No beer makes Homer something something

I’ve alternately avoided sleeping for two days and then slept for almost eighteen solid hours. My family is somewhat freaked out by all of this.

The triptych of disgruntlement

Bad – better – best? You tell me. Shot on the grounds of NUIG earlier this afternoon.

Home from Achill. Thanks to my hosts:

(Yes, I went to [[Achill Island]]) I’d like to thank Julie and her family for both taking me in on Saturday night, showing me around the island on Sunday, and for also putting up with the occasional odd silence from myself.

Inanity on the Atlantic coast

I’ll start with an obligatory props to Julie and her family for taking me around the Atlantic Drive on Achill. I came to Achill Island expecting to be profoundly stirred. I was. From the moment that we climbed the hill to face (for the first time in my life) the full fury of an Atlantic […]

The first new bridge since the last one

From a sodden, wet photowalk on Wednesday last up to Terryland. That old new bridge over the River Corrib.

Bleak day in Galway

There’s been too much bleakness in my life lately, both in front of and behind the camera, so I’ve made some effort to inject a little colour into this scene. Taken during the midst of a rainshower on the Dyke Road near Terryland.

Meno Castle Infrared

I’m still way way within my comfort zone on this, but it felt good doing it nonetheless…

Balancing elements

Into what area does this picture fall? Texture? Form? Purthy reflections? Regardless, I consider this image a technical experimentation – forest scenes are typically strongly contrasted between the bright sky and dark flora and in taking this I set out to try and balance these two extremes through better management of metering, manual control of […]