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Cats and wizardry.




My new experiment, 360-degree paonoramas of Galway’s Shop Street, shot handheld with the help of Frank’s 10-22mm and then stitched together in Adobe Photoshop CS4. In chunks. On a netbook. Death of a thousand cuts.


Finally I managed to capture my niece Ella as I see her – vulnerable, shy, withdrawn and freakishly adorable. Keeping Ella at the minimum focal distance of a 70-200mm in a tiny sitting room added appreciably to the challenge.

WIP – M&S car park, Galway

It has a whole bunch of stitching problems that I am not going to fix right now, hence its uncropped state:

Seven months of marriage distilled

After about two weeks of putting off my curiosity, I finally subjected my conversations with my wife to a word-frequency analysis, courtesy of Wordle, who produced the shiny image below. To explain the source matter: -The source was 210kb of Jabber (G-Talk) logs from May 18 2009 through to December 4 2009. In order words […]

Cathedral #1

Doughiska castle revisited

Immediately before I left for the United States of America in mid-2007, I paid a visit to Merlin Park Castle/Doughiska Castle, which is currently located on the forested grounds of Merlin Park hospital on the outskirts of Galway City, and with the weather behind me today, I again paid another visit to the magnificent tower […]

One photo – three versions

This isn’t my usual thing, but I’ve come across a photo that I like all my processed versions of. Great. Grr. I went for a brief photowalk on the Headford Road, in the small forest behind the retail park and caught: Contrast. Feck-the-season-lets-blow-out-the-highlights contrast. Wonderful contrast. I’ll leave you with this single scene for now:

To hell with the season's cheer

Today demanded contrast. Minight-dark blacks. Sun-bright, blown-out highlights that will leave your eyes watering. To hell with December cheer!

Bury their paws in the stone

This, for me, became a surprisingly powerful photo. In the midst of Galway there is a building which serves many people in many roles: It is a repository for contemporary artifacts, a dormitory, an art installation, shelter, a meeting ground, a dumping ground, an eyesore, a magnetic attraction, and enthralling and repulsive. And it’s just […]

They're tearing up holes in the house

To wait till those wolves make nice

I’m keeping them coming, one by one… The derelict Esso service station on Galway’s Headford Road.

Best of 2009

Kicked off by the 16 Favourites 2009 thread on, I put together my favourite sixteen images of the last year. Un-surprisingly my family weighed in heavily in the running. Here’s to 2009, guys.

It’s a shitty toss-up

If I keep to the photos, people say ‘ooh, nice photo!’ and I get left like I’m feeling left out, even though I objectively know that this utterly isn’t the case. If I open my mouth and say something I feel like a pretentious prick. Art is subjective! Only you can interpret something! Everybody else’s […]

Storm over Friar's Cut

Squelch squelch squelch squelch squelch. Squelch squelch. click Squelch. Therein was my evening as I visited the Friar’s Cut; the cut canal area where [[Lough Corrib]] flows into the River Corrib. The entire area is a gorgeous bogland/river delta thriving with animal and bird life; I saw several foxes and badgers in addition to a […]

Pay day

I’m afraid of my coming pay day. It’ll be my first in four months. Helpless insolvency and my dependency upon the charity of others has been so much a part of my life in the last months that I am at a total loss as to what to do with an income.

Pond pond pond

Pond, it’s a pond, oh, it’s a pondddddd. A frozen pond. Ice. Solid H20. What more can you or I say? Taken just after local sunset in Menlo village, Co. Galway.

Christmas Eve Eve

I want to do all of those wonderful metaphorical things: Fall off the edge of the Earth, crawl under a rock and fall into the sea. I just want to be done with this stupid, cheerless life.

A foggy Christmas Eve morning

Two months of waiting for the perfect foggy weather paid off on December 24 when I captured these shots of an amazingly cold Galway morning on the Headford Road. In processing the images, I amm torn between two different styles: A harder and colder interpretation or a warmer and far softer view of the foggy […]


As I cannot guarantee my state of sobriety, lucidity or even consciousness in the last hours of 2009, I’ll say right now that the year gone held some of the darkest – and brightest – hours of my life. I stood watch at the birth of my first son and I watched my daughter cross […]