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Day 93: Connemara. Roads. Sky.

Nothing to report here. Keep on moving. (Taken in Connemara last Sunday while out for a drive with Rory Wallace.

Day 94: Hill-of-Doon-Tree

No useful caption today.

Day 95: The Quadrangle

I paid a visit to the quadrangle at NUIG, today. :)

I was wearing a Batman t-shirt

Day 96: Skipped

This is the result of total procrastination on my part, I am sorry. While I am here: With the exception of a planned street shoot mid-week I am taking a one week break from infrared photography. I love it…but I need the break. I feel a little like I\’ve fallen into a rut over the […]

Day 97: This is where I live

I’m still enjoying a break from infrared.

Buy my laptop?

In typical Mark fashion I tried to give the keyboard on my Netbook a thorough cleaning and wound up breaking it somehow – I am not going to speculate on any cause beyond my typical carelessness and proclivity toward dramatically mundane events. Regardless, a replacement keyboard has been ordered for my Netbook (

Day 98: Rest in peace, Danny

Danny O’Brien, one of the cornerstones of the photographic community, shockingly and unexpectedly passed away today. Danny, you were a gentleman and a true photographer. You will be sorely missed by your friends and family alike.

Day 99: Am I Not…Resplendent?

I couldn’t really think of anything better to put up for today; seeing as I slept until 3pm (:|). Yes there is bellah in the picture. Lots of bellah. The pose came because I was holding the cable release.

Day 100: Attitude Adjuster

ph34r h3r (Huge thanks goes to geekygirl of for taking the time to pose).

Day 101: Nothing Ready, So…


Day 102: Skipped

No photograph for Sunday April 11, 2010.

Day 103: How’s My Contrast?

I’ve been working out on my contrast. How does it look?

Day 104: Well…I’ve been a bad boy

This is the post due two full days ago, whoopsie me. I…well I had one of my “bottom out” days where I pretty much just sat in a chair and stared at a wall for fourteen or sixteen hours. Yeah, sorry. They don’t happen too often.

Day 105: Stone calls stone

And here is yesterday’s image, an experiment in some new contrast techniques. Enjoy!

Day 106: Shop Street (Again)

He looked dodgier than me

Day 107: An Apology

I’ve really neglected my photography and by extension my 365 days project in the past week. You see, I’ve (re)discovered the wonderful magic happy-place known as Diablo 2, and the being able to sit down and mentally switch off for a few hours at a time. Or two days, in my case. Ho hum. All […]

Head banging

I feel totally frustrated, photographically and personally. Head, meet wall. Wall, meet head. Ah fuck this. I’m going for a walk.

Day 108: Not the one I had planned for…

Day 109: Infrared Walkery

How is my processing?

In some regards, they suck

Waking up each morning (afternoon) is like a fierce struggle to swim up to the surface in a deep pond right as something keeps trying to drag me back down into sleep.

Not infrared. Just more messing.

How is my processing? I’ve been trying a new workflow in Photoshop.

More tomfoolery: Asymmetry

More experimentation in my new workflow: This image has a strong asymmetry that I really have to admit I enjoy.

My Photoshop sliders go up to eleven


Day 110: A request fulfilled

I have one reader who keeps asking for more colour; today is their birthday, and a bad day at that, so here you go. :)

Day 111: Congenital Optimist

A very Cultured fellow indeed.

Day 112: More Testing

Day 113: Blatant filler

Maybe pretty filler, but still…

But I just want to…sing!

This has been my Friday so far. I want to sing, but I keep getting distracted.

Day 114: And then there was some bloke just standing there…

Really, now!

It began as a happy accident…

…but it wound up that I really enjoyed the final finish. Opinions, please?

Day 115: Sky need not apply

After three hours, I gave up. Ardfry House, Oranmore, Co. Galway.

This is a HDR image

Notice the controlled highlights and shadows. Notice the lack of eye-watering tone-mapping. This is a High Dynamic Range photograph.

Day 116: Censorship starts early


Ardfry House

I feel like fecking George Lucas; here I am replacing a previously uploaded photograph with a completely reprocessed photograph. After I made last night’s upload, I reviewed the source images and found that I could have done so, so much better in its handling. So I took the eight hours needed to perfect it.

Day 117: Filler

Come back tomorrow.

Day 118: Filler #2/Ardfry House Detail #2

Today finds me on a schedule, so here is another detail shot from Ardfry House to tide you over.

Day 119: Can’t be arsed…

Here is a little slice of that little slice of Ireland, Loughrea: Their library. I plan to go back tomorrow and shoot the rear of the building at length, as it is just simply gorgeous.

Loughrea Library

I threw the image up as-is last night, but this morning I took the time to sit down and finish with it. There are a whole bunch of little flaws all over the photograph, but they are thankfully not obvious at this small size.

Day 120: Magic 8-ball says “come back tomorrow”

This is looking great, for the record.

Day 121: Nearly, but not quite, unmolested

It’s my 365; I’ll make and break rules as I please. This photo really hasn’t been molested you know? Stitched, tidied up and all those unpleasant bit swept behind the proverbial curtain. Nothing to see here.

My oh my

It may be high time to dust off this site. Pixelpost over on threw in the towel.