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Day 61: Galway’s Courthouse

I really am not satisfied with this photograph. I was hoping for a little more punch, in truth.

Day 62: Running Late

As I post this I am running a full day late on my uploads; Monday’s went up on Tuesday and Tuesday’s on Wednesday. So expect another photo later today.

Day 63: Church of Ireland, Clifden #2

I’m now caught up to the present day. :)

Day 64: Sexy infra-porn?

Blurb to follow. :)

Renville through the seasons

Day 65: Driveway near Renville, Galway

Day 66: Nun’s Island, Galway City

After four years of trying, I think I have finally nailed this image.

Sandymount Strand #1

Three cheers go to Alex Lyons of Dublin, Facebook and for taking me out there to photograph the power station.

Sandymount Strand #2

Cheers again, Alex!

Sandymount Strand #3

Watch this space. I will have the CR2 master file, an annotated master PSD file and a Lightroom adjustments file (.xmp) up for download once I have FTP access.

Day 67: The Ghost of Renville House


Glendalough #1

Read and enjoy. Will of arranged a pre-dawn trek to Glendalough in Co. Wicklow this morning. I cannot, for the life of me, remember anyone’s names, but there were eleven of us in total, and great shots all around were taken. :)

Glendalough #2: Infra-group portrait!


Day 68: The Pigeon House

I have to say, I love how my photographs of

The Weekend, Shite and Other Nonsense

I have to admit I had a fun weekend, crushing stomach illness aside. A fast, frightening and fun whirlwind tour of Dublin and Wicklow. Breakneck, breathless over-my-shoulder photography as I swooped from location to location in Ireland’s capital. Okay, I’m kinda talking through my arse. I shot at two locations: Poolbeg power station at Sandycove, […]

Day 69: How’s my reflection?

This is maybe my last photograph from Glendalough for the time being; I’ve been tinkering with it all evening to try and inject some more contrast between the foreground stones and background vista without resorting to something as obvious and blatant and dodging and burning.

Day 70: A Grand Old House

Day 71: A New Take on the Old Hospital

Move along home.


Misadventures at 720nm is moving up in the world! I’m giving two public talks on photography over the course of the next three weeks; the first talk will be publicly held at the Galway Camera Club in Galway City on this Thursday coming and the second is in Dublin at a venue yet to be […]

Day 72: Skipped

My wife the photographer, my son the model

…and daddy the Photoshopper. Good work, both of you.

Day 73: White Forest #1

Mike and I ventured up to Galway’s Slieve Aughty mountains to visit the wind turbines south of Loughrea town. We climbed. We drove around and got lost. We fell in bog holes. And occasionally we took photographs.

Day 74: White Forest #2

Another shot from Derrybrien in the Slieve Aughty Mountains – this time rendered in visible light.

The master…

The amateur worries about their equipment. The professional worries about money. The master worries about the light. .

Day 75: Five Views of One Wind Turbine

Day 76: This Blog Needs More Caira #1

I am currently in Wales for photography, so here is Caira. :)

Day 77: This Blog Needs More Caira #2

I’m still in Wales, so here is a photo of my beautiful, smiling, happy Caira. :)

Day 78: Wales Preview #1

Here’s #1 from Wales. Remember that I will be holding a presentation and slideshow at the Galway Camera Club tonight, from 8pm; I’ll be showing off more from Wales there.

How’s my HDR work?

Following on from yesterday’s image, I went the full HDR hog with this photograph. Then the full contrast hog. And then the full colour hog. Opinions, flames?

Day 79: Hand Holders

Another shot from gorgeous Dinas Mawddwy, Wales.

Day 80: Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

If you crick your head just so it will all straighten out nicely.

Bland B+W

I feel completely disgruntled with this photograph; in my eyes it is a collection of flaws capped with an absence of any drama whatsoever.

Day 81: A Pathetic Admission

Welcome to day 81 of 365. Over the last week I’ve started to come around to the idea that while infrared has been a fantastic medium that has consistently allowed me to basically craft my vision into an image, the resulting quality of photograph has been sub-par. I’m talking of things such as overall crispness, […]

CMOS -> 35mm

Over the last week-basically since Wales – I’ve started to reconsider my choice of photographic medium. I love, truly and absolutely adore infrared photography for its ability to capture the world, but differently. My problem is when it comes to the recording medium: I’m really not satisfied with the results from my digital Canon kit. […]

Day 82: Studio Grealish

Stunningly elaborate, innit?


How do you go about taking candid/street/general people photographs when you have trouble making any emotional connection with other humans?

Day 83: A Tree Goes Through It

Random tower house just outside of Loughrea, off the Dublin Road.

Day 84: Umm. Hi.

Another shot from my visit to Lough Hackett. This is all very last-minute so I’m not really sure what to say. Hi?

Day 85: Skipped

I unfortunately missed yesterday’s target due to an unexpectedly long trip down to Edenderry to pick up a bunch of darkroom equipment that was very generously donated to me by Tallon. Three cheers where cheers are due!

Day 86: @icedcoffee

Today saw the big Galway photowalk and the fifth annual Irish Blog Awards at the Radisson SAS, Galway City. It was mighty, mighty craic all around – I blew threw two rolls of Ilford HP5 400 ASA (expect images in another week) and took in a different kind of infrared image: Long-exposure portraits. In the […]


At this point in time, I don’t think it is it is any secret that my wife and I are estranged. There’s the whole “well we live on separate continents” thing that’s being going on for a few months now. In that vein I’m going to confess that one of the most frustratingly repetitive phenomena […]

Day 87: Photowalkie amazingness

Photographs like this make me realize just how much of an amazingly great photographer I am.

Galway infrared photoshoot. Need bodies. :)

I need a model: What? Honestly. I need warm bodies. Male or female; young or old; thick or thin: I will still take you. Why? Long-exposure (infrared) crowd/portrait photography. When? Where? Shop Street, Galway City, Ireland. Saturday April 4, 2010. Tell me moreā€¦ I have been working on and off to get in long-exposure crowd […]

Day 88: The Last of Lough Hackett

This really is my last photograph from Lough Hackett down in Co. Galway. Although this image isn’t substantially different from the other three photographs I’d honestly judge it to be the least bad of the four. In other news: If you planning to be in, near or even remotely adjacent to Galway City at the […]

Day 89: Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

For the record, that hillside was beautiful murder. I wasn’t far off a heart attack. Sometimes, quality be dammed, I just want riotous, glorious colour on my blog to help off set the gloom and contrast of my regular style. To use a cringe-worthy analogy this is a painkiller to a black-and-white headache. Etc. Regardless, […]

Adventures of a B&W film photographer

AKS: This is why I sometimes hate Galway. I canvassed Galway City’s developers and otherwise renowned photographic centers with the following question: “Would you be able to develop this roll of film to just a negative and then supply the images on CD? I don’t need prints.” Developer #1 Well, no, sorry. We don’t develop […]

Day 90: Ninety days. 9-0. Nine zero.

With maybe the exception of raising kids (and work of course) today officially marks the longest period of time that I have dedicated to a single project. I have an infamously fickle attention span: I am literally that guy who’ll say “ooh, shiny!” and run off while in the middle of a conversation. Yeah, I’ve […]

Day 91: Infra-*

Just like the Feministas of Futurama, I have to bite down on the constant urge to prefix all of my photographs with “infra-.” Infra-hotness. Infra-sexiness. Infra-kinda-dark-and-out-of-focus. Okay, usually it works. Behold: Menlo Castle. But with less contrast than usual.

Day 92: Infrared Photography is Dead

Through. Finished. I…well where do I start? It’s been fun. Misadventures at 720nm, my infrared blog, represents a real learning experience spread out over the past few months. I’ve learned the spectrum, the light, what’s interesting and what\’s boring, but at the end of it all: The boring wins. I’ve done it all, and I’ve […]