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Update: 2010-05-03 00:37

As I said back in January, I am a fickle man. Here I am back with WordPress, back with my old blog again. The Pixelpost powering imploded on Friday afternoon after I updated my timezone. A trivial change completely wiped out all of my settings and broke the database. Piling this on top of […]

Day 122: Barad-dur

Day 123: Skipped

Day 124: The point at the point

Day 125: Stars

Due to my busy day ahead I will not have another opportunity to create and upload an image, so you get this now: Stars, just celestially south of Polaris, over Loughrea.

The night sky over Loughrea, Ireland

The yellow flower of farewell

My “flower” is technically a weed, but that’s the entire point. I’ve officially announced the shuttering of…over on No more, farewell, etc. My flower-weed is at the behest of a woman who has been nagging me for flower photographs for months. Enjoy, woman.

Day 126: Serenely pleasant

Or pleasantly serene, depending on your outlook.

Day 127: 100kph

Something quick for today; I caught this on the main road just outside of Loughrea against the backdrop of some spectacularly dark skies. Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the sign looks significantly different at infrared wavelengths!

Space Station, International

Woo! I finally went out and captured the [[International Space Station]] in an image, from the green outside of the house. I’m pumped at this, really!

The field

Sad Mark is sad. The clouds rolled in less than 30 seconds after I arrived at my location.

Day 128: Pure laziness

Lough Rea (not Loughrea) is a strange lake. From the park at the point named The Point, the horizon curves weirdly due to the town’s natural layout in a wide, shallow fold of the land (and The Points placement on a point of land, of course). As you’d look from left to right in the […]

ISS, Penumbra

Counter-intuitively, the ISS is moving from right (west) to left (east) in this image. As it passed over Ireland it passed behind the Earth and into the planet’s shadow, or [[penumbra]]. The more you know.

Age +1

Day 129: Stuff. Long something stuff.

I am totally fecked tired. I started work on updating old side content at 11am yesterday. It involves moving to the next page (/page/2/, /page/3/ and so on) checking all the links work, all the images are formatted correctly and generating thumbnails for the new theme. With a few breaks tossed in I made it […]

More Polaris

3634 seconds at ISO 200 and f/5.6 (EXIF for the curious) (Obligatory shout-out to Irish photographers Shane Murphy and Elliot Tucker, who have been wetting their own feet on the ISS too.) I’m at the stage in my astrophotography where every photograph is a valuable learning experience, although they mostly come out looking similar…same-ish? absolutely […]

Day 130: One single dandelion

This is a fallback photograph. I honestly had nothing else ready for today (Sunday). I owe somebody a huge favour. This somebody demands cute flower photos. The website itself has been drawing down my attention over the past few days. By my count I’ve hand-edited 304 posts spread chronologically from yesterday back into October 2009 […]

Day 131: The O2 store

Day 132: St. Nick’s

What constitutes a missed day?

I have a series of shots ready to stitch and upload for yesterday’s 365. However, I passed out a little after 9pm last night. Hmm. I’ll fudge it and upload for last night. Nobody will notice, right?

I has an iPod

Pretty sweet. Huge cheers to my family for getting it for me!

I have remarkably photosensitive eyes

I got my eyes tested today at Specsavers, and became intimately reacquainted with the searing agony that comes of having strobes flashed in my eyes. Wile I have yesterday’s and today’s images ready to upload, I am not in the least bit inclined to sit in front of a bright monitor for several hours while […]

Competition entries!

A huge shout-out to everyone on who jumped in to offer their own interpretations of my processed photographs. Some of the results are truly eye-opening; either I never considered some of the styles used, or it revealed to me my own preferences for working on photographs. Where they exist I have gone to the […]

Day 133: The gaps are clouds

Think about it.

Day 134: At 240 days, this is my son

Portrait is courtesy of my wife, Mariah.

Misadventures goes mobile!

Utilizing the spectacularly-easy-to-use WPtouch plugin, my site has been condensed into a mobile-browser friendly format, although at this moment I am given to understand that your mobile mileage will vary. Please comment here or contact me directly if you have any problems. Try to include platform, browser and (if possible) a screenshot.

Day 135: And at 1400 days…my daughter

Another photograph courtesy of my wife, Mariah.

Micro-mini-tiny contest winner:

Earlier this week, I ran a very small contest on the photography forum to process two of my photographs, one of Galway’s Williamsgate Street and the second of Galway’s St. Nicholas’ church. I had some great responses on the thread in question, but the outright winner was Brian Healy, who won the voting by […]

The rule

I guess my hard and rule of personal connections is that I don’t deal too well with abstractions. Religon and faith are two huge ones – they are the classic abstractions. I literally cannot comprehend how any person could believe in the maybe-existence of any kind of mystical entity who waves their magic hand to […]

Day 136: The Obelisk

Very, very unfortunately vision my vision outstripped reality. I had the exact shot in mind and a great setup, but come to stitching time the whole thing just fell disappointingly flat. But really, what are lazy Sunday’s for except try try trying again?

Draco, the Dragon

I feel guilty, sorry guys, for giving you such a lame 365 image. Even as I looked at the cathedral shot and intuitively realized how I could improve upon it, I began bad for throwing up such an honestly bad shot. So, here, enjoy! The constellation of Draco, the Dragon. For reference, the north star, […]

Day 137: Skipped

Sorry kids, but I missed Sunday’s shot. Totally, completely missed. Not even realize it until 6pm Monday evening missed. Sipping slush-cold Red Bull at 6pm Monday evening wondering how I didn’t realized until now missed. So ah. Sorry. I think I’m going through one of those damn annoying sea changes. I got a couple of […]

Day 138: Something something something bridge

I believe that I am at the bottom of a natural ebb in my creative output, one of those moments which arise when I face the limitations of what my inclinations, experience and equipment can provide. For the moment, enjoy; I’m going to top up on podcasts and go for a long walk.

Day 139: Say something!

A blog is turning sour when the author starts spattering his posts with apologies for the lack of exciting content and new posts, but truth be told: We live and die on feedback. This whole site lives and dies on the feedback and interest of my readers. So far, aside from my very few regular […]

Day 140: Breakdown

Light wasn’t the best; enjoy!

Day 141: The Plots

The Plots is a plain, open field wedged in between the bottom of the Dyke Road and the Waterside in Galway city. The only remarkable thing I can discover about the plot is that it has been open land for at least 160 years.

Day 142: Nothing

I can’t even mark it missed, I’m sorry. It was a day of absolute personal rock bottom.

Day 143: That first step…

Well, only four minutes late in going up. Huge thanks to one young Ms. Lernihan who stood transfixed by the waves. Everyone else: I’m alive. Didn’t do anything stupid. Stop sending emails. :p I’ll give a fuller writeup of today’s photowalk at Lahinch in the morning, but for now I’ll just sign off with a […]

Facebook: Lies and Miscellanea

I have quit Facebook. My entire take on the whole privacy débâcle is this: Facebook lied. Facebook promised us a certain level of discretion in both how we could control the information about us that was available and in how they would use our information; time has shown that they have down an abrupt about […]

Day 144: Keystoned

[[keystone effect|Keystone correction]], I <3 it. Above is the final product, and below the master shot out of the camera. Gladly-appreciated assistance in the capture of this shot was provided by Rory Wallace in the form of a loan of his 10-22mm lens.

First try at a time lapse

Hardly an Earth-shatteringly amazing video. Planning to do a much longer video in coming days, if my shutter doesn’t fall off from overuse. A little over forty-five minutes. I had originally hoped to do a longer exposure, but well, we had weather.

Day 145, 146 and 147…

They are coming in one or another form. I have something very different planned.

Day 145: By Saturn’s Rings!

I don’t make any excuse for being utterly humbled by some of the amazing work put out by the CICLOPS team using the [[Cassini–Huygens|Cassini]] space probe currently whirling its way around [[Saturn]]. The team have a particular eye for capturing artful arrangements of the gas giant’s many moons. In the last two weeks, however, images […]

Day 146: The garage. Again.

Still playing catchup. :)

Day 147: Garage: Pillar detail

Day 148: Some call it uncanny. I call it scary

Yeah, anyways. New glasses.

teh suq

Even if I don’t *feel* bad, I still have to battle apathy and low energy levels. Getting out of bed today was an achievement. Photography has slackened around here recently. I promised no apologies, so no apologies for it. For all of that I’m starting to recognize just how long I’ve been depressed and just […]

Prospect Hill #1