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Day 1: Welcome to 720nm and a year of photography

Welcome to 720nm, and the first post of the year: The People’s Park, Galway City, Ireland.

Day 2: Catching up on the chat

Day #2: Catching up on the sales. Taken at Stop Street, Galway City, on December 24, 2009.

That new year's shine

[face_sheepish] Well hi there, readers. It falls to me to harken the arrival of 2010 on January 3rd. 2009, for all its darkness, ended on an upbeat and optimistic note that continues to resonate in the first few days of 2010. I’ve taken on a project for 2010: 365 days of photos, of which I […]

Day 3: Forthill Cemetery

Day #3: Forthill Cemetery. Taken at Forthill Cemetery, Galway City, on January 3, 2010.

Day 4: ‘Round Polaris

Day #4: ‘Round Polaris’ eye. Taken at Dangan, Galway City, on January 3, 2010.

Day 5: Bubbly!

Day #5: Bubbles frozen in ice. Taken in Renmore, Galway, City, Ireland on January 3, 2010.


Day #6: A lightning storm interrupts some star trails over Galway Bay, Ireland. Taken on January 5, 2010. Interesting piece of trivia: The celestial equator runs roughly through what is the middle of this image.

Day 7: The purple tunnel of love(ly stars)

Day #7: My self-learning of star trail photography continues over Dangan in Galway, Ireland. Taken on January 6, 2010.

Day 8: Back to Earth

Day #8: Frozen grass and leaves at the People’s Park, Galway, Ireland. Taken on December 24, 2009. I did not forget about yesterday’s post. Well, okay, I did kinda. I slept early and didn’t wake up until almost midnight. About all I could do at that point was to slap up the image on […]

Urgh, moi

It is arm-length-self-portrait time! I’m on the job hunt, so should I: Shave the beard off, keep the beard, or alter it?

Day 9: Hope

Day #9: Hope. Taken on January 9, 2010. A little less back-to-Earth for today. I feel like all of my recent photos have been too dark – either a metaphorical dark in the sense that I put emphasis on the sheer starkness of a scene (see <a href=”>day 8), or a literal darkness in that […]

Day 10: Juxtapositions

I may as well admit here that keeping three separate sites –, and – in sync regarding photos is a total pain in the ass. Doing it on a daily basis for my ”365 days of photos” just compounds the problem. Grr, etc. Day 10: Juxtapositions. Taken on January 10, 2010. On […]

Day 11: Another Gorgeous Tree

Another gorgeous tree on the road to Menlo, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Day 12: Large and in charge

Day 12: Large and in charge. Taken at Menlo village on January 10, 2010.

Day 13: Still stuck in haunted forest land

Day 13: Still stuck in haunted forest land. Taken near Menlo Village on January 10, 2010. I have to admit that this grove of trees near Menlo Castle intrigues me. The trees twist and turn like the broken limbs of the dammed quailing under concerted blows….aren’t I just the cheerful sort?

Day 14: Where all boats come to rest

Day 15: Where all boats come to rest. Taken at Menlo Village on January 10, 2010. This is my last photo from the snowy weekend, honest. The last few days have been so choc-full of drama that I

Day 15: It is now day 16

Day 15: It is now day 16. Taken on January 15, 2010. It is now 1:04am on day sixteen and I have missed my first day. This is inexcusable – I spent most of today sitting in front of my computer working with photographs.

Day 16: Sheer mundanity

<img src=”” alt=”Day 16″ Sheer mundanity” /> Day 16: Sheer mundanity. Taken on December 10, 2009.

Update: Site has been…updated

I apologize if anybody has reached in the last 72 hours and instead discovering the expected photo-y goodness were instead greeted by a nefarious 404 error. I was busily engaged in moving the domain and associated content from its old home at 1&1 in the U.S.A. to its new one at Digiweb in the […]

Day 17: Welcome to ‘I miss my kids’ week

Day 17: Day 17: Welcome to ‘I miss my kids’ week. Yeah, I miss my kids. During the week coming I will be travelling to Dublin in search of work. In that time I’ll be mostly out of touch with the internet and unable to research and upload a photo of the day. To sidestep […]

Day 18: Master and apprentice

Day 18: Master and apprentice. Taken on September 13, 2009.


Day 20: Skipped

Day 21: Skipped

The :10 side of it

Well shit. HAY GUYZ Not that anyone reads this, but still: HAY GUYZ You know, seriously. Nobody even looks at this site (except maybe my wife?), so for me Tumblr/ has become this dumping ground where I can freely monologue without fear of being interrupted by a lesser, uncomprehending mortal. Mostly my vomit is visual […]

Day 22: Skipped

Day 23: Gar Gar

The end of “I miss my kids week”

This last week was a total failure on my site due to my trip to Dublin, but I did manage to take one good lesson out of it: Plan ahead. Prepare. Take one evening to find, adjust and upload photos for the week ahead, which I am doing right now. This week is dedicated to […]

Day 24: Welcome to “well…it’s a forest” week

Day 25: Texture

Day 26: Texture #2

I’m forced to admit that I am disgruntled by the top two-thirds of this image.

This is a story about shit and Jesus

Oh, America(ns) Disclaimer: I have nothing against America or Americans. I married an American. My daughter and my son are both American. I lived in America for two-and-a-half years. Something like a full half of my friends are all American. So long as we all stay away from topics such as America’s healthcare, politics, immigration […]

Perspective correction

This photo is technically terrible. The stitching is lazy and parts of it are either blurry or outright out of focus. But I don’t care: This photo does its job as both an exposure control test (balancing highlights and shadow) and an experiment in handling perspective correction – in Photoshop – by hand. As a […]

Day 27: Blue dawn

Day 28: Silver and Blue

The composition of this image is horrible, but I simply could not refuse the colours.

Six more from the People's Park

(dot dot dot) These aren’t part of my 365 days of photos, but are instead a bunch of related photos I want to toss out: Dark and foggy. Lovely.

Day 29: Exposure win!

Can I say ‘win!’? Yeah, I can. I’m ordinarily humble about my photographs. I see them in terms of their flaws; softness, blown highlights, uneven horizon, blur and underexposure are what leap out of me when I review them. Recently I have been working on the ‘exposure’ part of matters by trying to nail down […]

Day 30: People’s Park outro

Day 31: Skipped


Day 32: Gratuitous Contrast Week begins now!

I missed yesterday. I was at the bottom of a pit of depression and self-loathing, so the photography had to wait. A serious pit of depression and self-loathing. I was on the teetering verge of cutting myself out of an effort to feel something. #mang Okay. Well, welcome to Gratuitous Contrast Week, a week of […]

Day 33: Fracture

Day 34: Season’s cheer?

Then on. Then on. Then on.

I was experimenting with making my digital canvas a wee bit larger. Some would say that I embiggened it.


Day 35: Then On.^3

Laziness manifests itself. I have created a ‘corrected’ version of an image from yesterday. This version has been properly stitched, sharpened and cropped. My ultimate intent is to have this stitch printed in a floor-to-ceiling format (an eye-popping 27×64 inches!) and mounted in my hallway. When I have a hallway.

Day 36: Meh?

Meh? Galway City

Day 37: Reconsideration, Doubt.

I hate this photo.

Day 38: Over the bridge

Day 38: Over the Bridge

Day 39: Home

Home, home, home, Galway City, Ireland.

Day 40: The New Bridge

Day 41: Terryland Castle

I love this view almost more than any other.

Tilt-Shift Tomfoolery

I got bored. See <a href=”>this guide for more information on faking a tilt-shift scene.

Day 42: Terryland Castle Detail

Here’s some detail of Terryland Castle, Galway City, Ireland.

Dramatic infra-portrait!

Who is this dramatic silhouetted figure?

Polariser Test

I <3 my B+W circular polarizer.

I Give Up

I truly give up on this image. I’ve been cropping it and chopping it and dodging it and burning it every which way for seven hours. I can’t produce anything I liked, for all that it looked truly amazing in-camera.

My photography is taking a break

Effective as of two days ago. Thank you all and goodnight. I feel that the effort preparing, uploading and managing images on this blog has been inordinate compared to the return, so I am moving my photoblogging efforts to a new, Misadventures at 720nm. It is being powered by dedicated photo-CMS called Pixelpost and has […]

Day 43: Blazing with Light…

This image is not a redeux of my polarizer test.


“Good news, everybody!” -Hubert Farnsworth. There are changes being wrought: My blog on (New) World Photography is being suspended for the foreseeable future. A new (dedicated) photoblog named Misadventures at 720nm will be replacing it. Tumblr will be taking up some of the additional the burden of any text blogging. The reason for 1., 2. […]

Day 44: 180 Seconds on Prospect Hill

Taken on Prospect Hill, Galway City, Ireland.

Day 45: The Old Home Street

Day 46: Mediocrity

Day 47: Dunguaire Castle

Woo. Dunguaire Castle. Ireland’s Most Photographed Castle.™ ”Work it baby!”

Day 48: Tyrone House

Description as promised: Tyrone House The long and short of the house is that is is shockingly fantastic ruin to photograph, in any weather, day or night. Tyrone House is….ruin porn. Sexy ruin porn.

Ballycurrin Lighthouse

The best link I can find regarding the lighthouse:

Ross Errilly Friary

Spectacular Ross Errilly Friary, near the town of Headford, Co. Galway. I couldn’t think of a good way to crop this…so I didn’t. Suggestions, please.

Ballykine Castle

Old old old

Day 49: Squeee!

I am a shameless cat lover, and this duo (as we can all tell) is composed of two disgustingly adorable cats. Cats of the adorable kind. From the signs – literally; I saw the trail of paw prints – I gathered that they get fed at the local service station when they aren’t in the […]

Ross Errilly Friary – Visible Light

I have to admit that sometimes I want variety – the opportunity to break matters up a little by just taking a simple snapshot and uploading it (almost (dust fixes)) unmolested. So here you go: Ross Erilly by the light of day.

Ballykine Castle interior

This fortress is one of the most interesting structures in Ireland: The outer parts of the the outpost’s fortifications date from around the mid-1500’s, but the inner area – this room – date back to a time almost 900 years earlier. I mean, it is surreal. The setting – tumbledown walls covered in moss positioned […]

Day 50: Ballykine Castle Exterior #2

This is my last from Ballykine for now. This photo was a pain to process. FML?

Laziness binds me

I want to find some way to easily connect my Pixelpost uploads to here – – but laziness constricts me. I already make uploads to three separate sites: Misadventures at 720nm, Flickr and Redbubble. Effectively pushing out a fourth separate update is really pushing the bounds of personal ingenuity. I would personally love to […]

Day 51: The Coach Station

I’m starting to feel like a glutton for punishment for putting together these massive infrared stitches. The master PSD file of the above image weighs in at a staggering 9257×4198 pixels and takes up 513mb on my hard disk. This is also my first stab at high-pass sharpening in…maybe two years?

Day 52: Small Church, Big Sky

The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas, Galway City, Ireland. I am sorely disappointed by the cars on the foreground, but the time of day/light made it unavoidable. Unless I hold off for Easter Sunday. Feh.

Thinking aloud

This morning I discovered Twitterfeed, generated sitemaps for This Too Shall Pass and Misadventures at 720nm. Considering that I interspersed these activities with showing my niece The Duck Song, I made out pretty well. So. I now have a way to push out content from Misadventures to Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have it pushing […]

Day 53: Random Tower House

I would love to give more information on this tower house, but I am trying to get two days of photos prepped and uploaded on 18% battery life, because I left my charger at my sister’s home. D’oh.

Day 54: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Newbies to this photograph from sunny Las Vegas: Enjoy.

First exhibition – confirmed!

w00t! I’ll be exhibiting infrared architectural and landscape photographs from around Galway city and count between August 9 and 30, 2010 at Galway City’s main library branch at Augustine Street. Come one, come all!

Day 55: Tyrone House Cellars

Day 56: The Galway Museum

Soooooon… Yes, my pretty.

Day 57: Skipped

I had a trip to Dublin today which left me with such a headache as I had no inclination to look at photographs. Tomorrow. Honest. I will maybe be going to Clifden.

Day 58: Church of Ireland, Clifden

I was in Clifden today pursing work (and photo) opportunities.


My day ended with delicious BBQ skewers. Yum. The rest of yesterday and today involved around busing hither and thither around the country. In Dublin I picked up this Manfrotto tripod and head on an extended ‘try before you buy.’ The combination is seriously delicious. Over Christmas and the new year I used Frank’s Manfrotto, […]

Day 59: Clifden

For Saturday’s image, I have a spectacular view of Clifden and environs from atop the D’arcy monument outside of the town.

Day 60: Shop Street, Saturday

Look familiar? :)


Day 61: Galway’s Courthouse

I really am not satisfied with this photograph. I was hoping for a little more punch, in truth.

Day 62: Running Late

As I post this I am running a full day late on my uploads; Monday’s went up on Tuesday and Tuesday’s on Wednesday. So expect another photo later today.

Day 63: Church of Ireland, Clifden #2

I’m now caught up to the present day. :)

Day 64: Sexy infra-porn?

Blurb to follow. :)

Renville through the seasons

Day 65: Driveway near Renville, Galway

Day 66: Nun’s Island, Galway City

After four years of trying, I think I have finally nailed this image.

Sandymount Strand #1

Three cheers go to Alex Lyons of Dublin, Facebook and for taking me out there to photograph the power station.

Sandymount Strand #2

Cheers again, Alex!

Sandymount Strand #3

Watch this space. I will have the CR2 master file, an annotated master PSD file and a Lightroom adjustments file (.xmp) up for download once I have FTP access.

Day 67: The Ghost of Renville House


Glendalough #1

Read and enjoy. Will of arranged a pre-dawn trek to Glendalough in Co. Wicklow this morning. I cannot, for the life of me, remember anyone’s names, but there were eleven of us in total, and great shots all around were taken. :)

Glendalough #2: Infra-group portrait!


Day 68: The Pigeon House

I have to say, I love how my photographs of

The Weekend, Shite and Other Nonsense

I have to admit I had a fun weekend, crushing stomach illness aside. A fast, frightening and fun whirlwind tour of Dublin and Wicklow. Breakneck, breathless over-my-shoulder photography as I swooped from location to location in Ireland’s capital. Okay, I’m kinda talking through my arse. I shot at two locations: Poolbeg power station at Sandycove, […]

Day 69: How’s my reflection?

This is maybe my last photograph from Glendalough for the time being; I’ve been tinkering with it all evening to try and inject some more contrast between the foreground stones and background vista without resorting to something as obvious and blatant and dodging and burning.

Day 70: A Grand Old House

Day 71: A New Take on the Old Hospital

Move along home.


Misadventures at 720nm is moving up in the world! I’m giving two public talks on photography over the course of the next three weeks; the first talk will be publicly held at the Galway Camera Club in Galway City on this Thursday coming and the second is in Dublin at a venue yet to be […]

Day 72: Skipped

My wife the photographer, my son the model

…and daddy the Photoshopper. Good work, both of you.

Day 73: White Forest #1

Mike and I ventured up to Galway’s Slieve Aughty mountains to visit the wind turbines south of Loughrea town. We climbed. We drove around and got lost. We fell in bog holes. And occasionally we took photographs.

Day 74: White Forest #2

Another shot from Derrybrien in the Slieve Aughty Mountains – this time rendered in visible light.

The master…

The amateur worries about their equipment. The professional worries about money. The master worries about the light. .

Day 75: Five Views of One Wind Turbine

Day 76: This Blog Needs More Caira #1

I am currently in Wales for photography, so here is Caira. :)

Day 77: This Blog Needs More Caira #2

I’m still in Wales, so here is a photo of my beautiful, smiling, happy Caira. :)

Day 78: Wales Preview #1

Here’s #1 from Wales. Remember that I will be holding a presentation and slideshow at the Galway Camera Club tonight, from 8pm; I’ll be showing off more from Wales there.

How’s my HDR work?

Following on from yesterday’s image, I went the full HDR hog with this photograph. Then the full contrast hog. And then the full colour hog. Opinions, flames?

Day 79: Hand Holders

Another shot from gorgeous Dinas Mawddwy, Wales.

Day 80: Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

If you crick your head just so it will all straighten out nicely.

Bland B+W

I feel completely disgruntled with this photograph; in my eyes it is a collection of flaws capped with an absence of any drama whatsoever.

Day 81: A Pathetic Admission

Welcome to day 81 of 365. Over the last week I’ve started to come around to the idea that while infrared has been a fantastic medium that has consistently allowed me to basically craft my vision into an image, the resulting quality of photograph has been sub-par. I’m talking of things such as overall crispness, […]

CMOS -> 35mm

Over the last week-basically since Wales – I’ve started to reconsider my choice of photographic medium. I love, truly and absolutely adore infrared photography for its ability to capture the world, but differently. My problem is when it comes to the recording medium: I’m really not satisfied with the results from my digital Canon kit. […]

Day 82: Studio Grealish

Stunningly elaborate, innit?


How do you go about taking candid/street/general people photographs when you have trouble making any emotional connection with other humans?

Day 83: A Tree Goes Through It

Random tower house just outside of Loughrea, off the Dublin Road.

Day 84: Umm. Hi.

Another shot from my visit to Lough Hackett. This is all very last-minute so I’m not really sure what to say. Hi?

Day 85: Skipped

I unfortunately missed yesterday’s target due to an unexpectedly long trip down to Edenderry to pick up a bunch of darkroom equipment that was very generously donated to me by Tallon. Three cheers where cheers are due!

Day 86: @icedcoffee

Today saw the big Galway photowalk and the fifth annual Irish Blog Awards at the Radisson SAS, Galway City. It was mighty, mighty craic all around – I blew threw two rolls of Ilford HP5 400 ASA (expect images in another week) and took in a different kind of infrared image: Long-exposure portraits. In the […]


At this point in time, I don’t think it is it is any secret that my wife and I are estranged. There’s the whole “well we live on separate continents” thing that’s being going on for a few months now. In that vein I’m going to confess that one of the most frustratingly repetitive phenomena […]

Day 87: Photowalkie amazingness

Photographs like this make me realize just how much of an amazingly great photographer I am.

Galway infrared photoshoot. Need bodies. :)

I need a model: What? Honestly. I need warm bodies. Male or female; young or old; thick or thin: I will still take you. Why? Long-exposure (infrared) crowd/portrait photography. When? Where? Shop Street, Galway City, Ireland. Saturday April 4, 2010. Tell me more… I have been working on and off to get in long-exposure crowd […]

Day 88: The Last of Lough Hackett

This really is my last photograph from Lough Hackett down in Co. Galway. Although this image isn’t substantially different from the other three photographs I’d honestly judge it to be the least bad of the four. In other news: If you planning to be in, near or even remotely adjacent to Galway City at the […]

Day 89: Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

For the record, that hillside was beautiful murder. I wasn’t far off a heart attack. Sometimes, quality be dammed, I just want riotous, glorious colour on my blog to help off set the gloom and contrast of my regular style. To use a cringe-worthy analogy this is a painkiller to a black-and-white headache. Etc. Regardless, […]

Adventures of a B&W film photographer

AKS: This is why I sometimes hate Galway. I canvassed Galway City’s developers and otherwise renowned photographic centers with the following question: “Would you be able to develop this roll of film to just a negative and then supply the images on CD? I don’t need prints.” Developer #1 Well, no, sorry. We don’t develop […]

Day 90: Ninety days. 9-0. Nine zero.

With maybe the exception of raising kids (and work of course) today officially marks the longest period of time that I have dedicated to a single project. I have an infamously fickle attention span: I am literally that guy who’ll say “ooh, shiny!” and run off while in the middle of a conversation. Yeah, I’ve […]

Day 91: Infra-*

Just like the Feministas of Futurama, I have to bite down on the constant urge to prefix all of my photographs with “infra-.” Infra-hotness. Infra-sexiness. Infra-kinda-dark-and-out-of-focus. Okay, usually it works. Behold: Menlo Castle. But with less contrast than usual.

Day 92: Infrared Photography is Dead

Through. Finished. I…well where do I start? It’s been fun. Misadventures at 720nm, my infrared blog, represents a real learning experience spread out over the past few months. I’ve learned the spectrum, the light, what’s interesting and what\’s boring, but at the end of it all: The boring wins. I’ve done it all, and I’ve […]


Day 93: Connemara. Roads. Sky.

Nothing to report here. Keep on moving. (Taken in Connemara last Sunday while out for a drive with Rory Wallace.

Day 94: Hill-of-Doon-Tree

No useful caption today.

Day 95: The Quadrangle

I paid a visit to the quadrangle at NUIG, today. :)

I was wearing a Batman t-shirt

Day 96: Skipped

This is the result of total procrastination on my part, I am sorry. While I am here: With the exception of a planned street shoot mid-week I am taking a one week break from infrared photography. I love it…but I need the break. I feel a little like I\’ve fallen into a rut over the […]

Day 97: This is where I live

I’m still enjoying a break from infrared.

Buy my laptop?

In typical Mark fashion I tried to give the keyboard on my Netbook a thorough cleaning and wound up breaking it somehow – I am not going to speculate on any cause beyond my typical carelessness and proclivity toward dramatically mundane events. Regardless, a replacement keyboard has been ordered for my Netbook (

Day 98: Rest in peace, Danny

Danny O’Brien, one of the cornerstones of the photographic community, shockingly and unexpectedly passed away today. Danny, you were a gentleman and a true photographer. You will be sorely missed by your friends and family alike.

Day 99: Am I Not…Resplendent?

I couldn’t really think of anything better to put up for today; seeing as I slept until 3pm (:|). Yes there is bellah in the picture. Lots of bellah. The pose came because I was holding the cable release.

Day 100: Attitude Adjuster

ph34r h3r (Huge thanks goes to geekygirl of for taking the time to pose).

Day 101: Nothing Ready, So…


Day 102: Skipped

No photograph for Sunday April 11, 2010.

Day 103: How’s My Contrast?

I’ve been working out on my contrast. How does it look?

Day 104: Well…I’ve been a bad boy

This is the post due two full days ago, whoopsie me. I…well I had one of my “bottom out” days where I pretty much just sat in a chair and stared at a wall for fourteen or sixteen hours. Yeah, sorry. They don’t happen too often.

Day 105: Stone calls stone

And here is yesterday’s image, an experiment in some new contrast techniques. Enjoy!

Day 106: Shop Street (Again)

He looked dodgier than me

Day 107: An Apology

I’ve really neglected my photography and by extension my 365 days project in the past week. You see, I’ve (re)discovered the wonderful magic happy-place known as Diablo 2, and the being able to sit down and mentally switch off for a few hours at a time. Or two days, in my case. Ho hum. All […]

Head banging

I feel totally frustrated, photographically and personally. Head, meet wall. Wall, meet head. Ah fuck this. I’m going for a walk.

Day 108: Not the one I had planned for…

Day 109: Infrared Walkery

How is my processing?

In some regards, they suck

Waking up each morning (afternoon) is like a fierce struggle to swim up to the surface in a deep pond right as something keeps trying to drag me back down into sleep.

Not infrared. Just more messing.

How is my processing? I’ve been trying a new workflow in Photoshop.

More tomfoolery: Asymmetry

More experimentation in my new workflow: This image has a strong asymmetry that I really have to admit I enjoy.

My Photoshop sliders go up to eleven


Day 110: A request fulfilled

I have one reader who keeps asking for more colour; today is their birthday, and a bad day at that, so here you go. :)

Day 111: Congenital Optimist

A very Cultured fellow indeed.

Day 112: More Testing

Day 113: Blatant filler

Maybe pretty filler, but still…

But I just want to…sing!

This has been my Friday so far. I want to sing, but I keep getting distracted.

Day 114: And then there was some bloke just standing there…

Really, now!

It began as a happy accident…

…but it wound up that I really enjoyed the final finish. Opinions, please?

Day 115: Sky need not apply

After three hours, I gave up. Ardfry House, Oranmore, Co. Galway.

This is a HDR image

Notice the controlled highlights and shadows. Notice the lack of eye-watering tone-mapping. This is a High Dynamic Range photograph.

Day 116: Censorship starts early


Ardfry House

I feel like fecking George Lucas; here I am replacing a previously uploaded photograph with a completely reprocessed photograph. After I made last night’s upload, I reviewed the source images and found that I could have done so, so much better in its handling. So I took the eight hours needed to perfect it.

Day 117: Filler

Come back tomorrow.

Day 118: Filler #2/Ardfry House Detail #2

Today finds me on a schedule, so here is another detail shot from Ardfry House to tide you over.

Day 119: Can’t be arsed…

Here is a little slice of that little slice of Ireland, Loughrea: Their library. I plan to go back tomorrow and shoot the rear of the building at length, as it is just simply gorgeous.

Loughrea Library

I threw the image up as-is last night, but this morning I took the time to sit down and finish with it. There are a whole bunch of little flaws all over the photograph, but they are thankfully not obvious at this small size.

Day 120: Magic 8-ball says “come back tomorrow”

This is looking great, for the record.

Day 121: Nearly, but not quite, unmolested

It’s my 365; I’ll make and break rules as I please. This photo really hasn’t been molested you know? Stitched, tidied up and all those unpleasant bit swept behind the proverbial curtain. Nothing to see here.

My oh my

It may be high time to dust off this site. Pixelpost over on threw in the towel.


Update: 2010-05-03 00:37

As I said back in January, I am a fickle man. Here I am back with WordPress, back with my old blog again. The Pixelpost powering imploded on Friday afternoon after I updated my timezone. A trivial change completely wiped out all of my settings and broke the database. Piling this on top of […]

Day 122: Barad-dur

Day 123: Skipped

Day 124: The point at the point

Day 125: Stars

Due to my busy day ahead I will not have another opportunity to create and upload an image, so you get this now: Stars, just celestially south of Polaris, over Loughrea.

The night sky over Loughrea, Ireland

The yellow flower of farewell

My “flower” is technically a weed, but that’s the entire point. I’ve officially announced the shuttering of…over on No more, farewell, etc. My flower-weed is at the behest of a woman who has been nagging me for flower photographs for months. Enjoy, woman.

Day 126: Serenely pleasant

Or pleasantly serene, depending on your outlook.

Day 127: 100kph

Something quick for today; I caught this on the main road just outside of Loughrea against the backdrop of some spectacularly dark skies. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the sign looks significantly different at infrared wavelengths!

Space Station, International

Woo! I finally went out and captured the [[International Space Station]] in an image, from the green outside of the house. I’m pumped at this, really!

The field

Sad Mark is sad. The clouds rolled in less than 30 seconds after I arrived at my location.

Day 128: Pure laziness

Lough Rea (not Loughrea) is a strange lake. From the park at the point named The Point, the horizon curves weirdly due to the town’s natural layout in a wide, shallow fold of the land (and The Points placement on a point of land, of course). As you’d look from left to right in the […]

ISS, Penumbra

Counter-intuitively, the ISS is moving from right (west) to left (east) in this image. As it passed over Ireland it passed behind the Earth and into the planet’s shadow, or [[penumbra]]. The more you know.

Age +1

Day 129: Stuff. Long something stuff.

I am totally fecked tired. I started work on updating old side content at 11am yesterday. It involves moving to the next page (/page/2/, /page/3/ and so on) checking all the links work, all the images are formatted correctly and generating thumbnails for the new theme. With a few breaks tossed in I made it […]

More Polaris

3634 seconds at ISO 200 and f/5.6 (EXIF for the curious) (Obligatory shout-out to Irish photographers Shane Murphy and Elliot Tucker, who have been wetting their own feet on the ISS too.) I’m at the stage in my astrophotography where every photograph is a valuable learning experience, although they mostly come out looking similar…same-ish? absolutely […]

Day 130: One single dandelion

This is a fallback photograph. I honestly had nothing else ready for today (Sunday). I owe somebody a huge favour. This somebody demands cute flower photos. The website itself has been drawing down my attention over the past few days. By my count I’ve hand-edited 304 posts spread chronologically from yesterday back into October 2009 […]

Day 131: The O2 store

Day 132: St. Nick’s

What constitutes a missed day?

I have a series of shots ready to stitch and upload for yesterday’s 365. However, I passed out a little after 9pm last night. Hmm. I’ll fudge it and upload for last night. Nobody will notice, right?

I has an iPod

Pretty sweet. Huge cheers to my family for getting it for me!

I have remarkably photosensitive eyes

I got my eyes tested today at Specsavers, and became intimately reacquainted with the searing agony that comes of having strobes flashed in my eyes. Wile I have yesterday’s and today’s images ready to upload, I am not in the least bit inclined to sit in front of a bright monitor for several hours while […]

Competition entries!

A huge shout-out to everyone on who jumped in to offer their own interpretations of my processed photographs. Some of the results are truly eye-opening; either I never considered some of the styles used, or it revealed to me my own preferences for working on photographs. Where they exist I have gone to the […]

Day 133: The gaps are clouds

Think about it.

Day 134: At 240 days, this is my son

Portrait is courtesy of my wife, Mariah.

Misadventures goes mobile!

Utilizing the spectacularly-easy-to-use WPtouch plugin, my site has been condensed into a mobile-browser friendly format, although at this moment I am given to understand that your mobile mileage will vary. Please comment here or contact me directly if you have any problems. Try to include platform, browser and (if possible) a screenshot.

Day 135: And at 1400 days…my daughter

Another photograph courtesy of my wife, Mariah.

Micro-mini-tiny contest winner:

Earlier this week, I ran a very small contest on the photography forum to process two of my photographs, one of Galway’s Williamsgate Street and the second of Galway’s St. Nicholas’ church. I had some great responses on the thread in question, but the outright winner was Brian Healy, who won the voting by […]

The rule

I guess my hard and rule of personal connections is that I don’t deal too well with abstractions. Religon and faith are two huge ones – they are the classic abstractions. I literally cannot comprehend how any person could believe in the maybe-existence of any kind of mystical entity who waves their magic hand to […]

Day 136: The Obelisk

Very, very unfortunately vision my vision outstripped reality. I had the exact shot in mind and a great setup, but come to stitching time the whole thing just fell disappointingly flat. But really, what are lazy Sunday’s for except try try trying again?

Draco, the Dragon

I feel guilty, sorry guys, for giving you such a lame 365 image. Even as I looked at the cathedral shot and intuitively realized how I could improve upon it, I began bad for throwing up such an honestly bad shot. So, here, enjoy! The constellation of Draco, the Dragon. For reference, the north star, […]

Day 137: Skipped

Sorry kids, but I missed Sunday’s shot. Totally, completely missed. Not even realize it until 6pm Monday evening missed. Sipping slush-cold Red Bull at 6pm Monday evening wondering how I didn’t realized until now missed. So ah. Sorry. I think I’m going through one of those damn annoying sea changes. I got a couple of […]

Day 138: Something something something bridge

I believe that I am at the bottom of a natural ebb in my creative output, one of those moments which arise when I face the limitations of what my inclinations, experience and equipment can provide. For the moment, enjoy; I’m going to top up on podcasts and go for a long walk.

Day 139: Say something!

A blog is turning sour when the author starts spattering his posts with apologies for the lack of exciting content and new posts, but truth be told: We live and die on feedback. This whole site lives and dies on the feedback and interest of my readers. So far, aside from my very few regular […]

Day 140: Breakdown

Light wasn’t the best; enjoy!

Day 141: The Plots

The Plots is a plain, open field wedged in between the bottom of the Dyke Road and the Waterside in Galway city. The only remarkable thing I can discover about the plot is that it has been open land for at least 160 years.

Day 142: Nothing

I can’t even mark it missed, I’m sorry. It was a day of absolute personal rock bottom.

Day 143: That first step…

Well, only four minutes late in going up. Huge thanks to one young Ms. Lernihan who stood transfixed by the waves. Everyone else: I’m alive. Didn’t do anything stupid. Stop sending emails. :p I’ll give a fuller writeup of today’s photowalk at Lahinch in the morning, but for now I’ll just sign off with a […]

Facebook: Lies and Miscellanea

I have quit Facebook. My entire take on the whole privacy débâcle is this: Facebook lied. Facebook promised us a certain level of discretion in both how we could control the information about us that was available and in how they would use our information; time has shown that they have down an abrupt about […]

Day 144: Keystoned

[[keystone effect|Keystone correction]], I <3 it. Above is the final product, and below the master shot out of the camera. Gladly-appreciated assistance in the capture of this shot was provided by Rory Wallace in the form of a loan of his 10-22mm lens.

First try at a time lapse

Hardly an Earth-shatteringly amazing video. Planning to do a much longer video in coming days, if my shutter doesn’t fall off from overuse. A little over forty-five minutes. I had originally hoped to do a longer exposure, but well, we had weather.

Day 145, 146 and 147…

They are coming in one or another form. I have something very different planned.

Day 145: By Saturn’s Rings!

I don’t make any excuse for being utterly humbled by some of the amazing work put out by the CICLOPS team using the [[Cassini–Huygens|Cassini]] space probe currently whirling its way around [[Saturn]]. The team have a particular eye for capturing artful arrangements of the gas giant’s many moons. In the last two weeks, however, images […]

Day 146: The garage. Again.

Still playing catchup. :)

Day 147: Garage: Pillar detail

Day 148: Some call it uncanny. I call it scary

Yeah, anyways. New glasses.

teh suq

Even if I don’t *feel* bad, I still have to battle apathy and low energy levels. Getting out of bed today was an achievement. Photography has slackened around here recently. I promised no apologies, so no apologies for it. For all of that I’m starting to recognize just how long I’ve been depressed and just […]

Prospect Hill #1


Depression: Teh suq

Even if I don’t *feel* bad, I still have to battle apathy and low energy levels. Getting out of bed today was an achievement. Photography has slackened around here recently. I promised no apologies, so no apologies for it. For all of that I’m starting to recognize just how long I’ve been depressed and just […]

+1, -1

-1: I am officially, in the eyes of their God and of the law, no longer a member of the Roman Catholic church. +1: Thanks to the huge generosity of my sister, I now have a replacement iPod Touch. The last two weeks have really sucked: Lexapro, my prescription medicine, can switch off my desire […]

I never realized that it was a popularity contest

I am loathe to put my thoughts on my marriage down where it is (however theoretically) accessible by the general public. I fear the resulting backlash, hard feelings and inevitable chill that comes of any readable comment. Complain in confident privacy to a friend, yeah. Leave something attackable? No. So last night I made a […]


Maybe the worst part of [[Lexapro]] is the blatant (and insanely unsexy) hijacking of my bowel movements: If I stay at home, I get constipated; if I go for a walk, I get diarrhea. Thing is this: I don’t actually want to go walk. I’ve been sitting down and staring at the wall opposite me […]


Maybe the worst part of Lexapro is the blatant (and insanely unsexy) hijacking of my bowel movements: If I stay at home, I get constipated; if I go for a walk, I get diarrhea. Thing is this: I don’t actually want to go walk. I’ve been sitting down and staring at the wall opposite me […]

Father’s Day 2010

I had this whole big rant written up about father’s day, my place in it, and my wife’s place in my place in it. It was long, bitter and ultimately pointless. Ranting feels good for a few hours, but it is pretty pointless when the person it is aimed at wouldn’t know compromise or reason […]


So just like every other warm-bodied Apple user I updated my iPod to iOS4. But being a geek I did it a couple of days before the formal release thanks to the magic power of Community. After three days on the new version I have to say that I am not terribly impressed. Bluetooth doesn’t […]


In the last week I have really opened myself up to the world of podcasts. There’s something compelling about listening to two people sitting around chatting about video games, technology, science fiction and astronomy (or, preferably, all of them at once), as opposed to listening to X band. Again. It’s fun. I’m late up to […]


A new blog. A whole new look. A whole new me. The title is ah, representative of the incredible spirals of self-loathing that I can work myself into. The whole “verge of suicide” thing from May, remember? I think I am starting to overcome the cycle and see a future myself thanks to the concerted […]


…is fucking awesome. Awesome. Fucking. Here are two fun uses: 1. Back up chat logs online: Example? Pidgin chat logs. cd .purple mv logs/ ../Dropbox ln -s /home/User/Dropbox/logs /home/User/.purple/logs/ On Windows (7)? Not a problem: Go to: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming.purple Move logs to your Dropbox folder and then open a command shell (cmd). Type in the following: […]

The sleeper…turns over!

/frank_herbert I feel pretty dumb right now. The Stages of Stupidity: Created a tumblelog under my main email address, added content. Could not for the life of me figure out how to access it from the iPod application. Deleted said tumblelog and created it under another account. Added content. THREE DAYS PASS While sitting in […]


2006 On the first day, there was a blog named In a World of My Own on 2007 Days, years passed me by like autumn leaves softly falling. The blog was redesigned and relaunched as In a (New) World of My Own on 2008 The blog was neglected. Renewed. Became Pixelpost, WordPress, Drupal […]

Hay guyz!

This blog is not not not on any kind of hold or hiatus; instead I simply do not have any kind of content to upload to it. I’m on a break from photography because I am simply not inspired to go out and take photographs using the equipment I have right now. My lack of […]

The mirroring thing worked

See this. My blog’s image content is now being served from the cloud courtesy of Dropbox and Amazon. All of the pertinent details are in the linked blog post above, so I’m really not of a mind to repeat them all verbatim here. The Super Duper Short Version: Everything is coming from Dropbox. There’s even […]

I’m really not sure who took this…

But it stuck me very poignantly tonight:

More musings on Dropbox and WordPress

In my little howto on using WordPress with Dropbox, I detailed how to move your WordPress blog’s media content to Dropbox for easier serving and updating. This next part hypothetical part will be wholly exploratory. What else in WordPress is it worthwhile to serve out of Dropbox? The blog’s database isn’t an issue – WordPress […]


The world’s greatest software MP3 player

MOC, Music on Console, has been my MP3 player of choice for the last seven or eight years, almost since its first alpha release. It is light, flexible, easy to use, extensible (through shell scripts and pipes), and offers a search feature is the real winner for me. Don’t want to look at it? No […]

New Dropbox hack: Automatic screenshot upload and URL

Everybody takes a desktop screenshot at some point. For whatever reason. In the true spirit of computer geeks I spent two three hours writing and testing a shell script that will take a screenshot of your Linux desktop, upload the screenshot to the Internet via Dropbox and pop the URL into your clipboard for instant […]

Screenie version 2.0: Now with URL shortening

#!/bin/bash check_dependencies() { # Takes screenshot. dep[1]="scrot" # Parses the URL. dep[2]="curl" # Preferred method to store files. dep[3]="dropbox" # Copies content to the clipboard. dep[4]="xclip" for n in $(seq ${#dep[@]}); do command -v ${dep[$n]} > /dev/null 2>&1 if [ $? == 1 ]; then echo "ERROR: Command '${dep[$n]}' not found" dep_missing=1 fi done if […]

Freaking. Awesome.

Screenie version 3.0: Coming to you soon with integrated Twitter posting, just to be obnoxious. :)

I dreamed a dream…

I was back in Las Vegas for one day and desperately looking for my two kids. It wasn’t fun.

I can has develop film

Last night I had my first hands-on experience with developing my own film at the surprisingly gentle hands of Sinead Williamson. Load roll, add developer, tumble, fix, rinse, and dry: That’s it. Considering the arcane language used by regular film photographers on Internet forums and in guides I was expecting…expecting what, exactly? Bunsen burners, frightful […]

Dublin weekend

Weekend: Over. Mark: Tired and stinky. Thought-provoking moments: Several. I spent Sunday and Monday in Dublin with the wonderful Sinead Williamson to learn the basic black and white film development under the experienced hand of a woman who regularly shoots with near-infrared film and lives to tell about it. Ostensibly, the overnight trip was supposed […]

HOWTO: Stream your music library to your iPod with MPD (part 1/2)

What I Want Since I bought my (replacement) iPod in May I’ve become curious about the possibility of streaming music from my laptop over the network and into my iPod. Apple doesn’t natively permit this function to occur with shared iTunes libraries – but neither do they discourage people from writing their own apps. There’s […]

Spaceman Grealish

I could probably fill a whole book on spacing out if I put my mind to it…assuming that I didn’t get distracted by Oh. Hi. I can’t remember the last time I really felt entirely awake, alert and refreshed. I go to sleep tired and wake up feeling hungover – headache, sore neck, dizziness, disorientation […]

So what do I find on today’s schedule, but…


I had a file renaming problem, where I wanted to remove the spaces from about a thousand files and folders for easier batch handling (I want to convert my ebook science fiction collection into .epub for reading on my iPod). The solution turned out to be: for file n *; do mv "$file" "`echo $file […]


(Spoken to the tune of “Choo choo choo choo”.) Must blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog. It is very amusing, sort of ridiculous and definitely humbling that I have to blog about blogging so as to focus my attention on blogging. So right now I have a few blog […]

Regrettable 2am post

What the hell do you write in the birthday card of a beautiful little girl whose life you walked out on eight months ago, besides “sorry”?

Stupid plotholes

If this tumblelog had categories, I’d file this under Verbal Diarrhoea. Big dumb logical and scientific plotholes in a film, television series or book insanely bug the crap out of me. When something happens for the sake of drama, rather than some even quasi-plausible reason, it feels like the author/writer/producer is saying, “well ain’t you […]

Hail Mary

I’m going to get yelled at for the first photograph. My mum has this almost-magical ability to flinch, scowl and project distaste when she comes into the field of a view of a camera. Doesn’t matter none if you’re using a fisheye or 50 metres down the down the road peeping through a long telephoto. […]


Each and every time I’ve chanced to say this around a computer I’ve had amusingly educational an experience. Tonight’s? I left my laptop unbootable. Literally. I deleted GRUB. I do it twice a year. No oops. Usually. Tonight I have no handy Linux ISO on a pendrive ready to boot from. Whoops.

[solved] Oops, part 2

Sooo. I deleted my GRUB configuration last night, while I was trying to install BURG. BURG, or Brand-new Universal loadeR from Grub is just pure eye-candy for your Linux system, plain and simple…. …and Mark takes to Teh Shiniez like Zombie Cat takes to ice cream. I have no idea what I did, in hindsight. […]

HOWTO: Stream your music library to your iPod with MPD (part 2/2)

To begin: In part 1 of this guide, I laid down the basic groundwork to enable audio streaming from your Linux installation and onto your iDevice. While I was able to get both MPD and Icecast functioning and communicating with relatively little trouble, I ran into a brick wall as I tried the final, trivial […]

The state of the Mark

In that vein I’m going to confess that one of the most frustratingly repetitive phenomena is the mutual need for us to self-censor our lives because we turn the details into ammunition for later fights. We both self-censor our whole lives when we talk to one another. It sucks. It stinks. It is a hundred […]

Ubuntu versus Gentoo

Gentoo, while an excellent learning tool, is really intended for the kind of user who want to custom-craft a mercury-weighted and laser-guided titanium hammer that strikes with deadly accuracy while travelling at half the speed of sound. Ubuntu is more general. While less focused, certainly less fine and less sturdy, it is nevertheless a reliable […]


Hmm. A third part to my two-part HOWTO is looking likely. Things I have discovered: MPoD directly connects to MPD over a local network, bypassing Icecast entirely. MPoD is temperamental. I can currently access a a file list, but I cannot control playback via it. This changes at random intervals. Sooo. I feel kinda cheated. […]

And now for something completely different…

#!/usr/bin/python print "Hello world!" /drumroll [mark][~] # ./ Hello world!

10 perks of being unemployed:

Beard. Sick? No need to call in. Tailor your schedule to your circadian rhythms. Wearing pajamas at 3pm on a Monday. Getting enough sleep. Having the time to write a blog. Experimenting with Linux. Catching up on three years of reading. Having dinner at 1am and then sitting down to work. Saying ‘goodnight’ to your […]

Useful tip: Replace gnome-screenshot with screenie

I stumbled onto this, today: How To: Replace ScreenCapture with KSnapshot. I was pleased to discover that this little tip works just as well with my own screenie and gnome-screenshot, if you are working in Gnome: [root][mark] # cd /usr/bin/ <br /> [root][bin] # mv gnome-screenshot gnome-screenshot.old <br /> [root][bin] # ln -s /usr/local/bin/screenie gnome-screenshot

Oh yeah

Dear Mr. Mark Grealish Your booking request has been successful. Kind regards, NCI.

Hmm. Remote wiping?

Disclaimer: This post is mostly idle speculation, dear reader(s). Actual experimentation with any script whose sole, explicit function is to variously delete files or zero write a hard disk should only be undertaken in a controlled sandbox. I came across Prey this morning in an OMG! Ubuntu! news post, although I haven’t yet tried it […]

091 Labs

<plug> A huge shoutout to Mike for putting me onto 091 Labs. </plug> 091 Labs are a just-founded Galway City-based hackerspace, a hackerspace being an area where like-minded geeks can get together and do like-minded things. As I blearily look around me I see two Linux geeks off to my left and another uhm, three […]


I have to apolgize for the quality. I had a problem with how the program, webcam, handled the final image; it would offset the image by 30-50%, and in the end the only real solution I could come up with was to forcibly crop the image. I can’t give you any real why for the […]

Timelapse, part 2 of 1

Inspired by yesterday’s timelapse experiments at 091 Labs, I bought a cheap little PC Line webcam from Currys today (tenner for 1.3mp isn’t bad) and experimented some more with webcam. The results have been: I’ve eliminated the need for a external script to manage the capture operation. A simple webcam & dumps the process into […]

Purdy and I timelapse

Timelapse (part 3 of 1). My sister’s dog and I.

Webcam wind-up

My concentration is like a paper-thin spun-crystal vase: The slightest quake, quiver, nudge, upset or gust of wind and it is shattered into a million pieces. The easiest way to keep my concentration is to mentally empty my head out, Zen-like, and just write. Close the Facebook. Gag the Twits. Stop talking Pidgin willy-nilly. Preempt […]

Open Office

I seem to have picked up a very small following of Linux users, so I’m going to throw out a quick question: Why does Open Office handle rendering of the Microsoft DOC format so badly? Why does it stink so badly at what is such a touted core feature of the suite: Interoperability with Microsoft […]

This counts as photography

Kinda. I mean. It is a webcam still. Maybe more of videography? Having two blogs and trying to keep their content separate and unique sometimes leaves me at a very strong risk of neglecting one or another blog (caveat: I maintain the capability to immediately and seamlessly merge one blog into another, should I see […]

Another round of webcam

Shut up. Shut. Up. I’m happy with the time-lapse solution, and its control mechanism. What I want to do now something slightly different: Single images. On my webserver. Right now I have a system that puts up a new capture every ~10 seconds or so on as webcam1-current.jpg, along with a semi-permanent Dropbox-hosted archive. […]


Woke at 2pm feeling like wrung-out tea towel soaked in shit. Read (finished The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven) until 3pm and change. Showered. Had breakfastdinner at 4pm. Ella arrived, 5pm. Took Ella for a long walk. Dropped in on 091 Labs, where I fixed the webcam. Came home. Hung washing on line. Helped mum […]

10 things that Dune has taught me:

The spice must flow. Fear is the mind-killer. The sleeper shall awake. Every person has a place, and every place has a person. That which submits, rules. The first step in evading a trap is to know where it is. Where there is spice, there are worms. Walk without rhythm, and it won’t attract the […]

Light-tagging at 091 Labs

Thank you Uisin for the infodump: Certainly! We were testing out software developed by the Graffiti Research Lab, a New York art group that works to enhance street-art with open-source technologies. One of their projects is called L.A.S.E.R. Tag, which involves using a projector, laser pointer and tracking software to draw/paint with light on the […]

Garrett’s first steps

5 (more) things that Dune has taught me

The Bene Gesserit have an axiom, mantra, saying, parable, fable, saying, or mnemonic for everything. Everything (NSFW: Cartoon boobs). The single most valuable (a decagram will buy you a house on Tupile!) substance in the known universe is a spice that will prolong your life indefinitely, allow you to pierce the veil of time and […]

Caira’s fourth birthday

Photographs by Jackie Taylor.

Infrared ho!

I dismantled my frighteningly-expensive 15 euro webcam, and found that it is highly sensitive down into the near infrared range. I taped a spare R72 infrared filter on the front and got some surprisingly clear and usable images/video. My next step is to look at the fun and creative things I can do with a […]

This was my fun night :D

The noise, the noise, the noise

It sucks. When I was in the absolute throes of depression, all was nicely silent up on top. Now that I’m coming out on the other side, the noise has returned. The noise is this buzz of a thousand ideas and thoughts that runs ever onward in the back of my head and functions as […]

/bin/bashing is a link-shortening service run by one Inc. of New York city. I’m sure you’ve all used one such service by now. You have a big link, such as my last Google search: Now, while all the cool-kid websites use dynamic pages that spit out lengthy, solid, robust (and dynamic) URLs such […]

Bollicks it

I’m going to learn me some Ruby. I have a few projects in mind that involve web access, but pure Bash falls flat. It simply isn’t suitable.


I’m not a slavish fan of graphic novels, but somehow every single comic that I enjoy turns out to be a product of Warren Eliis’ genius. I’m an accidental fanboi. Tonight I finally finished reading Planetary, at the end of its epically sporadic ten eleven year run. Planetary is the superhero comic for people who […]

Write your own Google web app in under five minutes

The most lay description I can give to a Google Chrome web app is that of a pinned tab which has a little bit more screen space than normal by way of removing the tool bar: It is one step between a regular pinned tab and a standalone full-screen app (Tools-> Create application shortcuts...). In […]

8bit Collective

Link: 8bit Collective 8-bit music – squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

A sobering case of apologitis

To kick off with Other News, the memorial book for the sadly-missed Danny O’Brien became available for preview and purchase on Blurb courtesy of the hard work of Simon and Sinead. Editors and contributors: Fantastic work. You have all outdone yourselves. I mean it. You can find the book here: I somehow slept until […]


I have absolutely nothing against the Windows family of operating systems. I (firstly) bow down to our proprietary overlords and their estimated 90% desktop markets share. You don’t get there without having done something right. I am (secondly) utterly pragmatic about my choice of platform, within reason. My favourite tools – Pidgin, Google Chrome and […]

It was, for the record:

[mark][Screenlapse] # mencoder -ovc copy -oac mp3lame -audiofile basket_case.mp3 -mf w=1024:h=600:fps=20:type=jpg 'mf://@files.txt' -o screenlapse.avi This also worked perfectly well to get a YouTube video: [mark][Screenlapse] # mencoder -ovc x264 -oac mp3lame -audiofile basket_case.mp3 -mf w=1024:h=600:fps=20:type=jpg 'mf://@files.txt' -o screenlapse.avi

Ungimping the Gimp #1

So I’m two days into using The Gimp v2.7.1. instead of Photoshop. Eh. It handles just fine. The Gimp’s tools and features are complete to me, as a Photoshop user (mostly-I cannot figure out, for the life of me, how I can change brush hardness on the fly short of changing brush. Anyone?). I can […]

My top 10 reasons for getting out of bed in the morning

My children: Caira and Garrett. Lexapro – the discerning depressee’s antidepressant of choice. Kittens and cats and lolcats and webcomic cats. Linux. Photography. High-brow entertainment: The Order of the Stick and Spacetrawler. My The beard. Addictive flash games. Addictive iPod games. Laconic quips.

HOWTO: Time-lapse capture your Linux desktop

OR: Playing with my scrot I’ve been playing with my scrot relentlessly for the past two or three days. Literally non-stop for hours a time. I’ve even been making videos and then putting those videos on YouTube. /innuendo Scrot – SCReen shOT – is a FOSS screen capture utility that cleaves to the old Unix […]


Ungimping the Gimp, part 3

(As an aside, the above video is my first HTML5 YouTube embed, because it puts flash playback to shame on my Netbook. Technology advances ever onward!) I used The Gimp for a few solid hours this morning. Observsations: GEGL grinds The Gimp to a halt. I have no idea if it is tied to the […]

"And now that I’m older…"

“Ware ye, inquisitor! Stay thy hand; still thy tongue; hold thyself to silence lest ye awaken the dread beast Fanboi.” Wake Up by The Arcade Fire just popped up on my playlist. It is as good a reason to write a blog post as any. So, dear reader(s). Here’s a fun fact: I can make […]

It isn’t you, it’s me.

I mostly skip out on my social obligations because I get depressingly bored and cannot tell the bulk my cousins apart (the Bohermore crowd excepted!). The norm in my family has become: Invite Mark to [gathering]. Breathe a quiet sigh of relief when Mark expresses mild surprise at the invite but politely declines the invitation. […]

Fuck it!

I’m painfully typing this on my iPod because Windows and ITunes have been painful ass pains all night long. Who’d have thought it would take me over an hour and finally having to use a second machine to set up a new, Irish, iTunes account because iTunes is a steaming piece of shit? Steve – […]

Oh, software

Disclaimer: I’ve been furious since I came home from 091 Labs last night to discover that somebody had daubed Killer with motor oil. What kind of retarded asshole gets a thrill from doing shit like this? So, software. I tend to look at software in incredibly negative terms; terms such as What features in this […]


Making a honeypot on Twitter to catch spambots is always surreal. Think about it for a second. I’m effectively walking down the main street of town screaming out random words with a gun in my hand. “Jihad! Obama! SEO! Ranking! Google! Taliban! Jesus!”. Finally somebody leaps out of the crowd saying, “I really like the […]

Ungimping the Gimp #3

Ungimping the Gimp #1 Ungimping the Gimp #2 Well welcome to part four of this one-part series on The Gimp, one of the jewels of the open-source community and maybe the finest FOSS raster editor. Here is how I save a single-layer .JPG file in Adobe Photoshop after I open it, say to sharpen it: […]

Trust is the sound of the soul’s last breath

(Gorgeous quote from Lord of Chaos, above) I have disabling trust issues. I’ve been told this by family. And friends. Coworkers and associates too. By my wife and her family, friends, coworkers, and associates. And, recently, a mental health worker whose judgement I respect and trust. The problem is that while I am in no […]

Half a step left…

…two steps forward and a hop to the right after a quarter turn counter-clockwise. I’ve been abnormally disaffected and out of sorts since those obfuscous (new real word squee!) hours between today and yesterday. Everything is a quarter turn in the wrong direction. Case in point: I have access to something that has been of […]

The top 10 badass objects in the universe, #1

No matter how far back you go in my life, you’ll discover that I have this absolutely unshakable adoration for the universe as a whole, the exploration of our solar system (and beyond!) and an unimpeachable respect for ever woman and man who has been involved in this great work. The most powerful memories of […]

More vistas of Azeroth!

All from the Outland, today: Auchinduon, Nagrand (again) and Terokkar Forest.


This was my hypothetically conjectured yesterday: This was my empirically observed yesterday: /prologue It has been a quarter of a year since May. A full season of three months! In May I started a major on- and offline panic because I openly discussed hanging myself before taking off for a full day to a photowalk […]

Minor thing:

I’m making a small change to this blog that will only add to your own pleasure in reading this humble page, dear reader(s): I’m going to serve images from Dropbox instead of uploading via Tumblr so as to enjoy a larger size that Tumblr’s mandated 500 pixels limit. You get larger images (and maybe a […]

Writing Light

Finally, I update my own blog. On this Sunday August 15th coming I will be at 091 Labs holding a talk on photography entitled Writing Light. Writing Light is a recounting of the separate histories of the camera obscura, the precursors to photography, photography itself. I also explore the state of the modern photographic art […]

We’re on the radio!

Barry and Oisin will be on Galway Bay FM tonight from 7-8pm as guests on the Art Show. They’ll be discussing our Hackerspace week, my talk (woo!), my photowalk and all of the other great stuff 091 Labs are doing over the next month. Unfortunately for the technical elite, none of Galway Bay FM’s Internet […]

"Caution: May cause drowsiness."

No shit? On Thursday I blogged that my hospital’s psychiatric consultant was going to move me away from just Lexapro and onto a combination of Lustral and Zispin because of my severe sleep upsets caused by Lexapro. I gave the script to my doctor for ratification on Thursday evening. On Friday morning I collected the […]

Oh yeah: The talk?

Not done. I was supposed to have polished it off this afternoon. I’m fucked. You’re fucked. This whole department’s fucked. /whip crack

Monday, 2am

I’m wide-awake and sitting in the kitchen trimming my nails while the kettle boils. Then I will consume delicious instant noodles. As an aside: I really miss Nong Shim; Nong Shim are as of yet the only brand of instant noodle that have gazed into my crepuscular soul and found something to love. Yes, the […]

Deserving plug for a newbie blogger

Link: Deserving plug for a newbie blogger <p> Quick! Click! Comment! Link! Retweet and repost!

Garrett at 11 months

Photographs by Mariah Clanton.

The top 10 badass objects in the universe, #2

It began as “amazing”. Ended as “badass”. Sorry, English professors. In part 1 of this series I mentioned RX J1856.5-3754, neutron strange quark star that lies about 400 light years from Earth away off in the constellation of the southern crown. Today I’m sticking closer to home: Titan “Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet.” Fact: Arrakis is […]

I am a Dwarf

Well sure. I’m short, stout, claim Scottish ancestry, boast a quaint Celtic accent, and have been known to scream “Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!” and swing an axe when flustered. But I have come before you here today to talk about how I am a whole different kind of Dwarf. As well. J.R.R. Tolkien divided up […]

The Texan

Link: The Texan This is another deserving plug for another deserving friend. Now, dammit Jenny, go post more often.

Filling that big ol’ hole

One Mister Yarrumk will appreciate the title. For those not in on the joke, all I’ll say is that white holes, black holes and our inability to differentiate between them by measurement of Hawking radiation alone are nature’s own double entendre. Mandatory crudeness aside I do have a hole in need of filling in regards […]

The hole…fills!

Earlier today, I did some out-loud thinking about what my archiving needs are and how I might fill them. I wound up openly re-evaluating my attachment to Dropbox. I’ve returned here to re-evaluate that. So exactly what was it I wanted? My Dropbox in transparent, friendly Dropbox-on-my-desktop form on a shared/public computer. Protection against other […]


I have been very ungracious a guest over the past week with my extended World of Warcraft binge. While it felt very very good to finally plumb the depths of three years of pent up desire to log in, shut down and play for a few days on end, I was ultimately being rude to […]

Why, god, why?


On the table beside are my totems for a night of blogging: Ibuprofen, to kill my headache. Water, with which to swallow the Ibuprofen. Red Bull, caffeine to complement the Ibuprofen. Lexapro, because. After last week’s fuck-up with Zispin, I’ve gone back to wondering if I’ll ever be fixed. Not just depression fixed. Fixed fixed. […]

HOWTO: The Intranet Condom (with Dropbox)

Thanks go to Jenny for the colourful title of this fun little Dropbox hack. So earlier in the week I blogged about my simultaneous desire have seamless access to my remote Dropbox account while simultaneously preventing nefarious local access. Tonight I found a great solution. Dropbox on demand, streaming live to the Internet with zero […]

For the record…

I hate – fucking despise – any kind of wireless connection configuration on a Linux beyond these three steps: /etc/rc.d/networkmanager start nm-applet & Browse for, and connect to, my wireless network. I cannot give an explanation for this deep, irrational fury beyond it triggers a claustrophobia-like itch and ticks off that mental checklist for “bad […]

Panoramas of Ironforge and Stormwind

More Vistas!

This time I’m going in for a fisheye-chic of Ironforge and Stormwind:

The first step in any quality Ubuntu installation:

sudo su apt-get remove openoffice* There was also a whole bunch of other crap that I took out too – Canonical and Ubuntu could stand to have a slim, minimal net-based installer that lets me skip the junk.


It’s a bit of a running joke on Twitter that each time I say “fuck” my blog’s traffic has a small spike. Beyond that, ignoring the vulgarity, fuck is a surprisingly expressive word. You can load it down with any kind of nuance and reflection and then interject it into almost any kind of conversation: […]


I just had something of a deja vu experience: Calming down a child who has just woken up frightened from a nightmare. I – being a quasi-insomniac who just keeps odd hours – was awake anyways reading a book when I started to imagine I was hearing a voice. I ignored it. “Why,” you ask, […]

I’m sick

I’ve spent eighteen out of the last twenty-four hours unconscious and the back of my throat feels like a xenomorph has been drooling acid down there for most of it. Daddy needs teh Lemsip.


Telephony isn’t a huge deal for me, partly because I harbour a terrible anxiety about phoning strangers, and partly because emailing, instant messaging, tweeting or even calling around to talk in person is so much more convenient. However it is still important to maintain a phone connection for both employer and emergency family contacts, although […]

Netbook interfaces

I’ve always interpreted being a power user as being a person who know exactly and precisely what they want their computer to do for them, and having the means to extract just that. As a power user I want an abject lack of distractions and annoyances from my user interface coupled with the ability to […]


Google’s voice search…

…is pure fucking hilarity. So I signed up for a VOIP service so I can keep in touch with Mariah and the kids in the U.S.A., and to that end I picked up a microphone attachment for my iPod. Call quality via Fring has been excellent. Chatting hands-free has been excellenter. Being able to freely […]

The top ten badass objects in the universe, #3

Just as I did coming out of part one and into part two I want to briefly go back and show up something new and cool about Titan: The above link takes to you to a news article explaining how the Hale Telescope at California’s Palomar observatory captured a occultation of two distant stars by […]

Ignite the West!

I have offered myself up as a virgin sacrifice speaker at Friday’s coming Ignite the West event, hosted (of course) at 091 Labs. For the majority of people completely unfamiliar with the format of Ignite, it is a five-minute long public talk accompanied by a slideshow presentation. Twenty slides. Fifteen seconds per slide. Get it […]


Oh gods, but what a horrible flashback to my early Linux days and my nightmares of dependency hell. Package A would require package B. Package B would require package C. It was one of the things that drove me away from Linux during my first The proliferation of Linux package managers – Portage, Aptitude, Pacman, […]

Galway photowalk: Final details

I have the final up on the 091 Labs blog. The weather forecast isn’t too promising, with a positive mixture of rain and thunder promised. Joy. If all else fails we can retreat to the Labs and while away the day talking about photography. The time and place is 10am at the Labs, should you […]

Internet privacy: The great white whale

*One, two, three, four, I declare a backfill post. I originally wrote this in 2010 almost immediately after my first Ignite talk. I left out a great deal from in and around that night, so I have corrected some bad grammar in the post below, and added my expanded thoughts on this below the break. […]

Caira and Garrett at a water park!

Photographs by Mariah Clanton.

Blogging hat: On

A quick glance at my drafts shows nothing piled up – yay! I have tons to say today, woe for you.

Put your Ubuntu buttons back where they belong

Link: Put your buttons back where they belong. In Ubuntu. I seriously wind up fucking Googling this at least once a week, so here you go, me. A handy link right on your blog!


Spacetrawler is one of the newest and most perversely funny webcomics currently out there on the Internet. Started on January 1 of this year (2010) by Christopher Baldwin, a former MAD Magazine illustrator. The comic, bluntly, is all fucked up, with a cast who includes coyote-eating survivalist, a sleazy Russian who will sleep with anyone […]

The photowalk was a huge success!

A small big success, but none the less big for its smallness. Some people might call it a small success, but they aren’t thinking big. I mean, is a success a success despite its lack of success? Yes. Is a success a big success in the face of arbitrary declarations of smallness? Also yes. So […]

We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… ‘This Land’.

I think we should call it… your grave! Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE! Real defense is best handled in-depth, or so my years of video gaming have taught me. Identify any avenue for attack by an enemy and utterly remove that avenue. Then […]

Tumblr is aimed at micro-blogging…

…but I somehow utterly fail at banging out less than 500 words at a time. Fail fail. House is back on television tonight, Fringe is back on Thursday and Stargate: Universe will be back on next week. All is well.

Jupiter and Europa

Conjunctions aren’t what I usually pay a great deal of attention, but tonight (September 10) will mark Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth for both the past, and next, fifty years. Despite my best attempts to convince people on Twitter that Jupiter will be larger than the full Moon at perigee, the gas giant won’t be […]

Photography @091labs

Straight from my message to the 091 Labs mailing list, slightly edited for context: This is The Official Announcement for a four-twelve week photographic course that will try to blitz through the basic portions of digital and film photography, film development, digital post-processing, print preparation and (online) presentation. Roughly and somewhat sardonically, the modules are […]


Nothing frightens, titillates and thrills like a prescription antidepressant that: Requires a liver function test before you can take it. Carries a starkly-worded paragraph about what signs of mania or dementia I should watch out for in myself, in the initial weeks. I’ll hazard a guess and say that I am probably expected to cloister […]

Cataclysmic Warlocks

Every World of Warcraft player associates themselves with a class. Even if they may have a clade of alternate characters to their name, you can put them against a wall and make them pick one. For me, it is the Warlock, a damage-oriented class who works through indirect means such as demonic pets and damage-over-time […]


Please Don’t Capitalize Every Word in a Sentence When You Are Trying to Make a Point. It makes you look like a fucking moron.


I can’t quite put my finger on why I think so, but I suspect that there may be a bug in how Blizzard’s iOS Armory application renders my character in 3D. ;)


I was asleep for four hours…

…but those four hours somehow felt epic. The head-and-throat ache I woke up with were certainly epic. Bleah. I am house-and-cat sitting for Frank. Tomorrow morning I will be Ella sitting for Jennifer. So. I am awake and a-blogging. Remember the Valdoxan? It hasn’t ruined my sleep pattern! I am beginning to set early and […]

Highlighting Plumes

Highlighting Plumes “The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Dec. 25, 2009. The view was obtained at a distance of approximately 617,000 kilometers (383,000 miles) from Enceladus and at a Sun-Enceladus-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 174 degrees. Image scale is 4 kilometers (2 miles) per pixel.”


I was perfectly hale when I arrived in Loughrea on Thursday night at seven o’clock. By eight o’clock I was in bed sick and sleep. This sucked because I was babysitting both Ella and Frank’s cat Scratchy (I’m not sure who was harder to keep an eye on). Friday? Mostly not so bad. It felt […]

Add Cygwin to Windows 7 taskbar

Link: Add Cygwin to Windows 7 taskbar This is the most inordinately useful tip that I have discovered today. Thank you, Google.

Surface Detail

Was it? Yes it was! Surface Detail was on the bookshelf at my local store. /squee

You are here

Well. I am. This is a chunk of my main Minecraft map as outputted in an isometric viewpoint by the wonderful Cartograph utility. The image has been cropped and brightened from the original, which was indeed dull. On one hand it was heartily humbling just to see the size of my home base against the […]

Meriadoc, 2006-2010

Hi Mark, i unfortunately have some bad news. Murphy was very ill he had pyothorax which is a rare infection in the lung cavity. There was nothing shy of a painful drawn out $3000 proceedure and hospitalization to do for him. Pyothorax is one of those things that happens out of the blue and it […]


I’ve really had nothing major crop up this week beyond the manifest threefold horribleness of the flu, a depressive spell, and Merry dying. I’m on the up; this very moment finds me on a couch (I know my dues are due!) at 091 Labs sipping a a literally ice-cold can of Red Bull. I think […]


I have an upbeat lead-in for this post: I’ve successfully upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu Linux’s 10.10. Easily as it turns out. Single-command-and-a-reboot stuff: do-release-upgrade I did have some a niggling problem in getting the new-old Gnome environment functional as I had been using Avant Window Navigator in place of gnome-panel. AWN just did not […]

Caira > your kid.

Photograph by Mariah Clanton.


I recovered 7795 files that hadn’t already been restored. Dropbox support is the best.


Holly, I promised you a full, explicit and a very public explanation of my preference to log instant message conversations and emails whenever and wherever possible. Everyone else: This is my public disclaimer to you that I will record all of our conversations for the purposes of posterity. My desire to do this stems, I […]

I have a potty mouth

I swear a lot. In fact, I’d say that I curse like a sailor, turn the air blue, etcetera. In light of having just made a full disclosure about my chat logs, it only seemed fair that I dive into them and, with the Power of Linux, see how many times I’ve fucked and blinded […]

Export your Tumblelog

Link: Export your Tumblelog I’m not necessarily using it, but the existence of a tool that allows take-home-with-me goodness is very welcome and good to mention. I actually have used it in the past when I moved my last Tumblelog into WordPress (as 720nm). Speaking as I am on this topic, Tumblr has some limitation […]

My Unspeakably Marvelous Ubuntu Maverick Updates

Openbox Okay so: Since the occasion of my upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 last week, I have encountered unusual behaviour from gnome-settings-daemon, the Gnome settings daemon. When it launches under Openbox, it draws a new and additional root window right over my existing Openbox/X/GDM root window. This is a Bad Thing; the new root window effectively obliterates […]

What would Warchief Garrosh do?

Marshmallow Noms and Costumes

Photograph by Mariah Clanton.


My Tumblr dashboard is now purple. Unexpected.

Daddy’s little artist

Somebody is following her daddy into visual media. /proud

(Thinking aloud) New project: Music/Media folder synchronization

…over the Internet. My image archive is fine, stored as they are on a 1tb disk. “Master” processed images are doubly backed up to Flickr. My documents and (most) preferences are all already online, through Dropbox or Google. What I want to do is synchronize my entire music library out over the Internet. So: Set […]

Children, eh?

Mariah Clanton: garrett is trying to lock himself in a dog kennel, he went and got himself a sippy cup and a teddy, climbed in the cage and is trying to clos the door behind him Mariah Clanton: caira is naked and flat out refuses to put on clothes while stating she wants to be […]

Caira’s art

Tomorrow promises to be interesting…

I’m installing Ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop by way of installing Kubuntu 10.04, changing my repositories, uninstalling KDE, installing Gnome and then updating the entire shebang with apt-get update. Installing, configuring and running DynDNS so as to enable remote management of my (new) Linux desktop. Getting weirdly wonky with Wine to run World of Warcraft […]

[solved] I am dumb

I am in the process of setting up a Linux-powered Internet-facing home server for the purposes of testing and education. I mentioned all of this earlier on in the weekend. So: Computer? Set up just fine. I had to “bootstrap” (I use this term loosely) from a Kubuntu 10.04 CD into Ubuntu 10.04. GRUB? Bleah. […]

Ding, 80!

Last Thursday I reached level 80 in WoW for the second time, after my Warlock. I hate alt characters, and this is only the fourth time that I have ever had a maximum level character in the six on-and-off years that I’ve played the game. I’m happy to present my new main character: Masserah, a […]

World of Warcraft on Linux :D

I had to find, download and move one wldap32.dll to my base World of Warcraft directory, but past that it Just Worked. +1, Wine, +1.


[mark][windows] # rm -r World\ of\ Warcraft/


Happy Halloween

guacamoley: My birthday is officially over, there goes another decade.  And now on to candy foraging! You’re still in your 20’s, silly, because we don’t count years from zero.

Sometimes the worst problems have the simplest fix…

apt-get install aspell /spellcheckingwoesended

Another Ubuntu irritation, slain!

No more sanity-eroding event sounds. Ever. No more startup jingle. No more pop when I click something. [root][firewall] # cd /usr/share/sounds/ [root][sounds] # ls alsa gnome linphone purple speech-dispatcher ubuntu [root][sounds] # mkdir .old [root][sounds] # mv * .old [root][sounds] # ls [root][sounds] #

I spam, therefore I am

<p> Gmail flagged my own message to the 091 Labs mailing list as spam and asked me, as administrator, to moderate it. /boggle

Kaiju: Tumblr versus WordPress

I ping-pong back and forth between a self-hosted WordPress blog and a Tumblr-hosted blog every six months; I say this because we are now reaching the abandon-Tumblr-for-Wordpress portion of the cycle. The complexity, the sheer range of things I can do with WordPress, the buttons to push, knobs to tweak, levers to pull and dials […]

All the world’s flame for (and in) Minecraft

whenever I build a new fortress in Minecraft, it is my standard procedure to clearcut all of the trees immediately adjacent to said fortress. Having a Creeper leap out from behind a a tree trunk and uncontrollably asplode all over me is…well, it is always an unpleasantly moist experience. So I chop down the trees. […]

I need typographic magic!

I’ve been invited to chair a talk on infrared photography for NUIG’s photographic society on Tuesday coming. I need font help from a typographic geek:

Emi, international superstar

(Susan, thank you for the PDF and ensuring attribution! :) The photograph of one Emi O’Donnell comes from of one of my photoshoots from late last year – actually the very last photoshoot I had, one day before I left Las Vegas. Nearly a year to the day, and she and it are both featured […]

Pew pew pew

Plants vs Zombies has taught me that the best defense lies in a skillful melange of caltrops, anti-zombie mines, big walls and FIERY DEATHBALLS.

Forest fire: Quenched!


The Way

One of my absolutely favourite science fiction novels is Greg Bear’s 1985 Eon, a story of first contact, politics, war, time travel, technology and humanity that centres around the aftermath of the the arrival into Earth’s orbit of a spaceship from our own future, the Thistledown. I sit down and try to read Eon at […]


This is one of those awkwardly adorable images that we shame our kids with for decades. Photograph by Mariah Clanton.

Ella’s Hallowe’en

I unfortunately bowed out on most of the night as I was pretty sick. :/

The WordPress iApp is coded from fail

It shouldn’t take me eleven attempts to l update my blog’s information.

The Axes, the Axes of the Dwarves!

So. It’s been an “under the weather” couple of weeks, both emotionally and physically; I’ve had some kind of alien-spawned sinus infection steadily converting my cranium’s contents into alien-spawned-sinus-infection biomass. My cat, Killer, has done her best to aggravate my allergies. It’s a genuine, bona-fide cross-species conspiracy to fucking kill me. I’ve been a bit […]

A beautiful day, a beautiful hat

Jayne! The Man they call Jayne! He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor, He stood up to the man and he gave him what for. Our love for him now, aint hard to explain, The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne! Our Jayne saw the Mudders’ backs breakin’ He […]

Only lightly fictionalized

“You’re so quick to call somebody stupid or silly if they talk across you or against you.” “That’s stupid talk!” /claims victory

Best. Watermark. Ever.


Coming into the Season of Gifts, it is always worthwhile to put out a warning about scammers who target the unwary and the desperate, although my tale comes from an interesting source: The mail. Being who and what I am, I have an excellently robust immune system against unsolicited Internet advertising and general bullshytt, but […]


Ignite returns to Galway this December. I’ve been asked to handle the various flyers and posters for the event, but I’ve really run into a horrible blank in the positioning of some elements. Above is the base look.

‘Tis (almost) the season

I hate Christmas.

I loves my blogging

I do. Unfortunately I am a total fucker for getting distracted by everything and anything. I don’t want to discuss this topic because I might retroactively sound like a whiner. I don’t want to discuss that game because it might betray just how disgustingly addicted I am to it. All that I could, would and […]

Raggedy win

I present to you the most adorable Raggedy Ann to ever Rag an Ann (bonus: There’s an actual Ann in the background!): Photograph by Mariah Clanton.


(via SP-Studio)

Ignite: The Final Work

I see no harm in sharing this because you’ll be seeing it alllllllllllll over Galway, come tomorrow. Albeit a bit molested. I’m still furious about that. You will also be gratified to learn that I will not be speaking at this Ignite.


Chocolate face

Important: My email address

Well Google has upgraded their Apps service, so as to permit the use of every one of their existing services through an Apps account. With this great new boon in hand I am moving my primary email address from to


[shahadet][~] # find . -perm 777 | wc -l 1892 [shahadet][~] # In layman’s terms, there are 1892 files and folder which can be read, written to, overwritten or (if executable) executed by anyone, assuming they have the correct credentials to access the system.

Precociousness: Defined

Mariah Clanton: so, uh, caira thinks santa is a moron Mariah Clanton: well they were seeing santa at toysrus Mariah Clanton: and he asked what she wanted Mariah Clanton: so she told him she wants a littlest pet shop rescue puppy Mariah Clanton: and he misunderstood, thought she meant a real puppy, and told her […]

My blog is magical

If I bitch about something here, loudly and roundly, I fix it inside of clicking “Publish”. So. I want to run ISIS v3 so I can calibrate and work upon Voyager space probe images. Unfortunately it is only built for specific Linux distributions – Suse and RHEL; working outside of those means the running the […]

Photowalk: Finished

Who is this ersatz rapscallion pointing toward yonder azure skies?

The Story

For (maybe) the past six years I’ve been kicking around the basic plotline for The Story. The Story is ostensibly a hard science-fiction tale of how we went there and back again. I actually do have a fair amount of research undertaken; a basic plot, timeline and back story formulated; a rich coterie of interesting […]

Is it Christmas-in-May yet?

‘Tis the season

Photographs by Mariah Clanton.

My Circadian rhythms: You sadden me

Really now, is my expectation that you cooperate with Ireland’s daylight hours and customary hours of retail operation, my desired schedule and the desire of my family to interact with my on a normal, human basis? You disappoint me, leave me feeling depressed and downtrodden. If your conduct toward me does not display a marked […]

My daughter is awesome

I’m reliably informed that today at the park Caira took on and single-handedly defeated an entire gang of fourth grade bullies. Today I stand before you as a proud father.

Many Linuxes, Single /boot

What’s the correct plural for Linux? Linuxii, Linuxes, Linux, Linii? So, last night at seven o’clock this morning I found myself in #ubuntu on IRC trying to help a new user who wound up with an unbootable machine because of a problem with grub. Typically, it was self-inflicted. He originally ran Lucid 10.04 on an […]

Disassembly and consumption

What follows is a lengthy, edited quote from Larry Niven’s 1968 novel, A Gift from Earth, that I just finished reading: The man they wheeled into the organ bank operating room was unconscious…he had been tried and condemned, but in law he was still alive. It was a legal point, nothing more. The operating room […]


It’s three thirty in the morning and I find myself employing that most effective of headache cures: Ibuprofen washed down with a caffeinated beverage. Shut up, naysayers. My sleep is almost fixed. I skipped sleeping on Sunday night. I scummed to dreary unconsciousness at somewhere around 4pm yesterday afternoon an slept fully dressed until about […]

Tell me more

Ding, 85


Unashamedly stolen from my sister-in-law

Photographs by Holli Clanton.

(Spoilers) Tron Legacy in ten bullet points

It was a powerfully surreal experience to watch Thirteen play a happy-go-lucky, naive character. If you are a House fan, this alone is worth the price of admission. C.L.U.’s take-over-the-world plot made absolutely no fucking sense. None. Zero. Look at C.L.U.’s master plan logistically: He’s going to subjugate the entire world One aircraft carrier, a […]

Some light seasonal reading:

Waystation to the Stars: The Story of Mir, Michael and Me When astronaut Michael Foale said good-bye to his family on May 16, 1997 to join the Russian space station Mir, it hadn’t seemed like anything more than a routine mission. But within days of his arrival in space, everything started to go wrong. First […]

Panorama: Deepholm

Panorama: Stormwind Mk. II

Mark the Virtual Eco Something Something

Remember the forest in Minecraft that I accidentally burned to the ground? I’m replanting it with the aid of MCEdit. Those 282 unsaved edits? Trees I planted. /conscientious

Curse you, my lack of fax machine!

€8.00 works out to $150, right?