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Day 32: Gratuitous Contrast Week begins now!

I missed yesterday. I was at the bottom of a pit of depression and self-loathing, so the photography had to wait. A serious pit of depression and self-loathing. I was on the teetering verge of cutting myself out of an effort to feel something. #mang Okay. Well, welcome to Gratuitous Contrast Week, a week of […]

Day 33: Fracture

Day 34: Season’s cheer?

Then on. Then on. Then on.

I was experimenting with making my digital canvas a wee bit larger. Some would say that I embiggened it.


Day 35: Then On.^3

Laziness manifests itself. I have created a ‘corrected’ version of an image from yesterday. This version has been properly stitched, sharpened and cropped. My ultimate intent is to have this stitch printed in a floor-to-ceiling format (an eye-popping 27×64 inches!) and mounted in my hallway. When I have a hallway.

Day 36: Meh?

Meh? Galway City

Day 37: Reconsideration, Doubt.

I hate this photo.

Day 38: Over the bridge

Day 38: Over the Bridge

Day 39: Home

Home, home, home, Galway City, Ireland.

Day 40: The New Bridge

Day 41: Terryland Castle

I love this view almost more than any other.

Tilt-Shift Tomfoolery

I got bored. See <a href=”>this guide for more information on faking a tilt-shift scene.

Day 42: Terryland Castle Detail

Here’s some detail of Terryland Castle, Galway City, Ireland.

Dramatic infra-portrait!

Who is this dramatic silhouetted figure?

Polariser Test

I <3 my B+W circular polarizer.

I Give Up

I truly give up on this image. I’ve been cropping it and chopping it and dodging it and burning it every which way for seven hours. I can’t produce anything I liked, for all that it looked truly amazing in-camera.

My photography is taking a break

Effective as of two days ago. Thank you all and goodnight. I feel that the effort preparing, uploading and managing images on this blog has been inordinate compared to the return, so I am moving my photoblogging efforts to a new, Misadventures at 720nm. It is being powered by dedicated photo-CMS called Pixelpost and has […]

Day 43: Blazing with Light…

This image is not a redeux of my polarizer test.


“Good news, everybody!” -Hubert Farnsworth. There are changes being wrought: My blog on (New) World Photography is being suspended for the foreseeable future. A new (dedicated) photoblog named Misadventures at 720nm will be replacing it. Tumblr will be taking up some of the additional the burden of any text blogging. The reason for 1., 2. […]

Day 44: 180 Seconds on Prospect Hill

Taken on Prospect Hill, Galway City, Ireland.

Day 45: The Old Home Street

Day 46: Mediocrity

Day 47: Dunguaire Castle

Woo. Dunguaire Castle. Ireland’s Most Photographed Castle.™ ”Work it baby!”

Day 48: Tyrone House

Description as promised: Tyrone House The long and short of the house is that is is shockingly fantastic ruin to photograph, in any weather, day or night. Tyrone House is….ruin porn. Sexy ruin porn.

Ballycurrin Lighthouse

The best link I can find regarding the lighthouse:

Ross Errilly Friary

Spectacular Ross Errilly Friary, near the town of Headford, Co. Galway. I couldn’t think of a good way to crop this…so I didn’t. Suggestions, please.

Ballykine Castle

Old old old

Day 49: Squeee!

I am a shameless cat lover, and this duo (as we can all tell) is composed of two disgustingly adorable cats. Cats of the adorable kind. From the signs – literally; I saw the trail of paw prints – I gathered that they get fed at the local service station when they aren’t in the […]

Ross Errilly Friary – Visible Light

I have to admit that sometimes I want variety – the opportunity to break matters up a little by just taking a simple snapshot and uploading it (almost (dust fixes)) unmolested. So here you go: Ross Erilly by the light of day.

Ballykine Castle interior

This fortress is one of the most interesting structures in Ireland: The outer parts of the the outpost’s fortifications date from around the mid-1500’s, but the inner area – this room – date back to a time almost 900 years earlier. I mean, it is surreal. The setting – tumbledown walls covered in moss positioned […]

Day 50: Ballykine Castle Exterior #2

This is my last from Ballykine for now. This photo was a pain to process. FML?

Laziness binds me

I want to find some way to easily connect my Pixelpost uploads to here – – but laziness constricts me. I already make uploads to three separate sites: Misadventures at 720nm, Flickr and Redbubble. Effectively pushing out a fourth separate update is really pushing the bounds of personal ingenuity. I would personally love to […]

Day 51: The Coach Station

I’m starting to feel like a glutton for punishment for putting together these massive infrared stitches. The master PSD file of the above image weighs in at a staggering 9257×4198 pixels and takes up 513mb on my hard disk. This is also my first stab at high-pass sharpening in…maybe two years?

Day 52: Small Church, Big Sky

The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas, Galway City, Ireland. I am sorely disappointed by the cars on the foreground, but the time of day/light made it unavoidable. Unless I hold off for Easter Sunday. Feh.

Thinking aloud

This morning I discovered Twitterfeed, generated sitemaps for This Too Shall Pass and Misadventures at 720nm. Considering that I interspersed these activities with showing my niece The Duck Song, I made out pretty well. So. I now have a way to push out content from Misadventures to Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have it pushing […]

Day 53: Random Tower House

I would love to give more information on this tower house, but I am trying to get two days of photos prepped and uploaded on 18% battery life, because I left my charger at my sister’s home. D’oh.

Day 54: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Newbies to this photograph from sunny Las Vegas: Enjoy.

First exhibition – confirmed!

w00t! I’ll be exhibiting infrared architectural and landscape photographs from around Galway city and count between August 9 and 30, 2010 at Galway City’s main library branch at Augustine Street. Come one, come all!

Day 55: Tyrone House Cellars

Day 56: The Galway Museum

Soooooon… Yes, my pretty.

Day 57: Skipped

I had a trip to Dublin today which left me with such a headache as I had no inclination to look at photographs. Tomorrow. Honest. I will maybe be going to Clifden.

Day 58: Church of Ireland, Clifden

I was in Clifden today pursing work (and photo) opportunities.


My day ended with delicious BBQ skewers. Yum. The rest of yesterday and today involved around busing hither and thither around the country. In Dublin I picked up this Manfrotto tripod and head on an extended ‘try before you buy.’ The combination is seriously delicious. Over Christmas and the new year I used Frank’s Manfrotto, […]

Day 59: Clifden

For Saturday’s image, I have a spectacular view of Clifden and environs from atop the D’arcy monument outside of the town.

Day 60: Shop Street, Saturday

Look familiar? :)